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Unique experiences to give as a gift

In the words of Founder and ‘Head of Everything’ Calypso Rose, ‘we all have enough stuff’…so instead of giving clutter, why not give good times? 

That is the purpose of The Indytute - to bring memorable and unique experiences that don’t cost the earth or take up loads of time but bring joy and fun into our lives.

A gift is a way to show you care, and what better gift than a lasting memory of a truly unique experience?

Photo by Kevin Schmid on Unsplash

Give the Gift of a Lifetime with The Indytute

You won’t find Hot Air Balloon rides and Supercar days here – they’re a little last season (sorry if you have one booked) and bonkers expensive. No no, with The Indytute you get options that are much more accessible (both financially and in terms of time – commodities none of us have enough of!!), quirky and have personality. 

Choose instead from a Neon Life Drawing class or ‘Pies, Pints and Peculiar Pubs’. How about a mind-bending 9-course taster menu aboard a luxury canal boat in Paddington Basin? Or a full-moon paddleboard through London?

This is what you’ll find at The Indytute - unique experiences that will live long in the memory.

Affordable and Accessible Unique Experiences for Everyone

Can’t or don’t want to make the decision yourself? That’s fine (and totally understandable - it’s a lot of pressure and we get it, it always falls on you!), you can buy an Indytute gift card for your recipient and let them choose from the array of wonderful experiences that The Indytute can offer.

As if all that wasn’t enough, there’s more… The Indytute is a business run by Calypso and her tiny team of superstars - so buying from The Indytute not only gets you a unique experience for your recipient but supports the underdog; the hard working, the go getters and the grafters. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! 

The Indytute will eventually take over the world, but for now, their experiences are mostly based in London, Brighton, and locations around an hour or two out of London. 

From a price point perspective, they have a range of experiences for under £50, right the way up to getting your very own camper van for a long weekend for £480.

Check them out at and give a gift that really means something.

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