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Here's How to Throw a Farewell Party for Your Co-Worker

Saying goodbye to a valued colleague can be tough, but organizing a farewell party allows you to celebrate them and all of their contributions and achievements. Check out our top tips for throwing a party that’s both memorable and fun.

Start a Collection

No one wants to foot the entire bill for a going away party, so it's important to start collecting money from your colleagues early.  With Collctiv, you can send out a custom payment link or QR code - making it super quick and easy for groups of people to send you money. (No app download or account creation required!) Knowing how much money you have early on in the planning process will help you determine whether you'll be able to afford food, drinks, a group gift, and everything else you have in mind. Here’s how to pool money with colleagues successfully:
- Set a clear goal. How much money do you need to raise to cover the costs of the party?
- Be transparent. Let your colleagues know how the money will be used.
- Give your colleagues enough time. Set a deadline and don't wait until the last minute to start collecting money.
- Send reminders. Don't assume that everyone will remember to contribute. Send out regular reminders to keep the pot going.

Give Their Memories To-Go

As your colleague leaves the company, why not give them a memory capsule to take with them? Fill it with funny mementos, inside jokes, and photos from over the years.

If you need new photos for the capsule, chip in some extra cash and buy an instant camera like this one to use throughout the party. This way, you can capture all of the memories from the night and create a lasting keepsake for your co-worker.

Cheers and Tears

No farewell party is complete without some tear-jerking moments and heartfelt speeches. If formal speeches aren't your thing, keep it relaxed and create an open atmosphere. Let everyone share their favorite memories and experiences with the departing colleague. Make sure you have someone record this part, so your colleague can relish those beautiful words again and again. Get ready to feel all the feels!

Make a Video Tribute

We love a good app, which is why we're pumped about Tribute. This app makes it easy to create a personalized video montage of all your colleagues’ well wishes. Can't find the right words to say? Check out our blog for some inspiration.

Who's the Office MVP?

And finally, what’s a party without some laughs? Create a list of lighthearted awards and have the whole crew decide the winners. Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:
- Who's most likely to talk on mute during a video call?
- Who has the strongest gif game?
- Who's most likely to organize happy hour?
- Who’s most likely to ask you to grab coffee?

Organizers bring people together

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