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Showing Gratitude: What Are The Best Nursery Gifts For A Teacher 2023?

Nursery is a crucial moment in cognitive (brain) development of children - we look at some of the best thankyou-gifts for the teachers who facilitate a large portion of this growth!

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In England, compulsory education does not begin until children are aged four.

Pre that however, we have our nurseries, pre-schools; maybe kindergarten? 

These are sort of pre-compulsory learning centres that children can attend to aid social and academic development, as well as giving parents more freedom to live/work etc… 

Generally, the age groups are targeted at two to four-year-olds, containing smaller classes occupied by teachers and teaching assistants. 

We would like to shine a light on the teachers of these nurseries, they are the focus of this blog. 

More specifically, we’ve asked ourselves the question “What are some Nursery teacher gifts ideas?” 

And then explored what to give these teachers at the end of the academic year to express gratitude towards their efforts of looking after your children throughout the course of the year. 

Why are preschool teachers important?

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Pre-school teachers are vitally important.

With regard to cognitive (brain) development, this moment is a very crucial one for children. 

At this point they are less children and more babbling human sponges, everything is new to them at this age. For many, nursery school represents their first foray into social interaction, academic learnings and separation from parents. 

It’s a period that is marred with obstacles and potential speedbumps, as well as the infinite potential for the child to learn and to grow.

In order to facilitate this development, a good nursery school teacher must come equipped with considerable empathy, patience and responsibility. 

They must also be able to facilitate the natural curiosity of the children under their care.

Not to mention just how difficult children can be at that age anyway, let alone a classroom-full! 

In short terms, it’s no easy job! 

So then we move on to gifts. 

It doesn’t have to be any biblical gesture of gratitude, just a small token of appreciation -  a mark of respect and genuine gratitude for momentarily handling the child-care burden! 

These are some of our top picks for preschool thank you gifts. 

We hope that you will find some value. 

6 Of The Best Nursery Teacher Gift Ideas!

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Personalised wood-work/thankyou token

Have the children each personalise a token to say thank you, this website here (  allows you to customise and engrave your own message from Oak. Alternatively, it might be more personal and sentimental to get the children to engrave the tokens themselves. 

Not to mention, it’s a fun activity to do anyway. 

Personalised wine glass/beer glass

Everybody's second favourite de-stress mechanism… Purchase teachers a vehicle to facilitate alcohol consumption in a way that lets them remember their time spent with the class that your children belong to. 

You can do so just here ( with all the children engraving their name into the keg!

£5 worth of lottery tickets from each person

Use collctiv to collect money from everybody and then spend that money on lottery tickets for the teachers! 

It’s a fun gift that shows appreciation and leaves them with a chance of walking away with even more money! 

Personalised bag

The good bag company ( allows you to create personalised tote bags, the same tote bags that are fast coming into fashion. 

It just so happens that this gift is also incredibly practical for teachers. Have a bag made credited to everyone that belongs to the class!

Thankyou herbal tea set 

Another thoughtful gift comes in the form of tea! Often you see preschool teachers clutching onto a flask (a tea flask) throughout the day. It’s also a great way to relax at the end of the day.

Our favourite pick is from Pukka ( who do various collections of herbal teas as a gift set, accompanied by some fancy biscuits and you’re in the clear!

Thankyou classroom plant

Arts & Crafts whip-round

Classrooms are designed for explorative and educational fun, why not conduct a whip-round and use the funds to purchase some arts and crafts materials for the classroom? 

Or better still, just give the money to the teacher, as they know what’s best for the class.

Your legacy then is carrying on the fun, ready for the next influx of children to use the facilities!

A mug signed by the class

Finally, harking back to the tea suggestion, you need a vehicle to facilitate the tea drinking. Why not purchase a personalised mug signed by all the class so that the teachers may remember them. 

You can personalise and design your own mugs just here! (


It’s no joke that as a profession, teaching is extremely important, let alone difficult. 

It shouldn’t be underestimated the effect that giving gifts can have on a person. 

It’s a really beautiful language, communicating the value that somebody has brought into your life, something that we should all strive to express when appropriate. 

Hopefully, this selection of ideas was provocative enough to get the cogs turning, inspiration is not too hard to come by within modernity. 

As a reputable source for gifting, we believe these do the job perfectly.

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