23 of the best group gifts for a leaving co-worker in 2022 Part Two!

First of all… if you haven’t already, check out part one of our 23 best colleague leaving gifts, here! 

If you’ve already done that, then welcome back for part two! 

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What to get for the colleague that’s… escaping?

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Some jobs aren’t nice, not everybody loves their work; some jobs could be nice but are ruined by crippling workplace cultures and more drama than it’s worth. Sadly, I would bet that most people have had jobs of this ilk. Sadly further, some people really must work to survive and have to face up to the suffering of a job they loathe because the alternative is truly a grimmer proposition. This brings us to our suggestions for those who are escaping; this list is curated with a view to celebrating such escapes and looking ahead to a brighter future!

  1. Flowers

Flowers have a lot of symbolic meaning. They often are given as a gesture towards something, think grand gestures of affection or commissary. Google has told me that by giving flowers in the colour of Dark Crimson you can symbolise mourning. And, if that’s not quite your flavour, Yellow Rose hints at jealousy, that's jealousy for the escape that your co-worker has made. You’re welcome.

  1. Alcohol

Similarly symbolic, like flowers. Alcohol consumption and gifting is commonly associated with celebration, and, even if you’re not enthused to be losing a peer, at least you can make sure you send them off in the right stead. Buy a bottle!

  1. Plants

Plant gifting is growing in popularity, plant owning is full stop growing in popularity. Mostly owed to the influence of healthy living and propagated by the endless flow of social media content. You could do a lot worse than sending a co-worker off with a brand new tree to decorate their living space. 

What to get for the colleague that’s… moving away?

Life changes constantly, for some, the past few years of being boxed up has now relinquished and manifested into a desire to get moving and change the scene. There is a beauty in impermanence, some feel that to the bone. Perhaps a change in relationship has occurred or maybe they are just fancying a fresh challenge in a new place? Either way, this is for the itchiest of feet, that’s all of the feet, the itchiest of them, this for them. May they find warmth, experiences and a good post to scratch them by!

  1. A Giant voucher, to which, everybody has contributed

Do you know what’s difficult? Relocation. There’s so much to tick off the proverbial checklist, help a friend out, give them a voucher of substance to which everyone has contributed. They know what they need; it’s a really thoughtful and practical gift

  1. Money! That’s money that can later be converted into a currency of choice. 

Should they be leaving the country, currency will be a useful buffer for that settling in period, that’s if they haven’t already secured employment? I’m not sure that’s my business.

  1. A phrase book for a new language

Nobody is ever fluent in any language really. Think about it, how does one ‘complete' a language? That’s not what I mean though, what I mean is that it may be nice to give a phrase book belonging to a new language that the person may need to pick up to an extent.

  1. A subscription to a language learning platform

A slight variation of a detour via a theme. Recently, I learned German. To do so, I used a very tidy platform named Pimsleur, however, that set me back a few bob per month. My suggestion here is that you could…

  1. Engrave something, something sentimental

I’ve spent time pondering what a gift even is, what it means, and how to consciously express what I want to express through a gift. My conclusion is that the actuality of a gift is irrelevant if the sentiment is all wrong. What I mean by that is, just show that you actively thought about someone enough to get them something. Something, anything. By all means, engrave a turd, if that’s gonna show that you were thinking of them. It’s the thought that is memorable, you know what I mean?

What to get for the colleague that’s… landed their dream job?

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

Congratulations are thoroughly in order. For many, they still don’t know what they want to make of life well into adulthood, but, for some, they’ve long had childish dreams of being astronauts or football stars. This is to celebrate those who made it through, without bitterness. I hope every working day fills them to the brim with joy, fulfilment and wonder.

  1. Something to help with the new career

This is a big moment in their life, with peace and love, you should give them something that’s gonna help settle into this new tumultuous moment, as starting a new job often is. This could range from tools to stationary, give it some thought; make it sentimental! 

  1. An experience

This is with a view to the in-between jobs phase. Chances are, they’ve earned a small break before starting this new role, you can treat them to a small experience such as a meal out or a weekend getaway. Consider this period the calm before the storm, it all escalates from here. 

  1. Theatre tickets

Theatre is a bit like the cinema, but with an additional sprinkling of fanciness. Also, any attendee of theatre worth their salt will let you know that with live theatre there is a buzz that cannot be replicated elsewhere. A proper classy send off!

  1. Cinema tickets 

Cinema tickets are an extension of the desire to purchase an experience as opposed to a physical gift. Having been cooped up and not able to go out to the Cinema for the last few years, it’s a great opportunity to give a co-worker a chance to escape the house for a bit!

  1. Something meaningful

I’m gonna use this as a cross category suggestion, it’s applicable in all gift giving, I think it’s the truth. As long as the gift you have given has been made from a place of gratitude and thoughtfulness, then the physical entity of ‘what’ the gift is becomes secondary. The best gift is always one that shows that you care; that’s all gift giving is symbolic.


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