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Raves 2023

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What is a rave?

A rave is an organised dance party featuring electronic music and light shows. The music at raves is always upbeat and they usually last until the early hours of the next morning or even run for multiple days!

Raves used to be underground parties and were only heard about through word of mouth. However, in recent years raves are now widely promoted and held at prominent venues such as warehouses, stadiums, and large open fields.

What to wear to a rave?

With the number of people at a rave and the amount of dancing you will be doing, it is wise to not wear lots of layers as you may regret it! You will also want free hands to be able to hold drinks etc so wear something that has pockets or take a suitable bag. As for footwear, make sure to wear something comfortable as you will be on your feet dancing and jumping around for hours on end.

Many clothing websites now have sections dedicated to rave inspo so it's worth doing your research for the best outfit ideas. There are no rules or restrictions when it comes to raving outfits. As long as you are comfortable, colourful and cool that’s all that matters! Lots of people like to wear accessories to raves which tend to be neon coloured. These include headbands, shoe laces, bracelets, glasses, gloves, glow-sticks and anything glow in the dark!

What to expect at a rave

Each rave has different aspects however all raves are a space where people can just let loose and enjoy themselves as an alternative to bars and clubs. Below is a list of the aspects of a rave and what to expect.

Music - The term EDM (electronic dance music) is the combined term for the many genres of music played at raves. Some of these genres include drum and bass, house, techno, trance, and dubstep. What makes rave music so effective and different from anything else is the sound system used to produce a deep bass sound that you wouldn't get in a club to create a sense of escapism that people love to experience. Most music at raves is played by DJs using turntables and occasionally live musicians perform.

People - The number of people that attend a rave can vary from a handful of people to hundreds and thousands depending on the size of the venue and the popularity of it. Raves attract a variety of different people with all different personalities, backgrounds, and interests as raves are known as an environment of diversity and non-judgment. Some examples are people who want to experience a rave for the first time to know what it's like, couples who want to share a rave experience together, single people looking to mingle, a group of friends, or those who love the atmosphere and music genres.

Locations - Some raves are still secretive whilst others are well advertised. Raves happen all around the world. People used to have ‘illegal raves’ however with them becoming more mainstream they are ‘legal’ if organisers follow the rules including having them in places that have the right to play loud music, have an alcohol license, DJs have a license to play their music, etc. Some rave locations include warehouses, fields, abandoned buildings, people's houses, and stadiums.  

Atmosphere - The atmosphere at a rave is like no other. Along with the music and thousands of people surrounding you, there are usually laser light displays, projected images, fog machines, and visual effects all adding to the experience. To add to the stimulating and immersive environment some raves also have entertainers such as fire dancers. Every year rave organisers are always looking for ways to be bigger and better and attract more people, therefore raves will only become more and more immersive and stimulating.

What is the best way to collect money from a group?

For the more commercial rave events, tickets have to be purchased well in advance. This means that group organisers need to start collecting the money sooner rather than later. Some people travel to different countries for a rave which takes even more planning.

Raves are the perfect event for you and your friends to have fun, let loose and just escape reality for a few days. However, some people can be put off by the planning of it all as they know getting the money they are owed can turn into a nightmare task.

Your friends don’t pay you not because they are being rude and not wanting to pay you. It is more the fact that the process of transferring money can be complicated and long-winded to the point where they keep putting it off. They might promise they will do it later or tomorrow but due to one thing or another that tomorrow never comes. It then relies on you to remind everyone which a) you shouldn't have to do and b) it gets awkward after asking more than once.

Some of the things your friends might have to pay their share for are the transport to the venue, accommodation, flights if abroad, spending money for food and drinks, and event tickets. Some of these things require a deposit to secure them so to make things easier you pay for everyone's deposit on your card and then expect everyone to pay you back, however, there's always at least one person who doesn't pay.

You as the organiser have taken the time to research, plan, book and arrange everything and the one simple task your friends have to pay you what they owe they can't even do!

Rather than chasing your friends for the money how about an alternative?

A very easy way of creating a pool that is separate from your bank account where it is clear to see what people owe and when people have paid. It takes only a few seconds for them to pay by simply sharing the payment link to your WhatsApp or iMessage group. Your friends simply tap to pay and then they are done. No banking, downloading an app, or creating an account. No excuses, just you getting paid!

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Rave Events

Some of the rave events in the 2023 calendar are:

Tomorrowland in Belgium on 18th - 25th March
DGTL Festival in Amsterdam on 7th - 9th April
Paradise Blue Festival in Mexico on 28th - 30th April
Forbidden Kingdom in Florida on 9th - 10th June
ULTRA Europe in Croatia on 7th - 9th July
Electric Zoo Festival in New York on 2nd - 4th September
808 Festival in Amsterdam on 9th - 11th December  

Organisers bring people together

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