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Our most epic Outdoor Activities for Hen and Stag Parties in London!

For many (including myself), London represents a 24 hour, non-stop conglomeration of everything that is vibrant about Britain.

Yet here you are, faced with a burgeoning mountain of endless possibilities for entertainment and you find yourself overwhelmed by the choices available to you! This is ok, and certainly not panic worthy. As a previous tenant of this unique city, I feel qualified to invite you to explore some stand out choices for an exciting and memorable Stag or Hen weekend in our nation's capital! 

Many don’t immediately associate London with its potential for outdoor entertainment. Often the imagery of the capital stems from the rich culture, stunning landmarks and bustling atmosphere. However, these lesser-known landmarks do not necessarily equate to less entertainment. In fact, I would probably argue that given the know-how you may be surprised by just how fun these activities have the potential to be! 

We have collated London’s most action-packed activities for you! Many of them are outdoor experiences but we’ve also sourced you some weather independent indoor activities as well! The following recommendations are for all brides and grooms who love to seek adrenaline. 

Let’s kick off with a definite highlight and a truly unique experience that is a must for all petrolheads, provided by Drift Limits. 

Drift Limits

What they do

Hypothetically - A show of hands for who loves high octane car chase scenes? (James Bond resides in London no less!) Based at Bovingdon Airfield  - Drift Limits is the only independent owned motorsport company left in the UK. With three unique tracks complete with an abundance of corners and turns, Drift Limits’ unique selling point is that they can design and create completely personalised experiences for the group. From Cops & Robbers, drift experiences and supercars nothing is off-limits - what’s not to love? They even boast the only drivable 2002 EJ12 Jordan F1 Car in the world within their roster!

Great for

The Adrenaline junkies among us - Drift limits is for the Hen and Stag parties interested in pure high octane escapism!

Price point

Due to the high level of personalisation prices strongly vary. They can tailor the day to your budget so it’s best to speak directly to Drift Limits and they are happy to help. Book via email or call for your Hen and Stag party, instead of using the booking system. 

Additional extras

We would recommend booking in advance and quickly, with high demand meaning Drift Limits are usually booked out for up to 3 months in advance. However, they do have a drivers club membership which provides access to a variety of features.

They also come fully equipped with a plethora of merchandise ranging from quality clothing to umbrellas & race suits and offer multiple photography and video packages! You can book the track exclusively for your Hen and Stag party or share the experience with other groups. 

Drift Limits also offer to organise catering for you. They are great with different dietary restrictions such as vegan etc, just let them know what you’re after. Due to the highly personalised experience, your time at Drift Limits can range from 1-2 hours to an all-day event!

Good to know

Drift Limits is a high-end experience and a truly unique activity for any Hen or Stag party. 

They offer different experiences and there is something for everyone. For those who may not be able or want to drive, Drift offers the opportunity to be driven by their wealth of professional drivers. They are committed to getting the most out of you and the car. Excitement on track is their number one priority, regardless of ability!

Drift Limits is a must for every Petrol Head so if your Stag or Hen enjoys a rush of adrenaline, sign them up for this unique experience!

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Traq Motor Racing 

What they do

Terry… Terry… Terry… Let’s focus on Terry, he is the owner of Traq Motor Racing and a former mechanic who started Traq 30 years ago off the back of being barred from his career as a semi-pro stock car racer! These are important details as to why Traq represents an upgrade to the traditional Go Karting (which is extremely fun in its own right).

Terry’s vehicles are all well maintained owing largely to his background in mechanics. They also have the potential to clock in at up to 40 miles per hour! Which is much faster than your average go-kart! However - As Terry is keen to maintain, there will be no knocking your friends out intentionally. Traq is all about pushing your own limits as a driver, and having fun! Based in Croydon with a 600m outdoor track - Traq represents a great option for your ultimate karting experience. 

Great for

For those looking for tried and trusted entertainment, with a twist!

Price point

It’s £40 per person for the basic level competition but Terry can organise bigger events. You can fit up to 16 people on a track - 8 per heat - 2 heats and the fastest 8 go into a final round - that's the basic level competition! 

A £10 deposit is required per person before the day!

Additional extras

Traq can offer basic snacks and coffee and tea but should you wish for outside catering it would have to be self-organised (upon discussion with Terry).

