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Fashion X FinTech: How Blake Mill is Using CrowdPay to Combat Fast Fashion

Manchester-based online men’s fashion brand Blake Mill launches its first CrowdPay campaign on Friday 16th October, to celebrate the release of their latest new designs.

Blake Mill has established itself through tech-savvy sales techniques and ‘quirky yet meaningful’ designs that have stories and character behind them. The founders, FinTech entrepreneurs Ken Price and Steve French, use rigorous analysis in consumer behaviour and market trends to make data-driven decisions on products that they know customers want. Cool, right?

Just as MissKick managed to achieve 145% of their weekly sales in just three days through the utilisation of CrowdPay, so too Blake Mill is using this campaign to harness the power of viral sales in collaboration with Collctiv

‘Fashion Democracy in Action’

By using a family-run manufacturer in Turkey, Blake Mill holds ethical business at the core of what they do – this includes a short supply chain that promotes a living wage for all staff, , and safe, uncrowded working conditions. Neither they, nor you, contribute to the ever-increasing problem of fast-fashion.

But it doesn’t stop there: by conducting large-scale social media surveys and generating an ongoing conversation with their customers, Blake Mill can create bespoke designs and print the most popular designs based on social media interaction and survey results. This results in minimal waste and environmental damage, combined with maximum customer engagement.

This is where Collctiv can help – what if you could guarantee that customers who expressed interest in a suggested new product would definitely buy that same product once manufactured?

With Collctiv’s CrowdPay features, customers will be able to vote for their favourite design and pre-order that same design in a single, seamless transaction. Once enough people ‘vote’ for the design, this triggers the sale and sets the gears in motion on the production end. Happy business, happy customers, and a happy planet.

The benefits of these kinds of transactions speak for themselves: customers have a stake in the production of their desired product, and are compelled to promote the brand by word of mouth through shares on social media and sending links to friends and family, to ensure their favourite item gets enough votes to trigger.

Collaboration with Collctiv ensures a slick and effective execution of marketing strategies such as this. This enables companies like Blake Mill to focus on delivering great products and designs to their customers, confident that the social payments are sorted.

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