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Six reasons sending a flower delivery is the perfect gift

Finding a gift for someone for any occasion is a big responsibility - you know you want the recipient to feel cared for and valued but you don’t know them well enough to choose such a gift … flowers can always save the day! Read on to see why a flower delivery is a great way of showing we are thinking of someone in an easy but thoughtful way to make their day.

1. Flowers are perfect for any occasion

We get it, you don’t know every team member or colleague well enough to know what on earth to buy them every time there is an ‘excuse’ to get one of them a gift but the responsibility always seems to land with you. To make matters worse, your email to the rest of the team asking (more like pleading and praying) for some ideas as to what the person might like falls on deaf ears and there are zero responses … so there you are still racking your brain whilst everyone else gets on with their day without a care in the world. 

The good news is that a flower delivery can fit any occasion—happy or sad. Pam’s birthday? Send a happy birthday flower delivery. John has just been promoted? Send a congratulatory flower gift. Jim has lost a loved one? Send a sympathy flower delivery and a card to let him know you are all thinking about him. Jen has just had a baby? Send a new baby flower gift box. Sorted. 

A woman holding a bouquet of flowers
Photo by Zoe Schaeffer on Unsplash

2. They can be tailored to any budget

We all know the issue - everyone says they will contribute but actually getting them to put their hand in their pocket and turn over their cold hard cash or log into their banking app to transfer you the money is another story. So you thought you were going to get £50 but are only left with £25 in the pot … nightmare. 

But fear not, there are flower gift boxes to suit any budget! Bloom and Wild have dedicated sections where you can shop ‘less than’ a certain amount or filter their flower gift offerings by price so you only see what you can afford or what it is in the budget. 

Although let's be positive, sometimes it goes the other way and you have more to spend than you thought… been given the company card to spend on? Lucky you! Or everyone unexpectedly chips in £10 for Janice’ retirement? (Who knew everyone liked her so much?! Normally it's a struggle getting loose change from everyone!) 

Well choose your favourite flower gift and then upgrade it to ‘large’ or ‘extra large’ and get some more stems thrown in to make it a mega flower delivery, or add a vase … after all if someone has just moved into a new home, they won’t be able to find their vases (hopefully still in tact!) in all their unpacked cardboard moving boxes!  

3. They are quick and convenient to order

Let's face it, sometimes ordering the gift slips to the bottom of your to-do list … there is just too much other ‘actual’ work to do and not enough hours in the day.  But the best part about sending a flower delivery is that you don’t need to go anywhere near any shops to buy or order them, you can simply order flowers from an online florist in the comfort of your office chair and send them to the person’s doorstep. Job done.

You may have left it at the bottom of your to-do list for a little too long and now the panic has set in and the flowers need to be delivered tomorrow? Also no need to panic …  you can often order fairly late in the day and flowers will still make it in time for a next-day delivery - phew!

4. Instant happiness

Ever heard a knock at the door, wondered who it was and felt the smile spread across your face when it was an unexpected flower delivery? Yes. Exactly - one of the best things about receiving flowers is the immediate happiness you feel when you see the beautiful bouquet. And, as the person giving them, you can rest easy knowing you have put an instant smile on the recipient's face and they know they have been in your thoughts.

Smiling, happiness and positivity tend to go hand in hand when that person is greeted by their flower gift and every time they enter that room they will be reminded of that lovely feeling - flowers are the gift that keeps on giving. Rumour has it (according to us anyway) that you feel happy,  loved and cared for after receiving flowers so it’s no surprise that a flower gift is worth its money.

A woman smiling while holding some flowers
Photo by Jeremy Cai on Unsplash

5. They look beautiful

Worried you might buy a gift for someone and they will just put it back in the box never to be seen again? You never get that with a flower gift! ​​Flowers are one of the most attractive gifts and can brighten up any room in any home no matter the colour, style or use - they look good anywhere you put them in any room and they can give a lovely splash of colour and beauty to any little corner.

If you are giving someone a flower gift they can place it in their bedroom, living room, office or kitchen and feel that instant happiness we talked about earlier whenever they enter the space.

And you, as the person who has sorted and organised it, can feel a real sense of pride in choosing the perfect thoughtful flower delivery.

6. They can always be combined with other gifts

Got an extra £5 left over because you happened to get free delivery with your order? Or you want to add a little something else to the flower gift delivery to make it a little more personal? Easy, add a box of chocolates to say thank you, a balloon to say happy birthday, go big and add a bottle of bubbly to say congratulations or add a teddy bear or soft toy to congratulate on a new little bundle of joy … all these little extras go a long way to make the gift of flowers that little bit more special and personal than they already are.

So there you have it … six reasons why a flower gift is always ideal!

Need to collect for a gift for a work colleague?

Gone are the days of the brown paper envelope. No longer can  you minesweep for the loose change in people’s pockets - not least because they don’t carry cash any more but also because very rarely, since Covid, is everyone in the office together, if at all!

So you face a dilemma - do you send your bank details out to everyone across the email network? I mean, you spend time shredding your mail to ensure less obtrusive details can be gathered, so ideally you really don’t want the details of your current account floating around the email inboxes of the majority of your organisation.

Then there’s the issue of trying to reconcile payments against all of the other activity on your account. Direct debits, food shops, refunds from online outfits you sent back last week. I mean, you can guarantee people won’t follow instructions and put the simple reference you asked for on their payments can’t you? So you’ll then need to spend yet more time studiously scouring your statement, highlighter in hand, to identify who has paid what and when.

People often forget as well the added pressure on those organising these things: everyone else’s money - that they gave in goodwill for beloved Barbara - is now sitting in your personal account! Who’s to say the company won’t receive an email from you from a beach in Mexico, sipping on a Pina Colada with the subject line  ‘So long, suckers!’. Of course, you know that’s NEVER going to happen, but you can be fairly sure it’s crossing people’s minds to some extent…in some instances it’s actually against company policy, potentially breaching bribery policies, or simply on a moral level, it can make you feel compromised or exposed.

How can I easily arrange a money pool in my workplace?

So how about this - an app that makes it easy to collect money from people whilst also making it easy for people to pay in? Too good to be true? I think not.

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