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Why Is Feng Shui So Important?

Let’s talk about Feng Shui via a fresh dose of cliché. To do so, I firstly wish to highlight the merits of the idiom "cluttered room, cluttered mind"

It's rooted in a hard dollop of cold truth. If you feel overwhelmed by life, a good place to start is within your immediate environment. If your home is full of clutter, it will contribute negatively to your mental health.

This is the assumption we must make for the sake of the argument.


Feng Shui of course!

Feng Shui is the art of arranging buildings, objects, space and life. The idea is driven by the assumption that the world is defined by unseen energy forces. This seems wishy-washy, but unless you’re willing to argue that energy is nonsensical, it kind of has to make sense.

The goal is to arrange objects in a way that gives the energy of the room an open space to flow. This creates a peaceful space that can contribute to a feeling of wellness and calm.

To aid the focus of your own Feng Shui, you must start by making everything feel automated. The keys belong in the bowl, going back to the same place every day. Make it easy for yourself. This is where they must stay!

Eventually, these become habitual. Replacing the old habit of just throwing everything on the ground.

Wherever it lands, that’s where it lives! *shudder*

By feeling calm and in control of our own home, we can start to look outwards into ways we can simplify other parts of our being. Sorting something nearby can also provide you with a near-immediate dopamine boost. Provoking you into completing other tasks.

So look around you. Pick your clothes up; get the dishwasher on.

Everything has its right place. By finding them and placing them there you will feel more in control of your environment and more Organised as a result!

Fixing your environment can be as simple as placing your keys in the same place every day. If you’re someone who misplaces things often. These simple principles can go a long way in finding clarity.

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