To commemorate your day, a trophy and bottle of bubbly will be provided for the winner.

Good to know

They are able to provide a flexible day that caters to your budget - Just ring up Terry and let him know your budget!!

Traq Motor Racing is a full outdoor experience. Come rain or shine, Terry will be on track and your karting experience will go ahead. For all he knows, a slick track provides more entertainment, right?

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Not a fan of fast speeds and the smell of petrol, no worries! We’ve got plenty of other activities which require focus and are done on foot, starting off with A1 Clay Shooting. 

A1 Clay Shooting 

What they do

Located between Barnet and Borehamwood, this family-owned business has been successfully teaching people how to shoot clay targets for almost 30 years! They are aiming to make clay shooting an inclusive sport for all abilities. On top of offering an experienced instructor with every booking, the A1 also boasts a range of over 15 stands - ensuring that clay shooting remains an exciting way to recharge, exercise and socialise for everyone's enjoyment! Clay Shooting is a great activity for any special occasion and sure makes for an unforgettable experience. So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot!

Great for

Those looking to organise a stag or hen party, celebrate someone's birthday or are just looking for something different to do with your friends and family. The A1 also offers adrenaline-packed and affordable clay target shooting experiences for young shots, catering for children from 11 years old and upwards.

Price point

25 clays for £45 per person or 50 clays for £65 per person. Bookings are made over the phone or by email with a 50% deposit upfront. The rest is to be paid on the day of the event!

Additional extras

A1 facilities include an on-site cafe meaning you can have tea, coffee and cakes while you're there. For larger groups (of 15 or more), additional catering options can be prepared onsite. The booking includes everything you’ll need for the day such as safety gear and cartridges, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs. All instructors at A1 Clay shooting are super experienced so you’re guaranteed to be in safe hands.

Good to know

Due to high demand, it’s recommended that you book a few weeks in advance to secure a spot! Sessions are running between 10-6 pm in the summer and 10-4 pm in the winter. You can’t drink any alcohol before or during the event as you’re handling weapons, but you sure can bring a beer and have a relaxed bevvy once you’ve finished shooting. The 15 different shooting stands are great for everyone, from absolute novices to experienced sharpshooters, so you are sure to have a blast.

Another great experience for the target-driven grooms and brides is Experience Archery. With an all indoor activity, this also proves to be an all-weather activity. 

Experience Archery 

What they do

Far from Nottingham - Archery still reigns supreme; with Experience Archery ensuring the merriment has been maintained with care in the capital (and probably doubling the fun in the process!)

The Archery school in the Archway is owned by Lee, an ex archer who has successfully turned his hobby into a fruitful business. In a wonderful indoor venue with a roster of experienced professionals, they offer a series of games including ‘Balloon Assassin’ and a ‘120 challenge’ to keep the competitive fire well stoked. Lee and his team are committed to teaching archery and spreading enthusiasm for this utterly unique sport - Nice!

Great for

Hens and Stag looking to delve into British folklore, and keep the competitive edge alive!

Price point

Overall cost stands at £30-35 per person depending on the size of the group, With bookings to be conducted via email or telephone. (They also offer memberships!)

Additional extras

Experience Archery also provides all of the gear needed to get your archery on! The experience has proved popular as a morning activity for Hens and Stags.

To get the competition going the group will be ranked and there are1st/2nd/3rd prizes with medals that you can keep.The Stag/Hen will also be given a golden arrow pen as a keepsake! 

If you prefer Crossbows over traditional archery, Lee and his team have got you covered, also. 

Good to know

In the autumn, Lee is set to launch an ‘archery tag’ feature, complete with fabric archeries! Meaning there is even more variety to choose from! You can bring your own drinks to enjoy once you’re done shooting arrows. For the experience itself, you’ll need to lay low on the alcohol as you can’t play when intoxicated. 

Archery is a great morning and early afternoon activity, so make sure to secure your preferred slot early on. 

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While archery tag is still in the development stage Campaign Paintball offers a great experience of getting into teams and taking on each other in a battle of the balls. 

Thames Rockets

Want an epic tour of London that will blow your socks off (both figuratively and literally!) Well look no further, Thames Rockets will have everything you need and more to ensure you and your mates have a blast on these speedboat tours!

