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What to get for a teacher 

We’ve had it on very good authority that a voucher trumps 10 ‘Best Teacher Ever’ mugs, 7 boxes of chocolate and a couple of bottles of Tesco’s finest Prosecco.

Don’t get us wrong, the teachers we’ve spoken to are incredibly grateful for anything that reflects your gratitude for their hard work and dedication to help mould the minds of your little darlings, but the trend of pooling together everyone’s money and getting a voucher that really enables them to get something meaningful is one that really has the most positive of impacts upon the team of teachers that take on the daily responsibility of looking after 20-30 children each day! 

You can buy a selection of vouchers straight through the Collctiv app - easily collect the money by sharing a payment link in your Whatsapp group, and then spend it directly on a John Lewis voucher, Marks and Spencer, Virgin Experiences, AirBnB and many more.

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Read all about the benefits of getting a voucher for this year’s teacher gift in our blog ‘Get them a voucher’ and if you decide to go for one of the splendid selection of vouchers on offer through the Collctiv app I sincerely hope the teaching team love what you’ve done for them. 

Unique vouchers for this year’s teacher gift 

Fancy levelling up though? Yes, that’s right, there’s a next level voucher you can get that screams teacher present and will win you the official ‘teacher present organiser of the year’ award.

Let me introduce you to Zoolife, the world’s first interactive virtual zoo, streaming live from the world's top accredited zoos, sanctuaries, and rehabilitation centers. Each stream is designed to bring you closer to wildlife and offers innovative ways of learning, protecting and engaging with the animals, from anywhere, anytime.

Zoolife's state-of-the-art technology allows users to control the camera from their device, zoom into a tiger’s whiskers, or move the camera around to explore a gorilla's habitat. 

Streaming live 24/7, Zoolife features a growing collection of remarkable animal species, daily keeper talks, and interactive Q&As with animal experts for in-depth learning and so much more.

Excitingly, the team at Zoolife are in the process of setting up a partnership with Northumberland Zoo meaning they have most time zones covered - giving you the opportunity to watch the animals at their most active times, whether they are in the UK or further afield!

As if all that wasn’t enough, Zoolife strongly believe in being a force for good so 50% of every dollar/pound goes to wildlife conservation efforts led by their team of partners to build a future where we share a deeper connection to wildlife every day. 

What will a Zoolife voucher allow me to do?

Zoolife offer gift cards for periods of time. Choose from: 

- 1 month pass - $9.99 

- 3 month pass - $23.99

- 6 month pass - $47.99 

- 1 year pass -    $76.99

Each gift card offers unlimited access to Zoolife for the time period described.

- Access to 25+ live animal habitats. New animals added every month

- Camera control features to explore the habitats and get closer to the animals

- Daily live talks with animal experts

- Available 24/7 on all devices

- 50% of every purchase directly funds animal conservation

Getting the teacher a Zoolife voucher gives them so many options - firstly there’s the personal intrigue and fun that it brings. Then, if they have a family, what a wonderful way to spend time together over the festive period in between Christmas films and excessive chocolate consumption! 

Ultimately though, the reason a Zoolife voucher is the gift that keeps on giving is that it allows the teacher to bring it back to the classroom. We asked our friends at Zoolife to share some of the feedback they’ve had from teachers using their platform:

‘I just discovered you yesterday! I am enjoying watching the Gorillas and the Giraffes. Tomorrow I will introduce my Kindergarten class to my new friends. They will be so excited! My students are all animal lovers and I am sure will love the opportunity to meet and observe these animals in real time. Thank you for making this possible!’
‘The students really enjoyed it and enjoyed asking questions, now they are looking forward to meeting the zookeeper in person. They were also very excited when the speaker called their name out - “Josh has a question....”
‘My students really enjoyed it. It is hard to find fun stuff for students’ online classes’
‘Sometimes they [students] bring sketchpads to sketch the animals. Giraffes are the most still. They feel in nature’

Because it’s a virtual experience, it removes all of the logistical challenges of trying to get a classful of children all the way to a zoo and takes away the oh-too-often occurrence of the most coveted animals being asleep in the shade out of view! 

How can I get a voucher?

As you can see from the pricing, Zoolife is US-based but you can buy a voucher in the UK (just be aware that the price will be a little less than shown which is always a win!) and to get a voucher, just click here and follow the instructions after you click ‘Buy’.
We are working hard to allow you to get a zoolife voucher directly through the Collctiv app, where you can use your pot balance directly to buy a voucher, but I’ve always been of the thinking to under-promise and over-deliver!!

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