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Ukraine Donation: Help Support Ukrainians Directly

Ukrainian Londoner Iryna Shyshko uses Collctiv to raise £27,000 and send medical supplies direct to Ukrainians in the midst of the Ukraine-Russian conflict.

When Collctiv user Iryna Shyshko first saw the devastating news of the conflict in Ukraine, she couldn't simply stand by and watch her fellow Ukrainians suffering without doing something to help. Along with three other London-living Ukrainian friends, Iryna decided to start raising money to buy medical and first aid supplies and try to get them to the conflict zone, directly into the hands of the people who need them.

Click here to donate now and support Iryna and her friends in their amazing efforts to help the people in the middle of the Ukraine crisis.

The whole Collctiv team have both humbled and amazed to see our app being used to help charities, communities and the people of Ukraine, with over £76,000 of support having been raised so far by thousands of people across the UK and beyond. When we spotted that £27,000 of that was collected in just one pot by just one user, we had to find out more. We caught up with Iryna and asked her to share with us what's been going on:

We are four Ukrainian mums, sisters, daughters, aunts…just four Ukrainians. From the beginning of war in Ukraine, we just couldn’t sit and observe. We needed to do something. Hence, we started the fundraising campaign among our friends, personal contacts of ours, who knew us and were sure, that money raised would go to Ukraine. So far, we raised almost £27k and keep going. We keep shipping medical aid, purchased in the UK, either directly to Poland to Ukrainian Consulate storage facilities (which allows us to save on VAT due to direct export) or take it to Ukrainian Cultural Centre on 154 Holland Park Avenue in London to be shipped to Ukraine. We give regular updates on our Facebook pages, through WhatsApp, phone calls, personal contacts. We are determined to keep on working as long as we can.

Such determination to help, in whatever way they can, is incredibly admirable and is no doubt why so many people have already contributed towards this inspirational grassroots effort by Iryna and her friends.

Here at Collctiv we want to help in whatever way we can, and hopefully by amplifying Iryna's voice via our website and emails, we can play a small part in supporting one of our users to continue to do amazing things in the face of such conflict.

Please join thousands of others in supporting Iryna and her friends as they continue to source and send medical supplies to the Ukrainian frontline. Donate via this link now.

We all fight in this war, from every place in the world, protecting our families, cities, human values. Thank you for all you immense support we received and your kindness! Sincerely, Iryna Shyshko, Olha Mykhalchuk, Liliya Shokal, Luba Iurchuk Shokal

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