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Our Top Stag And Hen Ideas For Dublin!

We’re going international! Woo! We at Collctiv are proud to have Ireland as our first European country to be featured on our blog and who can blame us? From it’s beautiful lush nature, to it’s amazing city life, Dublin is an obvious choice for a Bride or Groom looking to celebrate their Stag or Hen Party. We have carefully curated a list of amazing activities in this capital city that you and your party will no doubt enjoy, so sit back, relax and enjoy reading about these exciting companies that very well may be your next holiday destination!

Irish Dance Party

You and your mates have just landed in the beautiful country of Ireland and you want to do something to embrace the Irish way of life? Well Irish Dance Party has you covered with their night full of Irish culture, live music, dancing and comedy!

The Irish Dance Party Logo

What they do

Head over to O’Shea’s pub in Talbot street, Dublin, get yourself a glass of bubbly at the bar and watch the amazingly talented dancers perform their traditional Irish dance! You will also be taught some Irish dance steps by their mega talented award winning Irish Dancers and (if you’re feeling brave enough)  you can show them off on the dancefloor! In this two hour event you will be treated to a night of amazing entertainment, drinks and a hilarious host who is as funny as he is talented (be prepared for the Bride/Groom to be serenaded by him!), what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pint of Guinness and get ready for a night of fun!

Great For

A Bride or Groom looking to embrace a new culture and having a blast while doing so!

Additional Extras

The room is split in half, meaning when you boogie on the dancefloor you will get the opportunity to mingle with the other parties! Who knows, maybe you might leave this show with some friends for life?

Price Point

It is €25 per person, but if you’re a group of more than ten people it is €22! You book online via their enquiry form (but make sure to check availability for the date you have in mind first!)

Good to Know

You can pay a deposit, the full amount in advance or the remainder of the cost in cash on the day. Just give them a call before booking, let them know what you have in mind and you will be on your way to a night of Celtic entertainment you will never forget!

Dancing And Having A Blast


Are you sick of Stag and Hen’s being held at the same old boring clubs and pubs? If you want your muscles to be sore from a day of rough and tumble football instead of your head being sore from pounding back the shots, head on over to Astropark!

AstroPark Logo

What they do

If you’re stuck with what to do for your Stag and Hen party, then no worries as Astropark’s playing field has everything! Practice your hawk-eyed aim with their archery lessons, tackle your teammates with their NERF wars, have a nostalgia-fest with their old school sports-day style games (such as tug of war and dodgeball), or have an absolute scream playing bubble football!! What on earth is bubble football you may be wondering? Well it’s what it says on the tin really, it’s football but you’re in a giant plastic bubble! No worries about any opponents getting in the way with this game, as you can simply boink them out of the way while being protected in a literal bubble of safety! I’m pretty confident when I say that I think this will be a game you and your mates are never gonna forget.

Great For

A Bride or Groom who wants a fun group activity, while also getting their feet muddy.

Additional Extras

Has all this working up exercise got you working up an appetite? Well then head into their sportsbar afterwards and grab a bite to eat, drink and if you get there on Saturday, enjoy music played by their live band!

Price Point

It is a €100 deposit to secure a booking, which is paid by one individual, you can pay the remainder in advance or by card on the day of the activity. The prices for the individual prices, as well as how to book are on their website.

Good to Know

This is the only Bubble Football activity in all of Dublin that also provides archery and refreshments! Also if you are new to the Dublin area and you’re a little nervous about navigating the city, no worries as Astropark will help you organise transport back into town.

Nothing Funnier Than Bubble Football

Create Your Night

Do you love a good party but hate all the planning? Maid of Honour/Groomsmen duties getting you down? Well with Create Your Night you can have 100 percent of the fun with 0 percent of the stress!

Create Your Night Logo

What They Do

Full-time musician Claire built her business thirteen years ago as a way to bring the joy of parties to the public with none of the hassle. With everything organised for you, from day time activities, evening meals, and even overnight accommodation, Claire has you covered ensuring you and your party will have the time of your life. Claire’s passion for helping people was the driving force behind Create Your Night and this still remains central to the business today, with Claire taking the time to understand what you’re looking for and making sure the plan for your night ticks all these boxes.

