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Are you tired of giving your teachers the same presents each year? Flowers, chocolates and wine are commonplace -  why not switch it up this year and treat your child's teacher to a gift they will really appreciate? Trust me when I say that they will be elated with a gift card for something that they love rather than ten boxes of chocolates that they’ll end up re-gifting. 

Before you start to fear that gift cards are too impersonal to be suitable, keep reading! For their classrooms, teachers invest a lot of their own money in supplies, furniture, and decorations. They choose to do it, not because they ‘have to’, but because they want to. Their classroom is a reflection of themselves and their class. 

As a class rep, a PTA member, a reluctant nominee or just an extremely organised parent who has taken on the job that every other parent has avoided, you are letting teachers know how much you value the work they do and the extra effort they make to ensure that every kid in their class has the greatest possible educational experience.

Are there different types of vouchers I can get?

There are a range of different vouchers you can get to meet any teacher's needs. Collctiv have endeavoured to give you access to vouchers for just about anything in the UK, including experiences, actual things, and everything in between! Download the app today and make the job of sorting the teacher gift easier than you ever thought possible! 

Teachers can be of all ages and enjoy different things outside of work - vouchers allow you to cater to this but remove the need to know the specific details of what they actually want or need!

This makes it a wonderful alternative for teachers who might be leaving, or just showing your appreciation at the end of the term.

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Lifestyle vouchers

If you are using Collctiv to raise funds for your class gift, why not make your life even easier and use our app to buy a gift card? We want to help you solve your challenge so after much research we are pleased to offer some of the very best online vouchers to give as a teacher gift;

  1. Airbnb - for the teacher that likes to travel during their time off, this voucher will allow them to put the money you have raised toward accommodation anywhere in the world! 
  2. The Body Shop - the ultimate pamper place, getting them a voucher for the Body Shop will allow your recipient the option to subsidise their day-to-day requirements or something more indulgent to spoil themselves with. 
  3. Harvey Nichols - the best in fearlessly stylish fashion, give the gift of exclusivity by allowing your teacher to truly treat themselves.
  4. Marks & Spencers - the classic British brand, give the gift of choice in a store that sells pretty much everything!
  5. John Lewis & Partners - at the risk of a libel suit, a slightly more exclusive version of a brand I may or may not have just mentioned, a John Lewis voucher screams upmarket and allows the recipient to choose from great food and drink or a full department store’s worth of wonderment 
  6. The Dining Out Card - for the person who loves a meal out (I mean, who doesn’t!), give them one high end experience (maybe a Michelin-star place?) or a few great nights out trying out eateries for free! 
  7. Naked Wines - it would be interesting to run a survey of how many teachers drink….I know where I’d guess the result to be! Naked Wines is a brilliant collaborative company that puts the winemakers first and creates a virtuous cycle of re-investment in those winemakers. So the recipient can feel great about sinking a number of fine wines! 
  8. Virgin Experience Days - a classic example of how to facilitate dreams coming true, without needing to know what those dreams are! This voucher will allow the recipient to choose anything from pampering to skydiving and everywhere in between. Let me outline a couple of really popular choices from our customers:

Spa day vouchers

As we have mentioned, and all know, teachers have one of the most busy and stressful professions. What could be better than to treat them to a relaxing spa day at the end of term? As the gift organiser, you don’t want to waste people's money with a present the teacher won’t enjoy. Not to worry, you will definitely be in the good books with this gift!

Giving your child's teacher a Virgin Experience as a gift provides them with hundreds of world-class experiences from the UK's leading experience gift voucher provider, find out more here. Virgin experience days offer some amazing spa day vouchers that you can buy straight from your pot on the Collctiv app.

Surprise your child's teacher with afternoon tea vouchers

Consider treating your child's teacher to an afternoon tea voucher if you're seeking original ways to express your gratitude. A lot of teachers will be looking for the chance to relax and enjoy their time off. Afternoon tea is the perfect time for teachers to wind down and have a catch up with their friends and family over some tea and sandwiches.

You can either get this through the Virgin Experience website or you can get The Dining Out gift card via the Collctiv app. Your teacher will be able to have a well deserved rest and relax! The Dining Out Gift Card makes eating, drinking and even sleeping into the ideal gift because it can be used at some of Britain's most popular restaurants, pubs, clubs, and hotels. With the Dining Out Gift Card, wonderful cuisine, drinks, and service are always on the menu, whether you're wanting to treat someone to a cosy country inn or a chic city café.

Why you should get your teacher a group gift class gift 

Do you find yourself always volunteering to buy your teachers group class gifts every year? It seems to be a task that is avoided by most parents. I mean, who really wants to be the one hassling parents at the end of each term for a tenner? But you do so anyway as you fear your child’s teacher will feel deeply unappreciated.

The challenges that can arise while organising class gifts are numerous. Parents don't want to be waiting at the school gate for people to bring them £10 in cash; it's a clumsy and out-of-date practice that may be an embarrassing job that most people avoid. That is why you are in this situation!

It can be even more awkward having to ask for people's bank details in order for them to pay you a tenner; after all, you never normally speak to them at the school gate, so having to ask other parents for money must be even worse! It’s like a constant chase, chase, chase, just to make sure you are not out of pocket! A pressure cooker at the end of term that Collctiv can help to resolve! 

Collctiv makes it easy to collect money from parents whilst also making it easy for them to pay in.

Simply download the app for free here, create a ‘pot’ for your collection and this will generate you a payment link and a QR code.

Share the payment link anywhere – email, WhatsApp – however you would normally communicate with other parents, and with just a tap they can donate to your pot. They do not need to download the app, create an account or validate an email – they simply tap to pay, and it’s done. If they have Apple or Google Pay, it takes less than 5 seconds. I told you we had a solution!

There are various ways you can buy your vouchers, either directly through the Collctiv app, or you even withdraw the funds in your pot to your bank account.

Since 2019 Collctiv has helped over 350,000 people from 83 countries come together by making it simple for Organisers to collect money from groups. Whether it's gifts for teachers, group holidays or grassroots sports teams - download our free app today and start bringing people together!

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