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Top 5 Unique Hen Party Ideas for a Hen Weekend in Liverpool

Organising a Hen Party can be stressful. There, I said it. No one really likes to admit it and we know you take pride in wanting to organise the most memorable Hen Weekend of all time. This is why your bride chose you for the task and why you’re going to be amazing at the job. At Collctiv we know that organising isn’t just all glory; when you have to repeatedly chase people for money, get them to finally commit to coming along to the hen weekend or having to deal with last-minute dropouts. It doesn’t have to be this way! We’re here to make your life easier and make organising, dare we say it, fun!

With this in mind, we were inspired to collate our top 5 Unique Hen Party experiences in Liverpool to share with you!

You don’t have to be a Beatles Fan to enjoy Liverpool. Whether you’re into a bit of history or you just want to have a fun weekend away, Liverpool has a unique vibe that we believe makes it a perfect place for a Hen Weekend. There are many amazing restaurants, bars and hotels in and around Liverpool that will cater to your needs, but if you want to create a Hen Party that’s a bit different we’ve got you covered. We have collected our top five unique experiences that will take your Hen Weekend up a notch. 

  1. Tipsy Parties
  2. Treasure Hunt Liverpool
  3. Dance Party Experience 
  4. Murder Mystery Meal 
  5. The Crafty Hen

We’ll take you through the weekend of our dreams and can’t wait for you to experience some of the activities we have selected for you. To top it off, we’ve even secured some amazing offers you can redeem through our app.  

Tipsy Parties

Why not start your weekend off with a Tipsy Party on Friday? Once you’ve arrived at your destination you will want to give everyone the chance to settle in and get to know each other. The best way to do so is to have a cocktail aficionado join you to teach you how to make your favourite cocktails. Tipsy Party will come to your venue of choice and provide everything needed to host a smashing Cocktail Party.

Tipsy Parties company logo

What they do:

Tipsy Parties is a mobile Cocktail Service that provides cocktail lessons by experienced and trained mixologists. They have a range of different experiences to choose from varying from a Tipsy Cocktail Class, Tipsy Beer Tasting or just a Tipsy Bartender service if requested. Tipsy Parties pride themselves in facilitating your evening and making sure it is an evening to remember (even if the alcohol causes you to forget some of it!)

Great for:

Brides who love learning new things and enjoy a cheeky tipple along the way.

Price point:

Tipsy Cocktail Classes start from £265 (for 5 people & £13 per additional person - bar service only is £197). A £20 deposit secures the date, and you can get an exact, instant quote online.

Additional extras:

Everything is provided, from the alcohol to the equipment and real glasses, so if you’re all staying over together, there is no need for you to organise a huge online shop for that first night. After all the hard work planning and organising the hen do, you can now kick back and enjoy the evening along with everyone else. Other offers are a tipsy beer tasting or a tipsy tea version of an afternoon tea if you fancy mixing it up a bit. The host will make sure you have a great time throughout the night, including drinking games between cocktails and beer pong if you choose the Tipsy Beer tasting!

Good to know:

You can choose the four cocktails you want to make on the day. Tipsy Parties really care about the experience, are attentive and speak to you in advance to know what you want to achieve for the bride-to-be and ensure it happens. Learn how to make your bride’s favourite cocktail and enjoy it on the wedding day and for years to come! Every mixologist is carefully selected by Tipsy Parties based not only on their skill, but on their personality so they are able to host the evening - taking that stress away from you! 

Tipsy Parties was founded by Russell Benjamin and Jemma Palmer (a serial entrepreneur who was previously Gladiator Inferno from the Hit TV show Gladiators!). Russell was a mixologist for the renowned hotel "The Belfry" - a host venue of the Ryder Cup - and also a Butler in the Buff (Now he also runs Buff Naked Butlers - a service you can bolt on to your cocktail experience if you’d like!). Russell had a lot of experience with Hen Parties which helped him to realise what could be done better or differently. This led him to set up Tipsy Parties with a focus on providing quality Cocktails and combining them with a fun learning experience. 

Treasure Hunt Liverpool

Once you’ve slept off your cocktail-induced merriness and fuelled your bodies with an awesome breakfast, it’s time to get out and explore Liverpool. With Treasure Hunt Liverpool you will not only get to know the city and see its sights, you’ll have lots of fun (and some competition!) along the way.

On the day of your treasure hunt, you will receive a link which will introduce you to Captain Bess! She will be your guide for the day, providing hints and tips where you need them and ensuring you have the ‘Bess’ time! You’ll get to know the city at your own pace as the timing of the Treasure Hunt - from beginning to end - is totally flexible and triggered by you. Want to start an hour later? No problem! Get ‘stuck’ in a pub you’re enjoying? Totally fine! You tell Captain Bess when you want the next clue and she will oblige!

