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Meet Our two favourite Stag Do Event Planners with Ideas for the ultimate Stag Weekend!

Organising a Stag Do? Look no further…

We had the chance to speak to two amazing companies who organise Stag Weekends in the UK and abroad and want to share what makes them special. 

We love their ethics and what the businesses stand for and think you should absolutely book with either of them and you’ll be guaranteed to have the most epic stag do of all time. 

If you are looking for a provider for Stag Do's in Europe we highly recommend Apollo 18 and for all outdoor enthusiasts planning an adventure across the UK or in Portugal, get in touch with Big Blue Adventures.

Apollo 18

Apollo 18 has been founded by Stephen and his business partner Rory. The two had been organising Stag Do’s in their friendship circle and always received amazing feedback which led them to help others in making their Stag Do the most memorable weekend of all time. 

Stephen thinks a successful Stag Weekend is like a mission to space, it takes about 3-4 days, you have a target you want to achieve, you put a plan together, you have a control centre for the mission, you go on the mission and you’re brought back safely. 

This inspired the name Apollo 18 as well as their mission to give you an out of the world experience.

What they do

Apollo 18 is a Stag and Hen Weekend Specialist for trips to Europe. What sets themselves apart from many other businesses is that your trip will be completely tailored to you and your budget. 

Whatever you want to do over the weekend, Apollo 18 will make it happen for you. Just tell them what matters to you. 

Additionally, you’ll be provided with expert advice. They will offer you alternatives but the final decision is always down to you. They want to make sure you make informed decisions and you know about all your options. 

Stephen explained that an "Out of the world Stag or Hen Weekend" is one where you do something different, something that the Stag/Hen hasn’t done before and where people expand their comfort zones in a positive way. You should return from the weekend and feel proud of what you have achieved. This will make the experience unforgettable. 

Great for

Any adventurous Hen or Stag who loves to explore the world.

Price point

Due to the hyper-personalised experience offered by Apollo 18, the price can vary from £150 to over £1000 per weekend depending on your budget. You pay a deposit at booking which varies between £10-50 per person and the remainder will be paid 6 weeks before the event.

Additional extras

You’ll get an event just designed for you and that shows in the itinerary, which is also personalised. It will contain a lot of fun and quirky information on all the people attending the Hen or Stag weekend and will make for a fun read and a great keepsake. 

Stephen and his team will also communicate with you where it’s best for you e.g. WhatsApp or FB messenger, rather than forcing you to communicate on email or phone if it isn’t convenient for you. 

Good to know

Flights for the trip need to be booked separately but Stephen and the team will help you source flights and will design the itinerary around your flight times to ensure a smooth weekend. 

Apollo 18 is a business that really cares about you having an amazing time and this shows in the level of customer service and support provided by Stephen and the team. No two itineraries are the same and you will definitely have a unique experience as a result of it. 

Big Blue Adventures

Big Blue Adventures, the ideal choice for all outdoor enthusiasts. 

The business was founded by Daniel and his fiancee Heleen after Daniel returned from an adventure trip that changed his life. 

When Daniel turned 30 he realised he'd never done any adventurous tours and decided to go on an adventure trip for a charity challenge. He always had plans to learn surfing on go travelling but it never came to fruition. 

The charity trip also focussed on sustainability and raising awareness for marine conversation and the pollution of beaches. Daniel met amazing people, made friends for life and at this moment he decided to set up a business that will enable others to have these experiences also.

What they do

Big Blue is all about reconnecting with friends and family offline combined with a sense of adventure. It is perfect for Beginners and makes for a great Stag Do and/or Hen Weekend, as all levels of fitness and skills are welcome. 

They offer trips to a number of destinations across the UK and also to Portugal such as Cardiff and Brecon Beacon, Gower and Swansea or Cascais and Lisbon and others. The weekend itself will be tailor-made for your group and based on what you want to do. 

The activities offered by Big Blue are vast and include coasteering, stand up paddling, sea kayaking, surfing and many more. 

Daniel and Heleen chose the suppliers for these activities carefully and made sure they share their values of fun, safety and personality. 

What sets Big Blue apart from many other providers is that the tour will be hosted by Daniel and/or Heleen. This means they are at hand for anything you need and will ensure your weekend is everything you want it to be. They are both great fun and will film the highlights of your weekend on their Go-pro and will provide you with a best-of video after the trip. How epic is that?!

Great for

Beginner adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts alike

Price point

The price varies based on the type of accommodation you choose and how many activities you want to undertake. It starts from around £160 per person for the weekend. 

e.g. the trip to Gower and Swansea with 15 people sharing two cottages on organic farmland with two activities in the day, bbq nights, breakfast and transfer into Swansea for an evening out would be around £230 per person. 

You’ll pay a 30% deposit on booking with the remainder to be paid 6 weeks before the trip. Your money will be held in a trust account.

Additional extras

Next to the amazing personal highlight videos the Stag or Hen will also get a gift bag and the Organiser will get a small gift to thank them for their efforts. We love this because we know how notoriously under-appreciated organisers are! 

Daniel and Heleen also give out awards for adventurer of the day to people who pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and overcame fears etc as part of the activities. 

Good to know

Big Blue is a sustainable business that offset their carbon footprint and actively gets involved in Beach Clean-Ups and other environmental projects. 

Daniel and Heleen have won several awards for their amazing service and when you meet them you can tell how much they care about their customers. They want to ensure you’ll have a once in a lifetime experience and want to make you feel like a VIP. 

Their trips are all about connecting and sharing unforgettable experiences. 

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