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Why Should I Be Using A Calendar?

It's the Calendar that reigns supreme in my household. The household of Organisation. A peaceful refuge of Feng shui. It has a waterfall. Metaphorically. A waterfall; a porcelain pot. It collects my well being. It’s a pool full of post-organisational glow. It even has little feet nibbling fish. They’re grateful for my Organising also.

Why is the Calendar so crucial to a peaceful life? Any Organisers will tell you. You cannot succeed in planning without some form of Calendar.

Every transaction, every schedule, every date. It must be passed through the calendar.  

For years I had a system of planning that served hot steaming stress to both myself and my friends.

I would agree to attend anything that I'd been invited to. By the time the day swung around I had already forgotten. The reminders would be from text messages telling me where I needed to be. I would double book frequently. Without shame.

At this point, I would let all my plans fight it out. The top of the hierarchy would be the one that seemed most fun on the day. This was fun until I had to let down friends via a half sincere text message which did nothing but make the receiver think a bit less of me. Loading them with an army of excuses in the process.

This reputation followed me around like a bad smell.

So why is the calendar king?

By putting events into my calendar the day I get told. And by taking the time to Organise myself daily, I am able to avoid letting people down.

I’m more reliable, peaceful and probably just as fun to be around.

Having a Calendar doesn’t even have to be restricted. If you’re someone who is afraid of structure, you can design days with that in mind.

Want to schedule three hours for gaming? More power to you!

Create a life you’re excited to live. But don’t let other people down in the process. And be able to have clarity over day to day excursions.

That’s why the Calendar is King!

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