What they do

You and your party will be hopping into their state of the art red speedboats and setting off from the London Eye Pier with their super-knowledgeable, hilarious live guides (who are all actors, comedians and entertainers when not on the boat tours!). In the first, slow speed part of the tour (rivers have speed limits apparently - who knew!) you will explore the beautiful Thames river while listening to the history of London. Relax and enjoy the beautiful view before the driver revs up the engine once you reach Tower Bridge and gives you a high-speed experience like you’ve never had before. Twists, turns...the wind in your hair… Twists, turns...the wind in your hair…as you enjoy a speedboat experience you will never forget! Depending on the trip, you could be making your way as far as the Thames Barrier or flying through Canary Wharf!

Thames Rockets is OFFICIALLY the number one UK outdoor experience on TripAdvisor, so you know you’re in the right place for a great Stag or Hen do!!

Great For

A Stag or Hen who wants a bit of history, lots of speed and a whole load of fun!

Additional Extras

For a more exclusive experience, why not charter a boat for you and your mates? Thames Rockets also offer bespoke trips for all to enjoy! Have dinner at one of London’s many top notch restaurants and then walk on over to the London Eye Pier or London Bridge City Pier, hop on one of their RED ROCKETS and enjoy some fast-paced fun time! Fancy a drink on board? Let the Thames Rockets team know and then crack open a bottle of bubbly to toast as you pass Tower Bridge. Just make sure you toast BEFORE the speed zone…you don’t want to wear it! 

Price Point

If you don’t mind sharing the speedboat with other people who are wanting to go on these amazing tours, prices start from £39.95pp, or to charter the entire boat for your tour it is £475.00. To book, just visit their website, or you can call or email their bookings team. 

Good to Know

There’s a number of experiences you can choose from with Thames Rockets. If you fancy a more adrenalin-filled trip, you can book their Break the Barrier, 40 minute ALL SPEED experience, departing from London Bridge City Pier. Or, if you fancy a bit of a guided tour before the speed, set sail from their London Eye pier and join them for the Ultimate London Adventure! 

Whether you want a high speed thrill or relaxing chill, Thames Rockets has you covered!

Campaign Paintball

What they do

Tucked away in leafy Cobham, South West London - With the backdrop of a gorgeous hundred-acre forest lies the wonderful Campaign Paintball. Proudly serving as one of the UK’s very first paintball and laser tag facilities, Campaign Paintball has collected almost 25 years worth of history, making it a professional and intimately personal experience for a stag or hen do! 

If you are not a fan of paintball but you love a bit of competitive fun, Campaign Paintball also offer Laser Tag. 

Great for

Any Hen/Stag Party who love competition and enjoy torturing their bride/groom a bit!

Price point

Price: £27.95 for 300 paintballs - £37.95 for 500 paintballs or £42.95 for 500 paintballs and two smoke bombs. You can book over the phone or via email. A £100 deposit is due on booking with the balance to be paid a week before the event. 

Additional extras

All of the gear such as overalls, guns and face protection will be provided by Campaign Paintball. Not too fond of the cold? No worries...When it’s less sunny and warm you can sit by the log fire to defrost your fingers and toes. They also offer free Tea and Coffee. 

In the reception area located in the forest, you can have lunch and order yourself a Domino’s. They even keep it warm for you if it arrives while you’re in the middle of a game! Not a fan of Pizza, how about a gourmet BBQ. 

Can’t decide between Laser Tag and Paintball? They also offer a combo package!

Good to know

Campaign Paintball is super accessible and easy to get to from Central London. They offer either a morning session (9.30am - 12pm) or an afternoon session from (1pm - 4.30pm) and you get to play around 3-4 games during that time. 

Campaign Paintball’s site can fit up to 350 people. I doubt you’ll have that many people attending a stag or hen party, so you will be sharing the site with others. If you're less than 20 people you'll be grouped with others. Don't worry though you’ll be grouped by age so you won't have to play with little kids or grannies (unless you want to, of course!).

Another great way of escaping the rain is by facing it head-on and choosing a water-based activity. If you love to get wet, a visit to Ride Leisure is a must.