Want an epic night where you and your mates drink luxurious champagne on a boat? That’s great! Or are you wanting to see what Dublin’s famous nightlife has to offer with access to the best pubs & bars on offer? No problem! No matter what your dream Stag/Hen party may be, Claire will get that done for you. Her mission is to make sure you have the best party possible, with nothing getting in your way.

Great For

A Bride or Groom looking for an amazing day/night in Dublin, planned to the finest detail by one of Ireland’s premier Party Planners.

Additional Extras

With Claire you are getting the top treatment. A combination of 13 years planning events along with her time touring Ireland as a full-time musician have ensured that she knows the

hospitality scene in Dublin like the back of her hand. With Claire’s hugely impressive contact list of all the best venues and people, along with the personal touch which is added to every event she plans, you know you’re going to get the best night Dublin has to offer.

Price Point

Not only is the party fully bespoke, so is the price! Claire will work alongside you to figure out the budget you need so you can set the price you want per head. There is a 20% deposit required to secure a booking and the full amount needs to be paid 4 weeks before the event. For more information you can contact Claire through her Instagram (and also have a nosey at all of the amazing parties and glowing reviews on her page!).


If you let Claire know you’ve booked through Collctiv, you will get 5% percent off your total booking. What a bargain!

Good to Know

There has to be at least 4-6 people in a group before you book (but there’s no maximum limit, Claire can plan the party for as many people as possible!) and it’s important to note that although Claire will give you entry to all the top pubs and clubs in Dublin - along with your meal of the night being covered - it doesn’t include your bar tab for the evening.

A Hen party having a blast!

FootGolf Kildare

In 2013 two brothers Alan and Dennis Duggan created FootGolf Kildare as they were looking to create a golfing experience for people that was not lacking in a ton of fun, amazing craic with their mates, and (most importantly) couple of beers along the way! FootGolf is an epicly fun game that combines both Football and Golf and It’s beautiful course is proud to call itself one of the most premier courses in Europe, which is why it’s been the Irish Open’s location of choice since 2016!

What they do

With this new and innovative game that was introduced to Ireland in 2013, the rules are extremely simple, try and get the football into one of their 18 holes on their amazing court in as little kicks as possible. There’s three levels of difficulty to play, so there’s no pressure if you’re a complete footie novice but there’s also something for the Stag/Hen that wants more of a challenge!

FootGolf Logo

Great For

A Stag or Hen that is looking for something completely unique, but tons of fun.

Additional Extras

If you’re wanting a little extra kick to your FootGolf experience, you can book a package where you play FootGolf and then tuck into a delicious homemade pizza afterwards, or if you’re wanting to go out the extra mile, you can get the FootGolf, homemade pizza and three bottles of beer package! Awesome! After the game you can head into the country club and get yourself more beer and even buy some branded merchandise as a memento of the awesome day you’ve just had!

Price Point

You can find their rates here, but if you show up in a larger group it is €24 for 18 holes of FootGolf and a homemade pizza, €30 for the FootGolf pizza package and two beers, but  if you get extra thirsty along the way, you can head to the clubhouse for another 3 beers for €10!! All booking and enquiries are done online or via telephone.

Good to Know

You know you’re in good hands when FootGolf hosts the annual Irish Open annually with over 140 people from 14 different countries all attending to play the game. You can read more about this amazing achievement here!

Enjoying A Cold Pint After A Game Of FootGolf

Want an epic adventure that’s full of teambuilding and fun? Well with you can get all that and more! This amazing mobile business makes sure that your Stag and Hen party is one for the ages.

Adventure.Ie's Logo

What do they do?

Established in 1999, owners Cindy and Ronan have made sure that has a diverse range of amazingly fun outdoor activities for your family and friends to do. With activities ranging from rock climbing, treasure hunts, jailbreaks, abseiling and more, you will never find yourself with a lack of options when planning your party. Save yourself the extra cost and hassle by bringing the event to you! Nothing will impress your friends more than by putting on an event run by one of’s top professional hosts in the area of your choosing.

