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Spring Break Vacation ideas

Spring Break will soon be here! Before you know it, it will be time to dust off your luggage and get packing. Whether you're taking a road trip with the kids, getting on a plane to fly across the nation with your besties, or just spending a weekend with your parents in the next town, it's time for some you let your hair down, get the beachwear on and get ready for a Spring Break like no other!

What is Spring Break 

Spring Break, which began in the US in the 1930s, is a period of time off from classes and universities that includes Easter holidays in the early spring. 

College students are supposed to take a break from their academic studies and classes during spring break. A lot of people use it to go on vacation, go out, drink, hang out at the beach and make friends with other students. Some students choose to take an "alternative spring break," during which they volunteer and work on charitable endeavors.

Whatever you are going to do for Spring Break, if it involves a group, use Collctiv to get the money up front so that as the organizer, you aren’t on the hook for deposits, excursions or final balances and don’t spend all of your spare time chasing your friends for the money they owe you, whilst sucking up costs here there and everywhere!

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How many days are there until Spring Break?

Fear not, the Spring season is not far away at all! The academic calendar of your college often determines the specific dates of when spring break occurs for you, so don’t hesitate to take a look and start planning! You are looking at February 18th as the earliest starting date to April 15th as the latest. One thing is consistent - Spring Break is for one glorious week, whenever it starts!

Check out this site to find the dates that are relevant to your college (there are some awesome tools on there too for arranging epic Spring Break trips on your campus!)

Here are some of the best places for you to go to make the very most of Spring Break;

Spring Break destinations for college students

Every college student needs time away from the demands of their classes. This is why Spring Break exists—to give you some breathing room before the stress of final exams and graduation kicks in. It's time for you to unwind and refresh.

Most of the time, you'll be taking your much-needed holiday far from the stress of everyday life. You may even consider taking a trip and leaving town. If that's the case, we have your back! The places we've selected as the top Spring Break getaways are both affordable and reachable. A destination must be reasonably priced, easily accessible, and well-liked by the student crowd to be considered for Spring Break.

  1. Panama City Beach, Florida - Also known as the ‘Spring Break Capital of the World’. One of the best Spring Break destinations for college students is Panama City Beach, which hosts an event that is organized by the city's hospitality sector.
  1. New Orleans, Louisiana - Bourbon Street in New Orleans is teeming with entertainment options, bars, and a noticeable energy pulse. College students might consider visiting New Orleans for Spring Break. If you enjoy good food, this is the place for you!
  1. Miami Beach - Miami Beach is a wild holiday spot where you may wave goodbye to the semester and say welcome to a hangover. The ideal recipe for a wild spring vacation including sun, sea, sand, festivities, music, cocktails, cuisine, and art.

What if the prospect of a week-long hangover and an aching liver doesn't fill you with joy? Maybe you'd prefer to get away as a family? We've got you are the top places to go for your family-oriented Spring break vacation;

A huge Spring Break crowd by a golden beach
Photo by Adi Cohen on Unsplash

Spring Break family vacations

Family vacations are special because you get to spend time with one another, a rarity in the modern world! You can create cherished memories and do lots of your favorite activities. We've put together a list of the top family Spring Break vacations.

  1. San Diego - Families can enjoy the pleasant weather and some of the city's top attractions in San Diego during Spring break. There are many activities to do in San Diego with kids, such as visiting museums or the zoo and going on hikes in protected areas. Spend some time at the beach unwinding and some time discovering what the city and surrounding areas have to offer.
  1. Arizona - Arizona is at its most pleasant in the Spring, when the days are warm but not oppressively so, and the evenings are cooler. If your family is seeking an outdoor adventure, this place is fantastic. Scottsdale has many family-friendly hikes and bicycling routes. Additionally, there are a few exciting water parks that youngsters will adore.
  1. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming - While it's one of the greatest national parks to visit in winter when the wildlife and geyser-viewing chances are unhindered by crowds, the real sweet spot for many families is late Spring. In the summer, Yellowstone's most popular sites are overrun with tourists. The park is less crowded than in the summer, but considerably warmer than in the winter during this "just right" season to go.
  1. Myrtle Beach - One of the best beach destinations for families on the East Coast is Myrtle Beach, which is a traditional and reasonably priced Spring Break getaway. Family-friendly activities abound in the city, whether you want to spend some time at the beach, stroll down the boardwalk, eat some local cuisine, or enjoy a day at one of the many amusement parks.

Why is Spring break important?

For students, Spring break serves a variety of functions and it is frequently idealized as a week of crazy parties, non-stop enjoyment and travel. It only occurs once a year, and many people look forward to it the most of any of the holidays.

Students need time away just like everyone else. The opportunity to take a vacation from your studies and spend time with family and friends is the main purpose of Spring Break. Although Spring Break frequently earns a poor rap for being all about crazy parties, it actually brings about numerous positive effects, particularly for your physical and emotional health, in addition to enhancing your social life.

How can Collctiv help you organize your Spring break vacation?

We’ve made it easy for you as an organizer to collect money and we’ve also made it super simple for contributors to pay into your pot. Setting up a Collctiv pot can be done in less than a minute and sharing the payment link or QR code with your group is even easier, no matter the channel you use to communicate and no matter what platform your friends use for their banking.

Friends and family are able to use the link/QR code to access the payment screen and then tap to pay into your pot using their desired payment method, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

They don’t need to download an app, sign up to anything or do any banking. A couple of taps and less than 10 seconds later, you’ve got your money. It really is that simple. The money sits in the pot you’ve created for the specific event and can then be withdrawn to your bank account in a lump sum so it all remains ring-fenced until you have the final amount in advance. Take away the excuses. Get paid what you’re owed. 

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