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Why Do I Need A Routine?

Medical health professionals underlined the importance of routine this past lockdown. Why is it so important in times of uncertainty? And why is it so crucial in Organising your life? 

Ultimately, we’re all creatures of habit. It’s human nature to want to form patterns, creating stability so our heads won’t explode! Even the most chaotic among us will have certain habits and routines that they latch onto. The trouble is, they’re not always positive.

If the Calendar is King, routine Is Royal. 

If you want to organise better; feel calmer, you should start with a consistent routine. If the mention of routine feels claustrophobic. I will remind you, no change ever has to be overwhelming. In fact, I encourage the opposite. Start with something small and manageable. Something it would be impossible to not do. That way, you won’t scare off your brain and relapse into squalor. 

I suggest taking a moment to look around and think about one thing you would like to change. Find a way to implement that daily and you’re on the way.

A few good places to start could be: 

  • Eating breakfast every morning.
  • Waking up at the same time every day.
  • Committing to exercise three times a week
  • Ringing your Mum once a week!

Because we like habits and because we’re forming positive connections, very soon one can snowball into a routine that feels effortless. Helping you to install some calm into your life as a result. 

You will also be less chaotic around friends. Your disorganised reputation is being thrown into a lake. 

Our brains are pattern-seeking machines. By giving yours something to latch onto, you will increase the chances of getting everything under control. 

Good habits and good routines become the cornerstone of a life well managed.  

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