It’s the perfect activity to tie together any other activities, meals and drinks and can even run over the whole weekend if you’d like!

Treasure Hunt Liverpool company logo

What they do:

Treasure Hunt Liverpool allows you to explore the city in a unique way without wandering aimlessly. While visiting the amazing sights of Liverpool you will spot clues and follow your own treasure map on your phone in teams of up to 6. You will also learn many fun facts along the way with the route being carefully designed to show you elements of this fantastic city you wouldn’t have seen before. The best part is that you can do the treasure hunt at your own pace, start when you like and stop at bars and coffee shops along the way. The system is fully automated to provide you with the flexibility, with support at hand if needed. 

Great for:

A bride who enjoys the outdoors or being active, loves having flexibility throughout the day and enjoys learning some interesting facts about Liverpool. 

Price point:

£10 per person - official bargain!

Additional extras:

It’s an active experience that is not too physically demanding to ensure everyone can take part. The experience is step-free so you can enjoy the treasure hunt even if you’re not that good on foot. You’ll receive a score at the end of the treasure hunt, based on how many clues you got right and how many hints were needed which makes for a bit of competitive fun. The team at Treasure Hunt Liverpool are lovely people, who are super flexible with a very customer-focused approach, including allowing you to cancel at short notice if the weather doesn’t play ball on the day.

Good to know:

A great activity to get people to talk to each other, so it’s ideal if you have different people joining the hen party who don’t yet know each other. The group will be split into teams of up to 6 people. The routes are carefully planned to find exciting little treasures beyond the major tourist attractions. 

Special offer for Collctiv organisers:

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Group of people treasure hunting

Paul and Ian are co-founders of the business and when they came up with the treasure hunt idea, people loved it from the start. Since then (with a rather disruptive Covid-glitch over the last year!) they’ve grown the concept to include ten different cities and offer fun outdoor experiences across the country. Liverpool offers a step-free experience and all other cities are wheelchair accessible. 

Dance Party Experience

After your outdoor fix, it’s time to get your boogie on and get ready to dance the night away! Dancing and singing with your favourite people by your side is a fantastic way to create memories that will last a lifetime and who better to do this with than Dance Party Experience. You’ll learn amazing choreography taught by professional dancers. Step aside, Sandra Dee!

Group of girls dancing cheerfully

What they do:

Dance Party Experience are THE Dance Specialists. Delivering outrageously fun, top trending, slickest dance and innovative party ideas, perfect for a Hen Party! Their choreography is designed for all ages, abilities and genders, no dance experience needed! Nothing gets all your best peeps better acquainted than some booty bounces and shimmy shakes. Even the shyest will be head whipping and screaming laughing by the end of your Dance Party Experience. You’ll be taught by super-friendly and fun professional dance teachers, in a relaxed party atmosphere. Bringing you feel-good vibes with your besties. So gather your tribe let’s have a dance party you will never forget!

Great for:

Brides who absolutely love dancing and want to make unforgettable memories. 

Price point:

An initial deposit of up to £70 secures the venue and then prices start from £19 a head depending on the experience chosen and the number of people attending. 

Additional extras:

The party lasts for either 60 or 90 minutes based on your preference. Learn the iconic Queen Bey moves in a Beyonce themed party (sign me up now!) and all manner of other themes such as 90’s & Noughties, Dirty Dancing, Spice Girls, and many more! To make the occasion extra special accessories such as poptastic 90's face gems are provided to match the experience you book. If you choose Beyonce you get to keep a light-up ring as a memento of your day! You also get a free electronic copy of your chosen themed music mashup to re-perform your dance whenever you want - wedding dance-off, anyone?!

Good to know:

You get a personal event manager who helps you throughout the booking process. All Hen dance classes are held in professional dance studios with pumping sound systems. The focus is on the group experience, ensuring everyone has a good time with an emphasis on fun!

Special offer for Collctiv organisers:

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Group of people in a dance class

Dance Party Experience founder, Penelope, is a professional dancer who has worked internationally in the music industry, theatre, TV and film. Her entire team are dance specialists from the event bookers to her teachers, who have been on tour with actual pop stars like Beyonce, Little Mix & Dua Lipa.  Penelope aims to redefine hen parties and to make them a memorable experience. That’s why she personally selects all the instructors not just on their dancing skills but also based on their personality and passion for the business.

