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Stag Do and Hen Party Ideas in Manchester

Manchester is a modern and bustling city filled with a range of fun activities that will make your Stag or Hen Party one to remember (even if the night is hard!). Keep reading to find out what this city has to offer brides, grooms, and all their merry mates.

Known for its beautiful architecture, educational art and science museums, world-renowned sports clubs and, most importantly, the Gallagher brothers and Vimto, Manchester is a beautiful vibrant city that will never leave you at a loss with what to do. From Canal Street to Castlefield, Manchester’s nightlife has always been a staple of this city so we have carefully selected a few great activities for Hens and Stags alike to enjoy. Here’s to making memories you will never forget!

Venture Out

Want to start your Stag Party or Hen Do off with a bit of adrenaline, feeling that blood pump through your veins? Or do you want to kayak down a beautiful river and take in the scenic views before winding down and having a glass of wine with your closest friends in the evening? Well if so, Venture Out might be the place for you.

What they do:

Founders Ian Sheldrake and Kevin Beattie wanted to find a way to make lifelong memories with their friends mixed in with a sense of adventure and Venture Out was born! From riding mountain bikes, to archery, guided tours, kayaking, canoeing and more- Venture Out has something for everyone. Set on the beautiful banks of the River Mersey, explore the woodlands, rivers, and surrounding trails with your hens or stags (and don’t forget to take some scenic pictures for Instagram too!). If you’re wanting something a little more adventurous, take a kayak down the river and paddle from East Didsbury to Northenden - or if you want, take the long route from East Didsbury to Jackson’s boat pub for a post Kayaking pint!

Great for:

A bride or groom who is looking for a little more adventure compared with the typical Stag Do or Hen Party.

Additional extras:

Depending on how many hens or stags are at your event you can book single or double kayaks, double canoes, or six person rafted canoes, meaning everyone gets to go on this great journey with you! Venture Out is also the only place in the entire North where you can hire a kayak and go out onto the river - amazing!

Price point:

It is £25 for a single kayak and £40 for a double kayak. Contact Venture Out for any potential additional prices for other activities you may be interested in.

Good to know:

When booking a stag party or hen do, you should email them in advance to let them know what your particular needs and interests are. They are open from 9 am till 9 pm, so the possibilities of how your day will go are endless!

Movers & Shakers

We’ve all been there: you’re the maid of honour or the best man, and you really want to organise a fun, personalised and completely unique hen or stag party but can’t be bothered with the researching, planning or the general fuss? Well with Movers & Shakers mobile party all you have to do is tell them exactly what you want and then sit back, relax and let the party come to you. We promise we won’t tell the bride or groom ;)

What they do:

Movers & Shakers is a mobile cocktail bar that provides a fully customisable menu of drinks for all types of events, both indoor and outdoor. They have brought the fun for hen dos, stag parties, house parties, festivals, Airbnbs, and even rocked up under a tree once!

Great for:

A soon to be bride or groom who wants a personalised no-fuss party, especially if you’re the maid of honour or best man with a whole load of other things to sort out and don’t want the hassle.

Additional extras:

Don’t have any outdoor furniture for your hen do or stag party? Worried about having enough cups for all your hens or stags? No worries! Movers & Shakers will provide all the tables, chairs and glassware you will need to make your event run smoothly, they also have a graphic designer on their team who can design your tailor-made menu any way you want. You can also pick whatever personalised drinks you want to suit your party's theme and you can even make and name a cocktail after the bride or groom - ooh-er!

Price point:

The cost is £550 at your venue of choice with a £100 deposit up-front. Bookings are done via email or a phone call.

Good to know:

Are you interested in Movers & Shakers events, but a tad worried about the cost? No problem! Movers & Shakers knows that the cost for hen dos and stag parties can soon add up, so get a discounted rate if you bring your own booze and furniture from home, meaning you can experience their brilliant services for a fraction of the price!

Dry Barge

So firstly, don’t let the name mislead you - there is nothing dry about the Dry Barge as a location for your Hen or Stag Party!
The boat itself is actually called Bohemia and is owned by Matt - formerly owner of the world-famous Hacienda club - how about that for a claim to fame?
Matt believed that a more intimate and unusual venue was the way to go for Hen and Stag groups to party and 15 successful years later you’ve got to say he was right! With its traditionally classy decor, the Bohemia barge has been designed especially with the aspiration to create a timeless and most unique experience.

What they do:

The Dry Barge provides voyages all year round and is located in Manchester city centre, Castlefield, Catalan Square. Leaving the hustle of the city, you can travel to the more tranquil surroundings of Pomona and Manchester’s ‘Theatre of Dreams’. If you envisage your Stag or Hen Party to be a bit more raucous, with the club soundsystem and resident DJ available you can go wild on the boats’ dedicated dancefloor whilst enjoying a bar stocked full of the finest selection of wine, champagne, and beers from around the world.  Bohemia is an exceptionally unique and unusual choice of venue to celebrate. A perfect Stag or Hen party idea. 

Great for:

A bride or groom that wants everyone to have a great time in entirely unique surroundings.

Additional extras:

Want to eat while aboard? A perfect way to put a lining on for a big night to come or a chance to enjoy some exceptional food with friends whilst admiring the wide array of wildlife alongside and in the water. Dry Barge is partnered with Didsbury deli ‘Taste of Honey’ to fulfil all of your catering needs!

Price point:

Prices start from £480 and the boat can hold up to 60 guests. A 50% deposit is required to secure the booking, with the balance to be paid before the event.

Good to know:

Fancy yourself as the next Tiesto? If you or a member of your Hen or Stag party want to dabble on the decks then you can! The barge is also big enough to accommodate a live band for your evening….maybe your Stag or Hen Do could feature the comeback gig of Oasis or a guest appearance from Shaun Ryder? Cruises last 3 hours, leaving and returning to Catalan Square near Deansgate in the centre of the City.

