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Our Top 5 Ideas for Hen Party Activities in London and Beyond (Available Nationwide)

London, baby!!!

Who doesn’t love the most amazing capital city in Europe? London offers many extravagant and unique attractions so you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable Hen Weekend. 

We couldn’t possibly pack all our amazing finds on ideas for Hen parties in London in one blog, so keep your eyes peeled, there’s more to come. The most amazing part about the activities we’re featuring in this blog is that they aren’t just available in the Big L but all businesses serve customers nationwide. How awesome is that? 

We know how stressful organising a hen weekend can be so we thought, we’ll help you by saving you some time on the research. Have a read through our top suggestions for a unique hen weekend and secure yourself some offers along the way. 

Let’s start with the transport, featuring the most epic way to get from A to B!

Party Bus by Swift Travel Services 

Are you planning to go to several destinations throughout the night but don’t want to stop the party in between? Do you have to travel to a destination and want to pick up the girls one by one rather than travelling there by public transport or car? Do you want to spend more time partying over having to drive? No worries, the Party Bus by Swift Travel Services has got you covered!

What they do 

Swift Travel Services are super experienced Party Bus providers with a fleet of 5 busses ranging from a 15 seater to 22 seats. They even have a 35 seater in the pipeline. If you’re planning a mega Hen Party with a large group, get in touch with them and it might speed up their planning and implementation process :)

The Party Buses are stationed in Essex but can come to you. In terms of the offering, they are super flexible and you can choose from a 1-hour tour around a city to a whole night of hiring the bus to get you from one destination to another. Alternatively, the bus can also drive you to your hen party destination. Speak directly to Swift Travel Services to find the best solution for you. 

Great for

Any Karaoke aficionado who loves to party.

Price point

The price strongly varies depending on which option you choose, where you want the party bus to pick you up and the size of the bus of course. 

The one hour cruise from Essex starts at £395 and the rough average for the bigger bus for a whole night is around £800-900. 

You’ll pay a £100 deposit on booking with the remainder to be paid 1-2 days before the event (Plenty of time to collect the money!)

Additional extras

The Party Bus has mega good equipment and the stand out feature is definitely the Karaoke on board. Fully functional with a top sound system and an iPad that will guide you through the lyrics, you’re guaranteed to sing your heart out. I mean is it just me, but the temptation to sing “We like to party” by the Vengaboys is hard to keep in check!

The bus also contains Champagne glasses for you to use and the larger busses (20 & 22 seaters) have fridges on board. 

There is also a screen on board that allows you to either put some fun images and videos of the bride up, or you can choose from standard backgrounds such as a flickering fireplace or a fish tank, to create atmosphere! 

You can bring your own music and party the night away!

Good to know

The bus comes with a driver who is there to help you with any challenges, but you’ll be pleased to know that your party area is enclosed and separated from the driver so you can have an undisturbed time!

You can bring your own drinks on board so why not let everyone contribute with their favourite tipple!

Swift Travel Services also offer Limousines if you prefer to travel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Now that transport is one thing less to worry about, let’s move on to other fun activities for the weekend. 

Next up is Glam Hatters with an amazing story.

Glam Hatters

Founded by Janie, who is a professional milliner (or as I’d say, “hat maker”). Janie previously made high-end hats that were shown at London Fashion Week. When a customer at Fashion Week wanted to learn more about making hats Jane invited her and a few of her friends over to her studio and explained the intricacies of millinery to them. The workshop was a success and “Glam Hatters” was born.

What they do

Glam Hatters now mainly focuses on Flower Crown, Flower Wreath and Flower Arranging workshops and offers the options of fresh or fabric flower crowns. 

They have teachers and florists across the UK that can join you at your venue of choice.

Janie is super passionate about her flower crown making workshops as are the Glam Hatters Teachers. You’re guaranteed to have a skilled, helpful and super-fun teacher by your side who will guide you through the process. 

The workshops last between 1.5-2 hours depending on the size of your group. 

Great for

Anyone who enjoys learning something new, loves flowers and wants a great girl-bonding experience (who doesn’t?)

Price point

Prices start at £30 per head and vary depending on the group size and whether you’re using fresh or fabric flowers. The deposit is £100 with the balance due a week before the event. DIY flower crown kits are £20 per person.

Additional extras

If you want to run the session in an external venue, Janie will help to organise this for you. She’ll discuss which venue is best for you, depending on whether you want to have afternoon tea or a cocktail master-class and she’ll liaise with the venue to check for availability and save you a lot of time organising. 

The teacher will also take a line up picture of your group wearing the crowns at the end of the workshop and will send this over to you via email for you to have a keepsake of the day. 

Good to know

Janie’s favourite moment of every workshop is watching the hens laughing, gossiping and sipping on bubbles while making a beautiful flower crown. The Glam Hatters’ Teachers will ensure you have a lovely time with your friends whilst making sure you make an amazing flower crown that you will be proud to wear. 

The Glam Hatter Florists use fresh, seasonal flowers and bring all the tools needed to make your gorgeous flower crown.

The workshop is perfect for a Friday or Saturday morning or afternoon and you can wear your flower crowns on the night out to make you stand out as Team Bride! 

Or, have your flower crown workshop on Sunday morning, making for a perfect ending to your hen party weekend. You can even sip a Bloody Mary to ease your hangover while making your flower crown!  

If you’d like a keepsake of your hen party book the fabric flower crown workshop and save them for the wedding day – the Bride-To-Be can make hers all in all white!

Want to do some crafts but not necessarily a flower crown? No worries. Check out Obby and I’ll guarantee they have something that’s right up your, or shall we say the brides, street. 


