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The best gifts for Mums on Mother's Day

What is Mother’s Day?

Mother's Day is a celebration to honour the matriarch of the family, as well as celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on different days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May. It complements similar celebrations honouring family members, such as Father's Day, Siblings Day, and Grandparents' Day.

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day? 

In the United Kingdom, the holiday has its roots in the religious Mothering Sunday celebration and was originally unrelated to the international Mother's Day holiday. Most historians believe that Mothering Sunday evolved from a mediaeval practice of visiting one's mother church annually on Laetare Sunday (the fourth Sunday in Lent). 

When is Mother’s Day 2023? 

The United Kingdom celebrates the card and flower-filled celebration of Mother's Day on the Fourth Sunday in Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday. In 2022 it was 27 March and in 2023 Mothers Day will be celebrated on Sunday 19 March. 

You mab screaming 'help! What is the best gift for my mum?'

Fear not, we've got your back! Firstly it's often less about what you buy and more about how you took time and thought to get something special for your mum. Here are some ideas … 

Best traditional Mother's Day gifts 

Whenever you think of Mother's Day gifts - there are a few tried and trusted gift ideas that have stood the test of time

- A Mother's Day handwritten card

- A bouquet of their favourite Spring flowers

- Their favourite chocolates

Any of these are sure to bring a smile to Mum's face but two or three of them together will make it broader still!

These are safe bets but still thoughtful and are a very simple way to do the best job of expressing gratitude to your mum for everything she has done for you over the years. 

Quality Time Mother's Day Gifts 

One of the simplest but most cherished gifts you can give to your mum is the gift of some quality time, having an experience together and making some new memories. The fast pace of life means that we often forget to spend some uninterrupted time with the people closest to us and who mean the most to us. 

It's interesting to note the shape of the graph when it comes to time spent with our parents throughout our lifetime. Obviously as children this is way up at the top of the graph, but as we get older it declines rapidly and often it's at its lowest point when you have started a family, are in the most intense period of your career or have moved away from your family home where your parents still are.

Therefore, you will often find that time with YOU is the gift, and the actual activity matter less.

Even if you can’t spend the actual day together (we get it, life happens!!) there are other ways to give her some quality time with you… vouchers! Give her the gift of choice so that you can both spend an afternoon further down the line having a belated Mothers Day afternoon tea together, perhaps a meal out or even a spa day if you really want to push the boat out and relax together. 

A mother hugging her two children in a field
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Personalised Mother's Day Gifts

Whatever you choose, it is likely that for a little bit extra you can have it personalised or engraved. It is guaranteed to get a ‘how thoughtful’ reaction as it is opened and will mean your personalised mothers day gift is something extra special, showing how much you care for your mum. Personalised necklaces with their children’s or grandchildren's name and/or birthstones are sure to be a hit for mums, or maybe a mug or cushion with a favourite picture on it for something fairly budget-friendly but meaningful.

There is an even easier way to find the perfect gift - say hello to our friends at needi! At your wits end with it all and having a complete mind blank? Then ask the experts to find the perfect Mothers Day gift instead - needi to the rescue! In three easy steps they will take away the stress of it all … simply answer a few questions to help them get to know your mum better and get a sense of your budget and within twenty four hours you will have an array of perfect Mothers Day gifts to choose from! All you need to do then is pick your favourite and wait for it to arrive at your door - they will even gift wrap it too! Seriously I set you the challenge of challenging them

Group gifts for Mothers Day 2023

If you’ve got brothers and sisters, why not come together to get a truly significant present from all of you? Especially if you are giving your mum some quality time … what would be better than quality time with you? Quality time with all of her children! If it's not possible to get everyone together in the same place at the same time then pooling all your money together in a collection pot opens you up to a whole new world of experiences, trips and items that might be too expensive for you to afford on your own. 

Here are some gift ideas if you have a bigger and better budget: 

- A fancy meal at a posh restaurant

- Spa Day/Break 

- Hotel stay/weekend away 

- Electronic Diffuser

- Amazon Kindle/iPad 

- A Luxury Dressing Gown

- Wine Subscription

How do I organise the best gift for my mum as a group of us? 

Normally, this is the frustrating part…chasing your siblings for promised contributions and worrying you will be left out of pocket because, even if no one else has contributed their share of the money, you would never leave your mum giftless on her day - the most important day of the year! 

We can help make collecting money quicker and easier so your siblings have no excuse -  download the Collctiv app for free and see for yourself!

Simply create a collection pot, share the link or QR code via your usual family group chat (excluding your mum of course!) and your siblings can pay within 10 seconds. No app download needed, no account creation, no banking. Just tap to pay and it’s done. You see who has paid, when they’ve paid and the all-important overall amount so you know exactly when you can press ‘add to basket’. 

The app also gives you access to needi’s services straight through the app, as well as being able to buy vouchers for all sorts of different products and experiences too - M & S Mothers day anyone?!

Nan gifts on Mother's day

Nan gifts on Mothers Day are fast becoming more and more popular - there are so many grandmothers who are an important part of the fabric of a family, and they deserve to be spoiled on Mother's Day too - just as much as mums do. After all she's done for you and her other grandchildren, Granny, Nana, Grandma or Nan (or whatever else you may call her) should be spoiled daily, but celebrating Mother's Day is a particularly poignant place to start. 

Don't overlook Nan as you celebrate this year — be sure to send a card, give her a call, or visit in person to tell her how much she means to you.

If you want to give Nan a special gift for Mothers Day how about:

- some new slippers

- a new baking recipe book (covering these 'new-fangled' Vegan or Vegeterian dishes that the Grandkids want!!)

- You could even include her in your Mothers Day Afternoon Tea… after all the quality time suggestion from earlier still applies, and imagine if you could get three or four generations around the same table!

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