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How to Throw a Baby Shower for a Colleague

Congratulations to your colleague on their upcoming arrival! Throwing a baby shower is a great way to celebrate and show your support. But how do you make sure your shower is memorable? Here are a few tips:

Start With a Theme

This will help you narrow down your choices for decorations, food, and games. According to Babylist, some of the best baby shower themes this year include “Baby in Bloom”, "Mummy to Bee”, and “We Can Bearly Wait." (Adorable, right?)

Add Personal Touches

Infuse the baby shower with personal touches that reflect the expectant parents' unique style and preferences. Incorporate their favourite colors into the decorations, display ultrasound pictures or maternity photos, or use the baby's name as inspiration for customized signage. These thoughtful details will make the event feel truly special.

Don't Forget the Food! 

No celebration is complete without delicious food. Whether you opt for a potluck where co-workers bring their signature dish, cater from the guest of honour's favourite lunch spot, or whip up some tasty treats, make sure the menu is a highlight of the event. 

Play Some Games 

Keep the guests entertained with fun and interactive games. Ask everyone to bring a baby picture of themselves, and challenge the group to guess who is who. Create a name suggestion station where guests can write down their favourite baby names and share them with the parent-to-be. Additionally, start a baby pool where guests can guess the due date, weight, or even the gender of the baby.

Give a Group Gift

Not sure what to get baby? Start an office collection and pool together money to buy a gift card, straight on the app. This way, the parents can pick exactly what they need for their little one or even sort dinner out or a few nights. Collctiv simplifies the process of collecting and managing group money, making it easy for the organiser to pool money and a breeze for everyone paying into the pot.

Have Fun! 

The most important thing is to have fun and celebrate the upcoming arrival of the new baby. Your colleague will be touched and likely never forget the efforts their team put forth to celebrate their little bundle of joy.

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Photo by Ajeet Singh on Unsplash
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