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What is CrowdPay?

CrowdPay is a crowd sales technology that lets you unlock the power of viral, group sales. Each deal you create has a minimum number of customers required to trigger. Your customers see and join the deal, and in order to make sure they get it, they need to share the deal, so the minimum number of orders is reached and the deal actually triggers. They do that by sharing the deal link or QR from your site or social into any comms platform.

How does it work?

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1. Signup for CrowdPay

Get access to powerful viral sales instantly, with no upfront costs. Signup in less than 2 minutes and get started!

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2. Create your deals

Set deadlines, minimums and maximums. Your customers join the deal, committing upfront with their card.

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3. The deal gets shared

In order for the deals to trigger, your customers have to share with their friends, which they do via any social or comms platform.

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4. Reach new customers

The deal goes viral, leaving your social or site, and passing from friend to friend - truly harnessing the power of the crowd.

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CrowdPay for Volume Discounting.

Got items you want to sell on mass? Need to shift last season's stock? Know your margins and remain in complete control of the deal. CrowdPay lets you create incredibly tempting deals, with a minimum number required before they happen - meaning you protect your margins. The deal only triggers if you get the numbers you need.

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CrowdPay for Early Access and Sustainability.

Reward your brand fans by creating limited edition or early access deals. Use CrowdPay to create and share deals with your loyal customers with deadlines and maximums - so they need to be quick off the mark to join the deal. You're in control of the numbers, so you're not committed until you get the minimum number of sales you need to make it worth your while.

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CrowdPay for Bespoke or Personalised Shopping.

Stuck between two designs for a new product? Let your customers be a part of your product decisions. Using CrowdPay, they can vote for their favourite while putting their money where their mouth is. Leaving you confident of the numbers of sales you've got for that product - and the money up front from your customers.

Common Questions

What is CrowdPay?

CrowdPay gives you the power to create deals that your customers will both love and share. You are fully in control of the deal: set a minimum number of orders or a deadline to trigger the deal to happen. Your customers don't just like a post or join a mailing list - they join the deal by committing their card, giving you peace of mind and certainty of sales.

What can I use CrowdPay for?

CrowdPay can help you to generate viral, social sales when you want to shift large volumes of stock. It can also be used to engage your loyal customers with time-bound, limited edition deals and even with upfront pre-orders for new product designs.

What happens if the minimum limit isn't reached?

A CrowdPay deal has a minimum number that you decide is needed before the deal triggers. This incentivises your customers to share the deal as widely as possible, so that they are certain of the deal going through. You remain in control of what that minimum number is, and can trigger a deal before that number is reached if you want to.

How many CrowdPay deals can I have?

As many as you like! Our easy-to-use dashboard gives you full control to create your CrowdPay deals. And if you find yourself using CrowdPay on a regular basis, or have a large number of SKUs, have a chat with us about our technical integration options - our mission is to make group payments simple and seamless. We're here to help you grow your business!

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