Obby was originally a marketplace for arts and crafts providers to list their service, but now they have a ton of courses available and many Hen and Stag parties use Obby to find their perfect activity. They provide workshops nationwide. 

What they do

Obby offers a wide range of classes from ceramic and pottery making, to flower crown workshops and terrarium building. If you haven’t heard of terrarium masterclasses, don’t let it confuse you with a terrarium for reptiles. The terrarium workshops teach you how to build a self-sustaining living garden in a glass jar that requires minimal maintenance. It’s beautiful!

Great for

Anyone who really wants to acquire a new skill during a hen weekend and wants to create something beautiful

Price point

The price point depends on the class you will be taking. There are a vast amount of providers on the platform so I can’t recommend you enough to check it out. 

Most classes will need to be paid upfront but if you book more than 2 weeks in advance you can pay a 50% deposit instead. 

Additional extras

Obby is a marketplace designed around learning. Therefore, it is really important for Obby founders Tom and Max that you come away from any course on the platform, feeling like you’ve learned something new and feeling empowered by your new skill. 

From at-home to in-person learning with an instructor, to pre-recorded online courses, Obby offers something for everyone!

Good to know

There are over 2500 courses on Obby. The classes are between 1-3 hours depending on the group size and your preference. Each workshop has an overview section that will inform you about the duration, location and cost of the course and whether any skills are required for a good experience. 

The best times to do the workshops tend to be Friday afternoons or Saturday in the morning or afternoon. 

Check it out and get your “obby” on!

For the active crowd, we recommend a dance session with Zoo Riot. 

Zoo Riot

Zoo Riot isn’t an afternoon in the London Zoo disturbing animals but much rather a super fun dance company. 

Formed by a professional and competitive cheerleader team that won lots of competitions these guys are dance experts and know how to have an amazing time. 

The Zoo Riot dancers can be seen in TV adverts and dance at many professional events. They are London based but travel nationwide and help you swing your hips wherever you want!

What they do

Zoo Riot offers a number of themed dancing workshops from a cheerleading party to a fame themed 80s party, burlesque party, line dancing, Charleston, Bollywood or Abba themed; their choice is extensive!

If you enjoy dancing I am sure you’ll find the perfect party with Zoo Riot. 

Despite their professional experience, Zoo Riot caters their classes to everyone’s skill level and their parties are perfect for beginners as well as dance aficionados. 

Sessions last around 2 hours. 

Great for

Any Bride who loves to dance and wants to have a great time!

Price point

The price of the session £25 to £20 per person (depending on the size of the group) including studio hire.

A £60 needs to be paid upon booking with the balance due a week before the session.  

before the session. 

Additional extras

Zoo Riot can either join you at your venue or arrange a venue in your preferred location for you. 

You can choose the song you want to learn the routine to, for you to recreate the routine on the wedding day. Zoo Riot can also teach you a flashmob that you can perform at the wedding and get everyone involved. 

Lots of photos and videos will be taken during the session so you have plenty to remember the day. 

You also get to pick the brides three favourite songs which will be incorporated into the warm-up. 

Good to know

You will learn a routine that’s at least one minute long. A one-minute routine is a lot of steps to remember but if you’re fast learners the routine will be extended! 

Everyone will be incorporated into the routine no matter their skill level. 

You’ll get to a lot of fun stuff like dance in pairs and a circle and if you have a competitive bride you can always challenge her to a dance-off. 

Zoo Riot also offer Stag parties. 

You can have drinks during the dance party if agreed with the venue!

The best way to remember a good dance routine is to perform it as many times as possible in the 24 hours and what better way to do this than with a silent disco kit. You don’t have to worry about disturbing any neighbours!

Super Silent Discos 

Super Silent Disco came about by chance when Ryan who works in Musical Theatre wanted to party with his colleagues after the Brighton Fringe Festival. They had to keep the noise down so Ryan looked into silent disco options and they had so much fun that he decided to make a business of it.

What they do

Super Silent Discos offers high-end rechargeable, LED Wireless Headphones that will be sent out to you so you can run your own self contained Silent Disco. You can rent a set of 14 headphones that come with 3 transmitters, meaning you can plug in musical devices and have three different channels of music. 

Great for

Anyone who wants to dance the night away. 

Price point

£65 for up to 14 headphones. It also includes shipping and collection. This is a serious bargain!

Additional extras

You’ll also get a pre-loaded mp3 player with 16 playlists and you could buy more playlists for £10 if you want to. 

The headphones are also compatible with other devices so you can stream music from your phone for example.

Good to know

The headphones will be delivered to you early, so you’re guaranteed to have them on the day you need them and they will be collected the day after your rental. 

They can be dispatched anywhere in the UK mainland. 

This is perfect for a campsite or an Airbnb when you want to keep the noise down. It’s also ideal when some of you want to party the night away and others need to get more sleep and go to bed earlier. Lastly, it’s also a perfect solution if you have a group of people with different tastes in music. You can have death metal on one channel and pop on the other without people scratching each other’s “eyes”, excuse me “ears” out. 

You can tell, I can only see benefits in this.

If you’re anything like me and you think music and dancing make for the perfect hen weekend, then I hope this blog provided you with many useful suggestions. 

We’re super excited for you to try the amazing activities we’ve selected for you in this blog. Let us know your favourite and make sure to tag us in your adventures on Instagram. 

If you’re looking for additional inspiration, check out our blog on Ideas for Hen Parties in  Brighton, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Edinburgh, York, Cardiff or Liverpool. Almost all the activities in the Liverpool blog are available nationwide, so don’t let the title confuse you. 

Don’t want to organise all activities by yourself and let the professionals handle it? Check out these amazing Stag and Hen weekend providers in this blog

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