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Mastering Office Finances: 10 Ways to Use Collctiv at Work

Whether you work from home or in the office, you likely spend more time with your colleagues than you do with most of your friends. You celebrate birthdays, go out for drinks after work, and chip in for group gifts. But with so many different occasions and so many people to keep track of, managing money at work can be a challenge.

That's where Collctiv comes in. We make it easy to collect money from your co-workers for any event or expense. Here are 10 ways to use Collctiv at work:

1. Lunch

Whether you are going out to celebrate a promotion or ordering from your team’s favourite Thai place, create a pot so everyone pays their share.

2. Group Gifts

For everything from birthdays and weddings to bereavements and farewells  – pool money together for the perfect gift. No more IOUs or last-minute dashes to the cash machine.

3. Communal Snacks

Bid farewell to eating stale biscuits during your afternoon slump. Start a collection and make sure everyone’s favourite snacks are stocked in the kitchen.

4. Team Socials

Boost morale by pitching in for team outings, workshops, and activities. A dedicated pot ensures that organising (and financing) will be the easiest thing you do all week.

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5. Coffee Runs

No more (awkwardly) asking your boss for £2. Set up a special pot for those spur of the moment coffee breaks.

6. Club Dues

Whether your crew loves reading, running, or yoga, collect dues easily and quickly for monthly buy ins.

7. Office Parties

Collect money for your summer party or favourite colleague’s baby shower easily and quickly. Create a pot, send out your custom link or QR code, and watch the money roll in.

8. Sweepstakes

Whether it’s the World Cup, the Grand National, or Eurovision - up the fun by organising a sweepstake using one of Collctiv’s custom generators.

9. Fundraising

Whether you’re running a marathon or raising money for a charity close to your heart, ask your colleagues for support by starting a collection.

10. Bagel Fridays

Celebrate the end of the work week with bagels. Start a weekly collection so you’re not left out of pocket!

Organising work meals, celebrations and activities just got simpler. Embrace the ease, enjoy the camaraderie, and have some fun without being left out of pocket.

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Collctiv has helped over one million people from over 140 countries come together for the moments and experiences that matter by making it easy to collect and spend group money. Download Collctiv and start collecting money today.

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