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Where can I pay into/withdraw from a pot?

You can pay in to a Collctiv pot from almost any country. So far, people in 97 different countries have successfully contributed to a pot.

The figure paid in will always show in GBP or USD (depending on what the organiser chose initially when they set up their Collctiv account).

The exchange rate will be that used by the card issuer’s bank of the person paying in, and the value paid in will be transferred to the home currency of the person that paid in when reported on their statement.

There is no additional cost to people paying in from other countries or to the organiser of the pot they have paid in to.

In order to withdraw funds from your pot you must have a fully verified account. This means it must be a GBP or USD account with an address based in Great Britain or the United States of America.

You cannot withdraw money to any account outside of Great Britain or the United States of America.

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