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Reddit Answers: The 50 Most Thoughtful Dad Gifts In 2023

Why are dads so difficult to buy for?

Notoriously hard to buy a gift for, we've broken dads into different categories and searched the internet for the best gifts to buy for dads!
This is the complete findings of our internet graft so that you don't have to - Collctiv presents! : The 50 most thoughtful dad gifts you could consider purchasing a dad in 2022!

Man holding a beer and smiling
Photo by Carl Barcelo on Unsplash

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Dads are taking centre stage in the battle to become the most difficult person to buy for. 
The problem with dads is that they’re sort of content to be plodding around aimlessly in their own universe. 
Certainly, they’ve long since rescinded on a penchant for openness and have instead stubbornly cemented a series of life patterns which manifest as taste - hence the phrases ‘Dad rock’ ‘Dad bod’ ‘Dad jokes’ etc… 
In defence of Dads, a personal commitment to being cool has become secondary in favour of raising us, their children. 
I realise at this point, I’m likely addressing mothers and partners, especially those with younger families as they are standing in as primary gift buyers until children become of age.
This blog is intended to display a selection of the best gifts for dads at all stages of the Dad timeline.
As a result, I’m confident that this is the most comprehensive Dad buying gift guide on the whole net!
We’ve also incorporated some humorous anecdotes from our good friends over at Reddit. 

Gifts for… Birthday Dads

A Dad Reads Books With His Two Kids
 Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

Craft Ale Club Subscription

A craft ale club is a subscription service that sends Dads (and also non-Dads) monthly supplies of craft Beers and Ales. 
With Covid seeing a boom in such services, there are now plenty of great ones to choose from and instead of it just being bills being delivered, at least once a month it will be beer! 

A Hand-Painted Portrait

“My Daughter hand-painted a portrait of our dog at Christmas, It literally made me cry with joy!”
Sometimes, the most memorable gifts are the ones that come directly from the source! Handmade gifts are consistently considered the most memorable gifts because they are totally given by the child as the best expression of their gratitude towards their father.
I've used a hand-painted portrait as an example here, but as many Reddit dads can attest to, it doesn’t really matter what the gift is, more so the thought that has gone into it!

A Brewery Tour 

Two brass brewery tanks
Photo by Claude Piché on Unsplash

The first group gift offering. In general, Dad’s love beer, and Dads enjoy learning. 
Dads like breweries because it gives them beer knowledge straight from the source. They also get to drink for free, which is always a win. 

Cheese Making Kit

It’s been made apparent to me that alongside beer, dads equally love cheese! 
It’s also been suggested to me that a cheese-making kit represents a perfect birthday gift for dads.
I will link such kits below…

Home Brewing Kit 

Furthermore; beyond cheese making kits, a perfect companion piece is a home brewing kit, we know this to be a fact because it’s already been established that dads love beer and dad’s love cheese. 
I would like to add a further narrative to this basket full of clichés as we move forward, dads also love to use their hands (and brains) 
So armed with this knowledge, you can see how the home brewing kit ticks all of these boxes and then some… 

A Car Experience Day 

A Ferrari Exterior
 Photo by Jash Kothari on Unsplash

The best gifts are always the ones that come from throwaway comments, ‘I’ve always wanted to drive a Porsche or I’d love to skydive”
Some good wisdom from Reddit above. Sometimes you must fish about to find the best suggestions for a dad gift; often, the best ideas are hidden within the smallest of throwaway comments.
This quote taken literally indicates that a car experience day is a good idea. 
That is a good idea, experiences often are. 
They’re more memorable anyway… 
A car experience day is a day in which dads get to drive supercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin.
Dads love that stuff. 

Something humorous 

“My 6 year old was shopping the other day with his mother and passed some boxers on a shelf that read ‘wine me, dine me,69 me.’ 
He secretly snuck them into the shopping basket and his mother bought them. We were hysterical, it stands out because we were laughing for 10 straight minutes.”
That’s a nice story; I don’t have much to add. 
Humour always goes down well with dads! 

Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Deep tissue massage guns are nice because they allow dads to gain access to their very own massage therapist.
Often dads ache, or maybe suffer with sore muscles post-exercise and a deep tissue massage gun can help to heal those ailments and undo some of the muscle tightness that may have accumulated. It’s got nothing to with age…

Bluetooth Speaker

A bluetooth speaker
  Photo by Nguyễn Lê Hoài Châu on Unsplash
Above is a link to a blog covering the best Bluetooth speakers in 2022
Bluetooth speakers are nice because it allows dads to make their music portable. 
They can take Bon Jovi, U2 and AC/DC with them wherever they go; they will really appreciate this gift. 

Handmade Cards 

“Handmade cards with funny messages, hands down the best most cherished things”
Once again, some proof in the sentimental benefits of handmade gifts; this time, cards! 
All my earlier points on the benefits of handmade gifts stand. However, I will now bullet point the best reasons as to why handmade gifts may be the way to go. 

Collctiv Reasoning As To Why Hand-Made Gifts May Be The Way To Go;

  • Handmade gifts come straight from the child (higher sentimental value)
  • Handmade gifts will always be of more value than a material equivalent (especially for young children) 
  • Handmade gifts are totally autonomous and customisable
  • Cheaper?
  • Handmade gifts are nice for the kids to do

Gifts for… Retiring Dads 

A Dad and son laughing together
 Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

A Framed Caricature Photograph 

As one of a select few people who know their dad inside and out, a framed caricature photograph can be a sure way to share a giggle with somebody that you have followed for all of your life.
A caricature is a cartoon depiction of a person that accentuates their most distinct features for comedic value. 

A Weekend Away

For a dad who has just retired, they have ultimately been gifted time over anything else. 
A weekend away represents an effort on your part to help begin to fill that time.
It’s also symbolic as a gesture of acknowledgement for the career they have just concluded. 
It’s a sort of marker taking them from one era and into another. 
It doesn’t even have to be lavish - just a symbolic gesture from child to parent; they will be very grateful.  

Vineyard Tour

Shelves full of wine in a wine shop
 Photo by Alexander Gamanyuk on Unsplash

A journey from grape to bottle, a vineyard tour is a great gift for a dad that is as inquisitive as he is mindful; plus you get to drink lots of wine. Lots. 

Personalized Guitar Plectrums

For the musician dad (which I appreciate is not every dad) personalized plectrums are a good nod towards a hobby that they can keep with them every time they move to pick up a guitar. 

Retirement Gift Box 

A retirement gift box doesn’t really exist, in that it would be difficult for one to specifically make this purchase in a tailor-made fashion. However, the beauty of the gift lies in the customizable and personal nature of it. 
The retirement gift box premise: What you do is; get a box (dimensions at your own discretion) and you fill it with stuff. Stuff that is personal to the recipient.
It’s nice because it’s a way to expose unto them just how well you know both the dad and his taste. 


Kindles are portable book reading devices that allow dads to accumulate a library of e-books and then read them. 
What’s good about giving a Kindle as a gift is that it allows them access to a strong wealth of reading material, whilst keeping it portable and retaining interest. 
It also covers you for future gifts, as the e-books can be similarly purchased to keep topping up the library. 
Like I said before, retirement is just the belated gift of time; the mission statement is to fill it. 

Whiskey Subscription

Two whiskey glass with a shot of whiskey in them
 Photo by Anastasia Zhenina on Unsplash

In a recall to our earlier craft beer subscription service, we substituted the beer for whiskey in the hope of attracting more retiree dads. 
As they wind down after a hard day of relaxation, they can sample the wonders of the whiskey world…

A Day Clock

Your mission is to fill their time, but the actual time doesn’t really matter anymore!
They simply need to know what day it is, so why not get them a dayclock that simply reports the day rather than the specific time? 


A person tending to a barbecue with burgers on it
   Photo by Zac Cain on Unsplash

This is the first in a double act of retired dad clichés. Up first, the BBQing dad. 
Dads (mostly) love meat, and for some reason, even if they have never touched any of the equipment in their own kitchen, seem to pull rank when it comes to BBQ authority, with flimsy reasoning and all. 
However, validate this with a brand-new set of BBQ equipment for your retiring dad. 

A Selection Of Gardening Equipment

The second in our series of clichés comes to you through gardening equipment, which I shall speculate will become the new favorite hobby of your retiring father once he has drifted fully into the realm of retiring. 
This is because it’s a favored hobby amongst retirees, with good reason and all, it’s a thoroughly time-consuming and relaxing hobby to undertake.

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