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Why Every Successful Organiser Should Be Using Collctiv

Every Organiser Should Be Using Collctiv.

Why The Best Organisers Are Using Collctiv For Group Payments!

What Is Meetup.Com?

Having been successfully implemented as a leading online social platform since 2002. is a social network that allows users to create groups and find strangers with similar interests to design meetup events.

Described by founder ‘Scott Heiferman’ as an online community-building tool, the company was bought out by WeWork in 2017 for $157 million US Dollars and boasts a database of over 35 million users. Of which, 300,000 communities have been born.

“If you can connect people, you can create the future” - Scott Heifermann, Founder of

What is the best way to use

Because of its infinite potential, has a broad range of people seeking to build communities using the platform.

Among the most popular include:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Book Clubs
  • Fundraisers
  • Sports Teams
  • Community Projects
  • Dancing
  • Education
  • Languages & Ethnic Identity
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Wellbeing 
  • Games
  • Dating 
  • LGBTQ+ Communities

What Are The Current Payments Methods?

There are two instances in which we would need to think about collecting fees whilst using 

Firstly for the group organisers: 

These are the admins and original creators of the meetup group. Whilst the contributors and attendees will not pay anything to use the platform, currently, there is a service fee that the Organisers must pay monthly for using the website. 

Organiser subscription pricing: 

Location : United Kingdom, United States

Price Per Six Months: £16.49 Per Month (£98.94 Total)

Price Per Month: £23.99 Per Month

Second of all is the collecting of fees depending on the event: 

This will depend entirely on the situational costs of your event and would have to be priced per person; split up in accordance. Examples of things you would need to collect for could include venue hire or material costs. 

Even though actually has an option to integrate PayPal as a payment method, for example, It’s totally independent of the platform and involves users communicating on what they feel the best way to collect money will be.

Why Successful Organisers Can Benefit From Using Collctiv

What Is Collctiv?

Hi! We’re Collctiv, a Fintech company from Manchester UK, an app designed for organisers to take the stress from collecting group fees.

Formed with the assumption that there will always be an Organiser present in social groups that will be stuck with the burden of organising and fuelled with the desire to make their lives easier, collctiv offer a way to make the headache of collecting money a thing of the past. 

We stand out in our simplicity, to put simply - To organise and enjoy yourself with a touch more clarity and we commend the organisers in that same breath. 

Why the best organisers are using Collctiv for group payments

Recently we’ve been seeing a wave of users arrive on our database from 

We had briefly wondered what had caused this upturn in traffic. 

Aside from our app being brilliant (obviously) we decided that this was a natural pattern formed from the conclusion of PayPal’s Money Pools earlier this year. 

We’ve covered extensively the closure of Money Pools with our thoughts on their shortcomings presented here, complete with our take on why Collctiv are the natural successor. 

In this same gesture, we would be quick to put forward our platform as the optimum way to organise a successful meetup on

At Collctiv we’re focused on simplicity: 

  • Only the organiser needs an account.
  • Contributors can contribute via a link to the payment pot
  • The money will be in your bank within 2-3 days!

As many are already aware and enjoying the benefits of using alongside meetup, we hope to welcome more Organisers in the future as we continue along the path of Organised revolution; helping as many Organisers as we can!

Collctiv is the number one alternative to PayPal Money Pools!

Tired of being left out of pocket? You can download our free app here!

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