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Turning Black Friday into Green Friday with the Award-Winning Willow Wand

Collctiv customer Willow Wand are using CrowdPay to bring the gift of beautiful and sustainable gardening to the public this Christmas with their award-winning living willow stems. The deal - which offers customers free P&P when ordering this Black Friday weekend - goes live on Friday 27th November at 2pm and will be launched in The Guardian on Saturday 28th November.

Reviving rural industries, protecting precious English wetland habitats and hand crafted right here in the UK, the wildlife-friendly Willow Wand has huge grow-your-own appeal and brings stunning results within easy reach of even novice gardeners - at a time when caring for the wellbeing of ourselves, our loved ones and our environment is more important than ever.

Willow Wand enthusiasts will join the deal to get free P&P, and then share this incredible offer with their friends & family - once enough people have joined the deal, it will trigger and everyone will automatically get their free P&P along with their order.

Collctiv merchants experience an average of 370% increase in daily sales across a campaign when using CrowdPay. These incredible results are made possible via easy-to-share and tap-to-pay technology that incentivises and rewards customers for joining and sharing a deal.

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