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London Hen & Stag Ideas (Halloween Redux!)

Our Best London Hen & Stag Ideas (Halloween Redux!)

With Halloween approaching. We want to revisit some of the featured Hen and Stag organisations. But this time, through the back door. This way we can obtain a fresh perspective and be on the lookout for Halloween ideas, fun and connection. 

If that makes sense? 

Halloween is largely an American tradition but is fast growing in stature in the UK. For whatever reason you’re heading out this October, we want to capture the magic, giving you something to look forward to. Reflecting upon all the mess we made in the summer and cosying up to colder months once more. As tradition dictates. 

So here is our updated Hen and Stag ideas - Halloween edition! 

Campaign Paintball

Who remembers Campaign Paintball? 

Originally featured in our London blog. The south-west based paintball experience recommended the 'Dark Tower' as their prime Halloween experience. However, they boast twelve different movie set designs ranging from ‘Dodge City’ a wild west themed zone and the aforementioned Dark tower. After all, it's a 100 square feet forest. There’s bound to be something spooky in there. 

25 five years strong. It's located in leafy Cobham; also offering laser tag, axe throwing and archery.

Campaign Paintball is a great option for Halloween antics. Proper immersive - shoot your mates - but not for real, stuff. Therapeutic I imagine. Shoot your mate; pretend he’s your dad… 

That got weird… let's move on. 

(Go to Campaign Paintball) 

You can refresh yourself on details just here. 

Thames Boat Parties

Staying in London for this one here just now. 

People like Parties. 

People definitely like the superior form of transport that is BOATS. 

Just a side note. Is there anything that isn’t enhanced by being on a boat? 

Covered initially in our London blog. The Thames Boat party delivers what they set out to do. Provide parties on boats, on the Thames. 

Halloween is a popular time of the year to have a party anyway. It begins to mark the migration of parties from the outside to the in as Winter approaches. It’s also a very justified excuse for a costume party, with UK streets seasonally littered with sexy cats and vampires. 

Now imagine those house parties and Vampires and sexy cats.

And put them on a boat!

Picturing that?

You’re welcome. 

I shall place a link just here for another refresher on prices and contact details!

Horror Escape Room

Back to London once more.

I mean, how could we not? 

A venue seemingly tailor-made for horror (in the best sense) 

Located once more in the smoke. Horror Escape Room places you within the containment of two spookily designed scenario rooms. 

The first of which involves escaping from cannibals in a game appropriately named: Cabin Fever. 

And the second utilises an unnamed terror in the Wonderland Room. By the box, it doesn't sound that scary. However, with Clown Imagery and scary kids thrown in, it becomes genuine squeaky bum type stuff. 

The game is, well, you have to escape from the rooms, in teams to reclaim your freedom. 

Like a giant Halloween themed rat race. 

Once again, details can be found right here

Abinger Cookery School London

What’s the best part about Halloween? 

For me, it’s how the world momentarily provides a safe space for Goths to come out of hiding, with full acceptance of their culture (seriously what happened to Goths?) 

A close second would probably be the food. And that’s purely because I am a sucker for novelty biscuits and cakes. 

Abinger Cookery School is a haven for customizable foodstuffs with autonomy over baking their speciality. 

It serves as a cookery school, led by a wealth of professionals with expert knowledge. So even if you’re terrible at cooking - It doesn’t really matter! 

Located in the Surrey Hills, Dorking. Abinger Cookery School is run by Lizzie who is solely focused on ensuring a memorable and personalised experience for everyone who comes through the door. 

By ringing up and communicating spooky intentions. Lizzie can get to work creating a design alongside yourself and your party! 

More details can be found just here!

Collctiv For Halloween

So, there we have it. 

A small redux on the Hen & Stag events we previously visited but with a Halloween twist. 

Halloween is a fun time of the year and we think it a fantastic excuse to have a Hen or Stag that stretches further into the bowels of Wintertime, should you choose to rise to the occasion.

As always, Organisers! Don’t be left out of pocket. Ensure total autonomy over the event by downloading Collctiv and creating a Hen and Stag pot.

Happy Halloween! 

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