Cocktails Ahoy

Do you love the idea of a party on a boat and want to enhance your experience with amazing cocktails and themed event planning? Look no further, Cocktails Ahoy is the perfect provider for you. You do not only get to experience an evening on the Bohemia barge by Dry Barge but have it paired with 7 amazing cocktails (per person!!!) curated by professional mixologists.

What they do:

Cocktails Ahoy is an exciting and innovative company that provides their guests with a night exploring the Manchester canals on their wide barge named Bohemia while you enjoy some delicious drinks made at their cocktail bar. Maybe after a glass or two, you might feel inclined to go visit their dancefloor! They set off at Barca, a lovely tapas-style bar near the canal at Castlefield which gives you time to have a bite to eat and take some fun selfies before you hop on board - try not to rock the boat!

Great for:

Any maid of honour or best man looking to create a unique Hen/Stag Do experience for their bride or groom.

Additional extras:

Don’t know what to wear? Never fear, Cocktails Ahoy have various themed nights for you to enjoy so you can dress to impress! Put on your brightest neon eyeshadow for their 80’s night, rep your Mancunian pride on their Manchester night, dance to some Chuck Berry on the Pulp Fiction night, make some magical memories during Voodoo nights, or - if any of that’s not your cup of tea - dust off your finest tweed hat for the Peaky Blinders night or even order a Cosmopolitan that would make Carrie Bradshaw proud on the Sex and The City night!

Price point:

For a three hour cruise and seven different themed cocktails it is only £59 per head. Excuse me while I barge past you to get in the queue for this boating bargain!

Good to know:

It’s not an exclusive event so the boat holds 60 people in total, so if you have a party of 12, you will be sharing the boat with 48 other people, but if you have a party of 30+ and want to exclusively hire the boat simply contact the company to get in touch with Matt who owns the barge. They are very friendly :)

Virtual Hideout

Is drinking and partying for your stag or hen party just way too predictable for you? Are you craving something more futuristic? Something that you know for sure will impress your friends and family? Well with Virtual Hideout’s epic virtual reality experience, you’ll have  a sure fire way to have a party you will never forget!

Virtual Hideout Logo

What they do

With this high tech, high stakes VR arcade you and your party will be equipped with Virtual Hideout’s state of the art headsets before playing their virtual reality games. Transport yourself into a brand new world where you and your party can do things like fly in the beautiful skies, kill brain hungry zombies or (if you’re brave enough!) try not to fall as you walk the plank from one skyscraper to the next! The possibilities are endless! From horror games, first-person shooters, escape rooms and more you and your friends won’t find yourselves at a loss as to what to do with these mind-blowing VR experiences.

Great For

A bride or groom looking for a unique high-tech experience.

Additional Extras

Want a memento of this awesome day out? No worries as you can bring home photos and videos of you and your party in their VR booths, there’s nothing that says ‘’I love you’’ like a framed picture of the Bride/Groom fighting off virtual zombies! Virtual Hideout is also the sister company of Breakout Manchester, so if you want to do an escape room too just speak to the guys and they can make it happen for you! 

Price Point

Virtual Hideout has 3 rooms (one of which is a double headset room) and 4 headsets in total. Each standard room costs £34-£40 depending on the amount of players and whether it's peak/off-peak hours, and the double headset room costs between £68-£76. The maximum capacity is 12 people, 4 in each room. You can book  online or if you pay by phone you will pay a 20% deposit and then the balance before the event. 

Good to Know

There will be a games host for you in every room you play to ensure both fun and safety and VH’s four rooms can hold up to three people each, meaning there will be plenty of room for bigger parties! If you’re wanting a little longer time in your virtual world, you can contact Virtual Hideout to see about booking a two hour sesh!

Walking the plank!

Northern Wine School

Is your bride or groom a wine buff who knows their Sommeliers from their Sauvignons and their tannins from their Terret noir? Or are you wanting a laid-back, enjoyable activity that everyone on the Hen Party or Stag Do can enjoy irrespective of age or preferences? If so, then the Northern Wine School wine and food sessions will be just perfect.

What they do:

Wine specialist John Callow is in a partnership with the Mal Maison hotel to provide gin and afternoon teas, cheese boards, red wine and steak nights and even three course meals for your stag and hen party. The Mal Maison provides delicious food and John provides all of the best wines, gins and spirits for the event. From creamy bries, to dry wines and chargrilled steaks, this event has something for everyone. Most sessions are in the afternoon, so it’s a perfectly classy way to start your stag do or hen party - even if your party gets a little less classy when you’re out in the town in the evening! Treat yourself to an afternoon of luxury with the top class service John Callow & Mal Maison provides and I can promise you will end this session feeling like a million bucks!

Great for:

A bride or groom who loves their wine and wants a more luxurious experience or an event that all generations will enjoy.

Additional extras:

You can completely customise the theme of the event, including picking whatever wines, gins and spirits you want! It’s your afternoon of grandeur and John Callow is more than happy to provide you with what you need to achieve that.

Price point:

£65 per person for the gin and afternoon tea or steak and red wine and £95 per person for the four-hour three-course meal.

Contact John directly for booking enquiries.

Good to know:

If you book your Hen Do or Stag Party far enough in advance you will just pay the deposit upfront, or if it’s a bit closer to the big event then you will need to pay for everything when booking.

From boozy boats, to mobile cocktail bars, classy evenings and kayaking adventures, you can see why we love Manchester! It has everything you would need and more for the perfect hen do or stag party for your bride or groom.

We’re super excited for you to try the amazing activities we’ve selected for you in this blog. Let us know your favourite and make sure to tag us in your adventures on Instagram. 

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