‍Ride Leisure

What they do‍

Did you know Bedford castle was built by Henry the 1st? Or that Bedford has the largest Italian community outside of Italy in the world? This stunning market town also plays host to Ride Leisure proudly owned by Malcolm, primarily offering a trinity of experiences. You can choose between a dryland experience - consisting of 4x4 landrover offroading, Hover-crafting and a military assault course and a water feature including Paddleboarding, a water assault course and jet skiing. If choosing between the two creates tension, there is a third option to combine the two and be immersed for the whole day!  ‍

Great for‍

The adventurous Hens and Stags who are not afraid to get wet!‍

Price point‍

The Dryland Experience is £100 per person, the Water experience is £90 per person and the combination is £175 per person.

There is a 30% deposit with the rest of the balance needing to be paid before the day. ‍

Additional extras‍

Sessions clock in at 3 hours each, So you can choose between a morning or afternoon session. Or, You can commit to the whole day in choosing the combination offer! They have a fully licensed bar and restaurant on site - so catering is not an issue!‍

Good to know

Ride Leisure also has an on-site hotel ensuring that staying the night won’t provide an obstacle!Bedford is located a bit outside of London but easily accessible via public transport!

Lastly, we don’t want to miss out on sharing with you the ultimate outdoor experience for everyone who wants to spend a day or even a whole weekend in the wonderful nature in the outskirts of London.

London Bushcraft

What they do

Feeling disconnected from nature? London Bushcraft represents a unique opportunity to reconnect with friends and mother nature - Creating a fun and memorable experience in the process! 

Wendy who is originally from Australia is the ultimate outdoor enthusiast. Having grown up in a family of hunters and boat builders, she loves to be in nature and is passionate to share her knowledge and experiences with others. 

London Bushcraft offers bespoke bushcraft experiences that seek to combine the worlds of Yoga, Nature and Outdoor Living - they aim to immerse the stag and hen plus guests into reconnection with their inner wild bride/groom! (Catering can be arranged if foraging isn’t your thing!) 

Depending on your outdoor affinity and adventure readiness, the experiences can range from a Bear Grylls like survival weekend to a calm and collected yoga retreat. Just let Wendy and her team know what you’re after and they’ll tailor the experience to what the groom/bride want. 

Great for

Hens and stags looking to do something completely different by getting wild in nature for your hen or stag celebration! London Bushcraft will help you to create a bespoke bushcraft program to best meet the interests of your group. 

Get in touch with your primitive side and really test your group in meeting all of your survival needs in an overnight or day challenge. Alternately forgo modernity and strengthen your relationship with yourself and nature in our Wilderness Retreat.

Price point

The price is largely dependent on what you want to do - starting at £50 per day per person and going up to £250-£300 per person for the weekend. This all depends on your group sizes and activities. Payments need to be made in full and in advance.

Additional extras

With 14 locations across London, Bushcraft are guaranteed to design the perfect memorable event for your weekend!

From learning how to build a sauna and being taught how to gut a fish, Bushcraft guarantees to teach you new skills. You can choose anything from a day event to 3 days and 2 nights. It’s super flexible!

Good to know

You can bring some alcohol with you but the focus of the weekend isn’t drinking and partying because no one wants to go foraging with a massive hangover!

Spending a weekend in nature together is guaranteed to bond you as a group which is a wonderful experience for any Hen or Stag party, especially if the group isn’t too familiar with one another at the start. 

In typical London fashion, this blog only shows you a small number of activities you can choose from for the ultimate Hen or Stag Weekend. The sheer size of the cities provides you with endless opportunities so I have also collated some of the most popular activities in another blog here. 

We’re super excited for you to try the amazing activities we’ve selected for you in this blog. Let us know your favourite and make sure to tag us in your adventures on Instagram. 

If you’re looking for additional inspiration, check out our blogs on Ideas for Hen Parties and Stag Dos in Brighton, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Edinburgh, York, Yorkshire, Cardiff or Liverpool. Almost all the activities in the Liverpool and London blogs are available nationwide, so don’t let the title confuse you. Don’t want to organise all activities by yourself and prefer to leave it to the professionals to handle it? Check out these amazing Stag and Hen weekend providers in this blog.

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