We Asked 10 Office Organisers: What Qualities Make A Good Leaving Gift?

What Makes The Best Presents For Colleagues? 

Have you ever wondered what goes into the best gifts? 

How can I put a smile on someone's face? Which qualities make a gift truly memorable?

To answer these questions and break down what makes a thoughtful gift, we turned to those who know best, Organisers!

What do Organisers think makes a special gift? And, how can we improve our own gifting habits?

When a colleague is leaving, you want to send them off with a smile on their face.

Knowing what makes a gift memorable can help us to do that, every time! 

So, how can we become our own gifting superheroes? 

In the words of our Organisers: These are the best tools to do it!

10 Office Organisers Tell Us: What Makes Good Farewell Gifts?

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Use The Element Of Surprise

Anticipation makes for good things. 

With gifting, this rule still applies. 

Surprising someone with a gift when they haven’t expected to be acknowledged is a thoughtful way to say farewell to a colleague. 

Perhaps secretly, they had thought everyone had forgotten them; they would trudge out of the office at the end of the day and disappear into the sunset, never to be seen again. 

The element of surprise is a great tool to utilise as a gift buyer. It helps smash anticipation whilst also giving you the pleasure of seeing the recipients shock as they receive the gift! 

There’s also the added bonus of being able to administer this gift as something non-physical.

Surprise party anyone? 

Why use the element of surprise? Surprise gifts are a fun way to say goodbye to someone. Plus, there is the bonus of being able to see the surprise on their faces! 

Make It An Inspirational Gift

Sometimes you want to inspire a bit more sentiment with a send-off.

Perhaps your colleague is heading off on a new adventure, and you want to offer some words of encouragement & motivation. 

Think about what feeling you would like to evoke with your gift, and then narrow down some ideas for how that may look. 

How can you best inspire your colleague and let them know that they are valued? Use emotion as a starting point and refine from there!

Why use an inspirational gift? Thinking about the emotional qualities of your gift can help inspire more sentimental value!

Make It A Personalised Gift

Often, the best gifts are the gifts that show that you’ve put thought into them. On some level, anyway. Regardless of what it physically is. 

A quick way of making a gift thoughtful is by adding personalisation. 

Personalisation adds an individual quality they will be sure to cherish.

The internet makes it simple to get anything personalised, from wooden engraved chopping boards to custom made hats. 

As a rule of thumb: If you can gift it, then you can personalise it! 

Why personalise a gift? Personalisation gives an individual quality that shows that you thought about the recipient! 

Use Humour 

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Most Organisers will agree that humour is a powerful weapon to buy a gift.

When utilised correctly, humour will help your recipient feel personally catered for and give everyone a moment to connect and laugh.

However, humour can be tricky to navigate. Always, there is a risk a joke may fall flat. But, if you pull off a humorous gift, then it’s a great way of saying a final goodbye to a colleague before they go.

Why use humour? Humour is an awesome way to relate to people and helps create memorable moments. 

Make It A Group Gift

What’s the perks of a group leaving gift?

Group gifts are an exciting world of resources. You can use the resources and you can make good gift decisions. 

Think about all the gifts you may have wanted to get someone in the past, buy for whatever reason, they were just slightly out of reach. 

Perhaps you had been considering how you wanted your gift recipient to feel upon receiving your shiny gift, with the ideal execution of a plan placed just slightly out of reach. 

Examples of awesome group gifts include:

  • Experiences
  • Trips 
  • Events
  • Gifts of a higher value

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Why Use Group Gifts? Group gifts allow you to bring resources together and purchase a leaving gift they will cherish forever. 

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Make It Practical

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Practicality is quite high on the list of strong gift traits. 

Practically it is a good form of insurance that the gift will be of value to the recipient. 

Some of us feel uncomfortable being outwardly sentimental. Similarly, we might not be that close with the person leaving. 

Both of these are fine, and paves the way for practicality to come to the fore.

A practical gift will ensure value indefinitely, even if you don’t know the person well enough. 

Some things to consider with practical gifting: 

What are they doing in the future? 

What tools do they use day to day in their current job? 

How can you make their work experience easier? 

Why Use Practicality? A practical gift will help the recipient in their next adventure, whilst also ensuring a strong gift even if you don’t know the person that well! 

Use Empathy

Empathetic gifting might be the most crucial element of a valuable send-off. 

Empathy doesn’t have to be as extreme as physically feeling another person’s pains. just a decent level of consideration for your colleague, and their personal situation at the moment. Empathy is the act of crawling into someone else’s skin - helping us to understand their thoughts and feelings, informing us how to act accordingly. 

To achieve Empathy with your gift, it’s important to ask yourself questions about the recipient. 

The goal is to build a greater picture of the situation from their point of view so that you can accurately purchase a killer gift and make them feel cared for. 

Why Use Empathy? Without utilising empathy, it’s difficult to buy a really strong gift. It’s the foundation of making really strong decisions. For gifting anyway… 


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These are the six best qualities of a strong gift, according to Organisers. 

The awesome thing about these suggestions is that they’re mostly common sense and can be translated into all gifting situations.

Who else will you be organising a gift for soon? Presents for colleagues & friends gifts can all be applied to this framework.

If you’re looking for more farewell gifts and gift ideas for colleagues - why not head on over to one of our previous blogs on the best leaving gifts for colleagues? 

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