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New Year's Eve Party Time!

New Year's Eve. Hogmanay. Christmas is over; time to shake off the festive slump and welcome in the new year and decade with style! Here's to the roaring twenties!

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How do you do New Year's eve? Are you the perennial party-goer, all glammed up at the most happening party in town, glass of champagne in hand and ready to count down from ten? Or are you more of a home bird, gathering close friends and family for a boozy house party with those closest to you, swapping memories from the year just gone and swearing that this will be the year that you keep that resolution? Either way - and however you choose to celebrate the new year - if you're the one organising things, let us help make things that bit easier for you.

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Party People

So you've decided to go big. It is the end of the decade after all. You've got the whole gang signed up to the party of the year. You want to see in the new year in style, glamour and pizzazz. And for the privilege there's a price tag - the tickets for the party, and they're selling out fast. Your friends are scattered around the country, and you're all coming together for the big night. How are you going to get the money from them in time to get the tickets? Don't worry! Collctiv are here to help. Simply create a NYE pot, share the link in Whatsapp, FB Messenger or wherever you are chatting, and your friends can pay you in less than 10 seconds. You'll be able to see exactly who has paid and buy the tickets knowing you won't be left out of pocket like usual!

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House Party Comfort

You can't think of a better way to welcome in the new decade than with all those closest to you, in the comfort of your own home. You're going all out this year - it is the end of the teens after all - and have got a Michelin worthy menu planned. Friends and family are asking if they can bring anything, or contribute some money towards the fun, and it can get a bit awkward asking for or taking cash from people. We can help take the awkwardness out of it! It's easy to create a NYE pot and share it with your guests, and they can chip in however much they feel comfortable with. Leaving you free to order that extra crate of wine with all your collection money!

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However you choose to end the year, we wish you all the best in 2020!

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