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23 of the best group gifts for a leaving co-worker in 2023 Pt. 2

First of all… if you haven’t already, check out part one of our 23 best colleague leaving gifts, here!

If you’ve already done that, then welcome back for part two! 

Still searching for a leaving gift for a work colleague? Well here’s some more ideas to hopefully provide all of the gift ideas that you’ll need! 

Great gifts for any occasion

There are certain gifts that work for pretty much any occasion - be that a birthday, someone leaving, a new baby being born, or someone taking a sabbatical to find themselves in a far eastern shrine! Here are some suggestions that, whilst maybe not hugely original, will reassure you that you are getting the right gift for your work colleague. 

11. Flowers

Flowers have a lot of symbolic meaning. I am reliably informed that dark crimson is the colour of mourning, whilst yellow roses symbolise jealousy - of your colleague’s new job perhaps?! Read more about giving flowers as a gift in our blog on this here

12. Alcohol

Similarly symbolic, alcohol consumption and gifting is commonly associated with celebration, and, even if you’re not enthused to be losing a peer, at least you can make sure you send them off in the right stead. Buy a bottle!

13. Plants

Plant gifting is growing in popularity with plant ownership becoming very deregeur!  is Mostly owing to the influence on healthy living and propagated by the endless flow of social media content, you could do a lot worse than sending a co-worker off with a brand new tree to decorate their living space. Plus, with long life spans (providing you look after them well!) and seasons of bloom, they are a great way to bring a recurring smile to the recipient’s face as they remember the good times and the people they worked with. 

14. Something to help with the new career

This is a big moment in their life and getting them something that helps them in their new endeavour shows not only your level of thought, but your desire for them to go and be awesome in their new role. 

15. An experience

There’s nothing more memorable than actually taking part in something - in doing an activity that you are unlikely to ever fund by yourself but have always wanted to do. So surely there can be few better gifts than if your work colleagues buy you an experience voucher that allows you to fulfil your dreams, however closely guarded they have been! 

16. Theatre tickets

Theatre is a bit like the cinema, but with an additional sprinkling of fanciness. Also, any attendee of theatre worth their salt will let you know that with live theatre there is a buzz that cannot be replicated elsewhere. A truly classy send off!

17. Cinema tickets 

Cinema tickets are an extension of the desire to purchase an experience as opposed to a physical gift. Having been cooped up and not able to go out to the Cinema for the last few years, it’s a great opportunity to give a co-worker a chance to escape the house for a bit!

18. Something meaningful

By meaningful, I mean to the person. This is particularly apt if you, or someone in your work team knows the person really quite well. If they know they have a penchant for plaid homeware, are secretly learning how to crochet or happen to be an incredible golfer at the weekends - utilise the network and hit the nail on the head with a gift that shows you listen! 

What to get for the colleague that’s… moving away?

Photo by TheStandingDesk on Unsplash

The past few years of being forced to stay in our homes has thankfully now relinquished and in many cases has manifested into a desire to get moving and change the scene. There is a beauty in impermanence, some feel that to the bone. Perhaps a change in relationship has occurred or maybe they are just fancying a fresh challenge in a new place?

19. A voucher, to which, everybody has contributed

Relocation brings with it many costs and in most instances a need for this, that or the other to full the new corners and alcoves of your new place. So help your work colleague out and get them a voucher that they can spend on doing just that - it’s a really thoughtful and practical gift

20. Money! That’s money that can later be converted into a currency of choice. 

Should they be leaving the country, currency will be a useful buffer for that settling in period, or let’s be honest, as we’ve just said, relocation isn’t cheap, so if everyone chipping in pays for the removal van, then that’s a big cost taken away from your colleague who will be mightily grateful

21. A phrase book for a new language

If your colleague is moving to a different country, get them a headstart on how to ask for a beer, where the toilets are or whether the local shops sell Tetley Teabags 

22. A subscription to a language learning platform

Go a stage further and get them a course on learning the lingo - they’ll be fluent in no time!

23. Engrave something

The sentiment of any gift is a key part. You want the person to feel valued, cared about, and ideally you want them to have something that will stay with them as they move on to pastures new. You can engrave pretty much anything - from hip flasks and watches to briefcases and keyrings. Engraving is genuine proof that it’s the thought that counts! 

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