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Tech for Good: Why We're Helping to #SaveOurSports

Collctiv makes it simple to collect money from groups of people. We’re proud to have built a product that can be used by anyone organising any sort of activity or purchase where they need to book or buy on behalf of a group of people.

One of the top uses for Collctiv prior to the COVID-19 lockdown was for sports. The current lockdown has halted all sporting activities - other than personal exercise - and this has affected a whole lot of people.

Sports are very important to Collctiv, primarily because they are important to a lot of our Collctors. But they are also an integral part of the lives of both Amy and Pete, the founders of Collctiv. Both of us play sports ourselves, having played at national and international levels as children - and we both also have kids who are involved in local sports clubs and teams.

From left: Joel (Pete's son), Pete, Amy and Alfred (Amy's son)

This is why we’re so passionate about the #SaveOurSports campaign. We’ve joined up with fellow business founders Grace of MissKick and Jonas of Orfi Active to raise awareness and much needed funds for grassroots sports clubs and teams. All of the funds raised will go directly to the clubs who sign up on the #SaveOurSports website.

You can find out more about the #SaveOurSports campaign on the website or donate directly to this important cause here.

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