Murder Mystery Meals

Once you’ve nailed your choreography of a lifetime you should have worked up a proper appetite for your evening meal, which you can pair with another amazing activity. The best way to mix up your evening before a fun night out is, in our opinion, a Murder Mystery Meal. Why not enjoy a great meal alongside solving a murder mystery? Everyone will take part and two professional actors will join the night. Reviews claim that the actors are wicked, hilarious and engaging, so you sure won’t have to worry about having a dull night! 

Murder Mystery Meals company logo

What they do:

A dinner combined with a fun role-play to solve a murder mystery. This activity comes with two actors that will moderate the storyline and the guests will be playing different suspects, one of whom is the murderer. For Hen parties, the event works for 7 to 30 guests, though they regularly perform at events with up to 140 people! Each guest is sent an invitation letter prior to the event explaining their character, giving tips for costumes and what you have to do. The bride-to-be and groom are interwoven into the plot as integral characters, and you can share unique facts about the bride with the organisers who weave this into the storyline. Clever, eh?

Great for:

Brides who love to be the centre of attention, enjoy a good laugh and love solving a puzzle. 

Price point:

Prices vary due to the tailored offering - based on a minimum of 14 attendees,  prices for the meal experience start at £60 – £65pp including food (£25 – £30 if you provide the venue/food). You’ll need to put down a 50% deposit with the remainder paid two weeks before the event.

Additional extras:

The experience can range from them coming to your accommodation for the Murder Mystery Meal, to them organising a whole weekend for you with accommodation and food and the Murder Mystery Meal on the Saturday night. 

Good to know:

Murder Mystery Meals has very experienced actors who make the experience very interactive, respond to you and are very flexible with their storytelling. Therefore, every Murder Mystery meal is a unique experience. 

Believe it or not, Murder Mystery Meals has been around since 1996 and is owned by Steve Woodward who founded it 25 years ago. Steve had been running the business as a side hustle but decided to go full steam ahead with it when he was unexpectedly made redundant from his City job in IT. Now he works with over 800 different actors across the UK and hosts around 500 hundred events a year. These numbers speak for themselves, so why not join the thousands of people who have already enjoyed a Murder Mystery Meal and make the Saturday night of your Hen Party Weekend in Liverpool a real scream?! 

And before you know it, the Hen Weekend is almost over, but not quite… 

The Crafty Hen

To finish off in style and to have more than just memories from the weekend, why not make something unique that everyone can take home? The Crafty Hen offers you the opportunity to make jewellery, fascinators or flower crowns that you can take home as a keepsake. You could even use it as a chance to get making favours for the big day itself! It’s a great activity to do on the Sunday as a cure for those morning-after-the-night-before blues!

The Crafty Hen company logo

What they do:

Whether you want to make bunting, design and create your own Cocktail ring, stitch together a garter or learn how to paint ceramic, the Crafty Hen has got you covered. They will provide all the materials and take pride in their quality products. As part of the experience, Crafty Hen specialists will come to your venue of choice. 

Great for:

Brides who are creative and want to make a beautiful keepsake - or even the favours - for the wedding day and beyond. All crafting abilities are catered for.

Price point:

£34 per person - £100 deposit with the remaining balance to be paid four weeks before the event. 

Additional extras:

You’ll be provided with high-end materials, tailored specifically to your requests. Be that flowers that match those to be used on the day or colours that reflect the theme of the wedding. There is also the opportunity to collaborate on a product such as a patchwork quilt for the bride. 

Good to know:

Award-winning fun craft workshops for all ages and abilities. The bespoke approach of Crafty Hen allows for a personalised experience and produces items of quality to ensure everyone enjoys the experience of making their keepsakes. 

Special offer for Collctiv Organisers:

Access your “Bride goes free” for groups of 14 or more offer via the Collctiv App.

Group of Hens from The Crafty Hen

The Crafty Hen has been around for 10 years, and won multiple awards such as ‘the best Hen Do activity in 2019’ awarded by the National Wedding Awards. They pride themselves on their amazing customer service and recently bagged another award for ‘best customer service in 2019’ by Guides for Brides. We believe that alone speaks for them as a fantastic provider of Hen Party activities and one that should not be missed during your ultimate Liverpool Hen Weekend. 

But don't take our word for it !

Wow! Rachael was wonderful and our whole party created beautiful sparkles to take home! I really couldn't have asked for any more! A great choice of beads and findings to choose from. Thank you The Crafty Hen!

What a weekend! We hope our blog post left you inspired with a bunch of fantastic things to do in Liverpool. Even if you only manage half of our suggestions, we are sure you’ll have an amazing Hen Party experience. Let us know about your experiences and tag us on your Hen Party Adventures on Instagram. We can’t wait to see all those happy hen smiles. 

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