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If you’re running the London Marathon or raising money for environmental or economic causes, you can’t go far wrong with the behemoths of the fundraising world; Go Fund Me, Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving.

Go Fund Me, Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving can allow you to GiftAid your donations, where the government ‘tops up’ 25% on top of what you donate. They allow you to set up direct debits, add detailed content like blogs, videos, messages to your donors…..they really do cater for your needs when trying to raise money for a cause or a charity.

But what happens when you are looking for something to support personal fundraising? The kind of fund raising that is crucial, but only affects one person?

Whether that be a ‘pamper pot’ for a friend going through cancer treatment or a pot to treat your child to something off their wishlist whilst they go through major surgery, you ideally need something with no fees, that people can give to quickly and easily to maximise donations with minimum effort. 

Why is easy fundraising so important? 

It’s not really about easy fundraising as such, it’s more about ‘not hard’ fundraising. People often want to give, it just needs to be easy for them to do so. To set up a Go Fund Me or Just Giving page is time consuming at best, but most importantly they are pretty tricky to pay in to. You need to input a lot of personal details about who you are, your address, your bank details etc….

This isn’t an issue of security, you can be assured your details are super safe, aren’t sold on to anyone else and this information is entirely necessary in order to enable Gift Aid. No, the issue here is that it’s a lot of friction for someone to give you a fiver. They support your cause, the purpose of the collection, and they are good people BUT they are busy people, with many drains on their time both personally and professionally. To give through these platforms, people paying in need to go through no less than 12 screens!

So what ends up happening? ‘Oh I’ll do it later’, or ‘once the kids have gone to bed’ or ‘I’m day-off tomorrow, I’ll sort it then’. It slips down the never-ending to-do list and leaves you with the dilemma of ‘chasing’ their goodwill, or just having to hope that they remember or find time (or both) at some point. 

How can I make personal fundraising easier?

To claim GiftAid, the donation needs to have been made to a registered charity or a Community Amateur Sports Club, so when it comes to personal fundraising this isn’t applicable.

Next you need something that makes it as easy as possible for people to give. That something is Collctiv.

All you need to do is download the free app, create a pool for your collection and then share the link or QR code via any communication method you can think of - Whatsapp, email, Microsoft Teams, Facebook, Instagram - basically however you communicate with your people.

Then, and this is the key thing, the people donating simply tap the link or scan the QR code and within 10 seconds they have paid. If they have ApplePay or GooglePay it takes less than 5 seconds!

You get the donation immediately into your pot, and the person paying in feels great and can get on with the next demand on their time.

Once you are ready, simply withdraw the funds or send them to someone straight through the app to make the difference that made you start this journey.

What are the fees for using Collctiv?

There are no 'fees'. You are offered the opportunity to contribute to Collctiv when paying into a pot or when withdrawing from a pot, but this is entirely voluntary to ensure the continued existence of the service. There are no mandatory costs to you as the organiser and any contributions when paying in are on top of the value given. So if you want to give £10, that’s exactly what you do. If you want to contribute, this is added to the £10.

The presence or absence of fees can make a big difference when you are trying to organise personal fundraising, where the values will likely be much smaller than say completing the Three Peaks Challenge for Cancer Research. You want every penny to go to the person you are collecting for.

Download the app today and it can! Experience easy fundraising for personal causes with Collctiv. 

Organisers bring people together! 

Since 2019 Collctiv has helped over 400,000 people from 88 countries come together by making it simple for Organisers to collect money from groups. Whether it's gifts for teachers, group holidays or personal fundraising for someone who needs the help of the people around them - download our free app today and start bringing people together!

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash
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