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The Worst Christmas Gifts Teachers Have Ever Received (Part One)

What’s the worst thing you could buy a Teacher this Christmas? 

You didn’t ask. We did it anyway. 

Regardless of demand, we thought it would be funny. We’ve written a few articles about ‘unique group gifts’ and ‘what might teachers really want?’ 

But what about what teachers don’t want?

And I don’t just mean a KitKat or a picture of your kid's face on a mug. I mean the actual bottom of the barrel, will give you nightmares type stuff.

We didn’t even guess this time. We hopped online. We asked you guys. I wish we made these up. We didn’t. They’re that awful!

So without further ado. In the spirit of a Christmas giggle. 

Merry Christmas. Written by Teachers: A collection of the worst Christmas gifts ever received! (Part 1)

Innocent Intentions, Horrible Results

These contributions were made with the sincerest intentions. Unfortunately, in reality, they fell flat. In some cases, they outright missed the mark of what can be considered appropriate. However, it does make for some hilarious reading.

  1. “A tissue box that I found £30 at the bottom a few months after receiving the tissue box”
  2. “Axe Bodyspray - what were they trying to tell me?”
  3. “A Gift card where the nearest store was 150miles away with no online presence”
  4. “A Starbucks card with £2.93 on it”
  5. “A K-pop Tote bag, I know nothing about K-Pop”
  6. “My colleague was a recovered alcoholic. One year, five students gave him decanters/wine/shot glasses for the holidays… they didn’t know, it was a coincidence and he was good about it. So awkward though”
  7. “A mug with a terribly painted “ABC” on it”
  8. “A gift card with no money on it”
  9. “A used gift card with £4 left”
  10. “Two pairs of lacy Victoria’s Secret panties. I was reaching an adult class and the gift was from a student the same age as myself”
  11. “A dead snake. Because I teach Science they thought I would like it”
  12. “A terrible drawing with my name spelt wrong”
  13. “A framed collage of photos of me I had no idea had been taken"


Food is a fantastically versatile way of showing appreciation. It’s also the easiest way to get on board the homemade train. Here are a few examples of food gifts that were probably given from the heart, but ended up in the bin.

  1. “A pot of homemade curry, from a student who smoked like a chimney. You could smell the cigarettes smoke in the food”
  2. “A bunch of bananas”
  3. “A sandwich with a bite taken out of it. Yes, this actually happened”
  4. “The homemade brownie currently on my desk…literally tastes disgusting”
  5. “A disgusting venison steak”
  6. “Expired chocolates. By two years!”
  7. “A year 7 once gave me a single slice of Saran-wrapped bread. This was done unironically and she thought I would enjoy it”
  8. “A Dunkin’ Doughnuts gift card from a student whose mum tried to make my life miserable all year. Refused to take it”

That’s that for part one.

Check out part two including ringworms, porcelain Santa's and a few that weren't so bad.

Be sure to get in touch with our social media team if you have any stories that we may have missed!

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