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Who Brings You Together? Three Christmas Gifts They'll Really Cherish

Who brings you together? Three Christmas gifts they'll really cherish...

The Mum of the group. The Dad of the lads. The Carer, the Behind-the-Scenes Magic Maker, the Nagger, the Planner, the Make-Sure-Everyone-is-OK one. They’re in every group of friends, every sports team, every family. They’re the reason things actually happen, the ones who bring us all together and the glue that keeps us there. At Collctiv, we call them the Organiser.

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This Christmas, why not give something back to the Organisers in your life? By using Collctiv, you can collect money from your group of friends, your family members, or everyone in your sports team or fitness class in an incredibly simple way, so you can get your Organiser a gift they’ll truly cherish. Here are some of our top picks:

1. Give them a break

The Organiser in your group has likely expended a lot of effort organising things for your group or family this past year. Maybe they’ve worked hard at planning the perfect group holiday for you all to enjoy. Or perhaps they gone to painstaking lengths to ensure everyone in your sports team has the right kit, training information, competition schedule, game time rotas, and night out tickets. Whatever they’ve been doing for you, it’s likely been hard work and they deserve a break.

If your Organiser loves a bit of luxury in their life, then give them the gift of a premium and exclusive getaway with Secret Escapes, the membership-only, worst-kept secret in luxury travel. Wherever they end up, they will definitely experience the break they deserve. Secret Escapes gift vouchers are available to purchase on their site.

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Is adventure and spontaneity more their thing? Then check out the new way to travel with BRB Travel, the subscription-travel company that will plan your Organiser’s holiday for them. Give them a BRB Travel gift card towards their first trip, and let them put their feet up while someone else does the organising for a change.

2. Give them back their time

Although Collctiv has made collecting money from a group so quick and easy, any Organiser will tell you just how much of their spare time goes into planning the event, trip or team that they are responsible for. They need to poll the group for convenient dates, gather rsvps, note preferences, remember dietary requirements… the list goes on! So do a whip-round your group this Christmas and give them back some time. 

That could be an idyllic, peaceful spa break, where you collect for a specific break, or buy your Organiser a Spa Breaks gift voucher. They might even have a favourite salon and just need the time to pop in for a refreshing treatment or new style, in which case head on over to Treatwell’s site to purchase a voucher with the money you’ve collected.

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3. Give them an experience they’ll never forget

For those Organisers in your life who love to be busy and discover new things, why not treat them to an experience that you or someone else in your group has been the one to organise this time. Picture the look on their face when you surprise your Organiser with a lock-in at an Escape Rooms, a chance to work their way through the Crystal Maze, or even a high-adrenaline experience from Red Letter Days.

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Whatever gift you decide on - a break, time, or experience they'll enjoy - the Collctiv app can help you to easily collect the money from your group of friends, family or team mates, so you can show your thanks to the Organiser in your life by getting them a gift they’ll truly cherish this Christmas.

Unsure about the difference between gift cards, gift vouchers and eCodes? Don't stress! This article provides you with an amazing overview of all three and their benefits and drawbacks.

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