Great For

A Stag or Hen looking for a high energy activity that’s fun for all their friends and family.

Additional Extras

A bottle of luxurious champagne is provided for the winning team! Get into the spirit of the competition as you try and win your way to that beautiful bottle of bubbly!

Price Point

The cost fully depends on the size of the group so it’s best to contact them before booking a day out. The treasure hunt is €49 per person (but if you are booking for a Stag and Hen party it’ll come down to €39 per person!) Jailbreak is €60 per person (and is €49 per person for stag and hens). There is no deposit required and you pay the fee on the day by either card or cash!

Special Offers

Let know you found out about their company through Collctiv at the time of booking and you will be given a 10 percent discount, amazing!!

Good to Know

Although this is a fully mobile service, activities like Rock Climbing and Jailbreak will be held at specific venues so make sure to contact them before booking to make sure your event is held at the place you had in mind.

Abseiling Fun!

City Kayaking

Ireland is known for a lot of things, but arguably one of the most famous things it’s known for is it’s beautiful scenery and with City Kayaking you and your Stag/Hen party can gaze upon Ireland’s beauty, with a few extra surprises along the way!

City Kayaking Logo

What they do

If you and your mates are looking for a little bit of adventure mixed with gorgeous scenery, hop onto one of their 46 Kayak’s and take in the beautiful view as you sail through two bridges on the River Liffey. You can have a tour guide where you are taken around and given the history of all the sights you will see or if you’re feeling a little extra fancy, you can have a musical tour where professional singers will play live music on all of the bridges you pass! Amazing!

Great For

A bride or groom looking for an amazing aquatic adventure.

Additional Extras

Kayak’s aren’t the only thing this company does, they also have an epic boat that you can rent for a half day, full day or even overnight! You can go fishing in the day and then relax in their amazing nautical accommodation at night.

Price Point

To rent Kayak’s that go up the river and row between the two bridges, it’ll be €29 per person, the guided tour is €33 person and the guided tour with a musical twist is €50 per person. To rent out the boat for a half day will be €700 and a full day is €1400. Booking is done via email or phone call and the boat requires a fifty percent deposit.

Good to Know

Get yourself a sparkly new outfit as fancy is not only allowed, but encouraged! The boat is a completely bespoke service, so if you have any ideas in mind with how long you want to stay or how you would like the boat to be decorated, give them a call and you will be able to sort out pricing.

Up the dubs! Kayaking in the River Liffey!

CP Adventure

Is your Bride or Groom to be someone who is full of adventure and looking for something high energy and high reward? Well get yourself over to CP adventure and have an absolute blast!

CP Adventure and the beautiful Russborough House.

What they do

What do they do? I think the bigger question here is what don’t they do? This family owned business has everything from canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, archery, zip wiring and more! They truly have an activity for everyone, want to do something more relaxing? Sail down a beautiful lake with strawberries and champagne or if you’re wanting something a little more brain stimulating, crack some puzzles with their DaVinci Code experience! Hey, if none of that seems like your speed, there’s nothing stopping you from camping overnight and embracing your inner Bear Grylls as you partake in their Bushtucker trial!! You will never be at a loss with what to do if you book a day with CP Adventure!

Great For

A bride or groom who wants an adventure!

Additional Extras

If you’re feeling a bit peckish after all this fun, you can ask CP Adventures to cater a delicious lunch or evening meal for you and your party!

Price Point

Since this company is so bespoke, it’s best to contact the company for specific prices for certain activities, but on average the prices cost €50-80 per person for a three hour session.

Good to Know

Just across Bessington lake is a beautiful hotel and the amazingly luxurious Poulaphuca restaurant, making it a perfect location for a Stag or Hen weekend! You’ll also be very excited to know that they are opening up their beautiful 18th century Russborough House next year for exclusive meals! How exciting!

Aquatic Fun!

Well I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly excited to go over to wee ol’ Ireland to have a Stag/Hen adventure I’ll never forget!!

We’re super excited for you to try the amazing activities we’ve selected for you in this blog. Let us know your favourite and make sure to tag us in your adventures on Instagram. 

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