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Putting on a Body Shop Party this Christmas?

As the big day approaches, most of us will be spending the next 12 days in a blur of shopping, Christmas parties, kids' nativities, and trying to wrap up that last bit of work so we can take a proper break over the holidays. In all the busyness, hosting a Body Shop party might be the last thing on your clients' list, but one party could tick off several jobs in one go. And now you can take card payments using Collctiv, your clients will love you! Here are our top tips for encouraging your hosts to hold a Christmas Body Shop party:

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1. They can get those presents sorted!

Body Shop's versatile range really does has something for everyone, and the best thing about a Body Shop Party is that your clients get to see what's out there, with the benefit of a you as a Body Shop Rep helping them choose. The 2019 Christmas catalogue is bursting with gift ideas, to suit all price ranges. Whether they're looking for a luxurious treat for their mum, or some stocking fillers, the classic Body Shop products look incredible wrapped in their festive frills. Your clients will also love the ever-growing range for men, in ultra sleek packaging which is sure to encourage even the most sceptical man to indulge in some skincare. And if that wasn't enough, the cute Christmas products are sure to bring a smile to any client's face - our favourite is this little reindeer bath lily!

2. Body Shop products to perfect that festive look

The festive season is full of parties, gatherings and time spent with friends and family. One of the lesser talked-about consequences of all this party-going is the pressure to continually look your best. We all know the stress of trying to book a hair appointment too close to Christmas, or suddenly realising we need to go to the salon only to find there are no appointments left. Don't worry! A Body Shop party could be just the thing to help your clients prepare to look and feel their best over this Christmas season. With a wide-range of cruelty-free make-up you as their Body Shop Rep will be able to help them perfect that festive look. And if your clients' winter skin needs a little TLC before they slip into that cocktail dress for their work Christmas Do, the Body Shop's signature body butters will soften them up in no time.

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3. Relax, breathe, it's almost over!

Don't forget to remind your clients to be kind to themselves at this time of year. The colder weather and darker days can wear even the most energectic of us down. It's important that they take some time for themselves during the festive period, to make sure they are properly rested and ready to go for the new year. You have an incredibly important role as a Body Shop rep to create a couple of hours sanctuary in the midst of the chaos of Christmas.

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Now that you've encouraged your client to host a Body Shop Party this Christmas season, don't forget to make their lives even easier by accepting card payments. The Collctiv app lets you create a pot for your party, share the link with the guests after the event so they can pay - or you can even generate a QR code so they can point and pay with their mobile phone there and then. Easy!

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