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Hacks for Planning a Bachelorette Party

Whether you're a seasoned maid of honor or a first-timer, organizing a bachelorette party can be a daunting task. Selecting a date that works for the bridal party, researching activities that everyone will enjoy, and collecting money (so you can book said activities) can feel like herding cats. But don't worry! Our mission at Collctiv is to make the organizer's life easier. While we can't eliminate all the hurdles and stress that come with planning a bachelorette party, we can help you request, collect and spend money in seconds. Here are our best hacks:

Add a photo to your Collctiv profile so everyone knows it's you.

We’ve thought of every excuse in the book - so by having a photo associated with your Collctiv account, you’re eliminating the “I wasn’t sure it was really you” excuse. This one is quick and easy, and guarantees to get you paid faster.

Create separate collections for each activity and keep track of who’s paid - right in the app.

Planning an all-day soiree, but certain friends can only make certain parts? Delete that six-tab spreadsheet and create custom pools for each planned activity. You can add event details and notes to each request, too, so the bachelorette party knows exactly what they are paying for. 

Share your custom payment link and QR code so everyone can “Buy the Bride a Drink!”

This is an excellent way for family, friends, and colleagues who can’t make the bachelorette party to contribute to the bride-to-be’s last night out. Simply create a collection and share the payment link on your social channels, in your group chats, wherever. Then, print out the QR code on these customizable wristbands, stickers, or t-shirts and have the bachelorette party wear them for the guest of honor’s big night on the town. Chances are you’ll be shocked by the generosity of strangers eager to donate a towards a bottle of bubbly. Bride doesn’t drink? Ask for donations to her favorite charity instead.

Buy an e-gift card with any leftover funds for a bonus gift.

Didn’t use all of the money people pooled at the club? Cash in any leftover funds for an e-gift card and send it to the bride-to-be or newlyweds, straight from the app. Choose from 20 popular retailers, including Target, Nordstrom, Total Wine, and AirBnb (honeymoon anyone?).

Short on ideas for your bachelorette party? Email the Collctiv Concierge for help.

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