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Back of the Net! MissKick Increases Sales by 145% Using CrowdPay

Back of the Net! MissKick Increases Sales by 145% Using CrowdPay

Founded by former Liverpool FC player Grace Vella, MissKick is a chic and practical sportswear brand that aims to champion potential in young girls and women, both on and off the pitch. In collaboration with Collctiv, MissKick has reported a 145% increase in their weekly sales figure over a 3-day campaign using CrowdPay - score!

How did they do this? MissKick’s three-day campaign offered enticing group discounts on their products, whereby the brand set minimum sales numbers needed to activate the deal, and harnessed the power of viral sales to hit their targets. 

An example of the deals offered by MissKick during their campaign

MissKick used CrowdPay and Collctiv's ‘tap-to-pay’ group payments technology to ensure that once the campaign was launched, existing MissKick fans could see the deal and tap to join, whilst also committing to the deal with their card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. In order to ensure the deal was triggered, and they subsequently got the item they wanted, customers were compelled to share the deal with their friends so that the group discount number needed was hit and they scored their desired item.

Sharing is made easy with Collctiv - through any social media channel, new customers only need to tap to join, avoiding cumbersome sign-up procedures, and skipping straight to the sale. 

How do we know this works? The proof is in the pudding: 90% of sales from MissKick’s three-day campaign were from new customers. Collctiv takes pride in enabling companies such as MissKick to unleash their full potential, in full confidence that their social payments and CrowdPay logistics are sorted.

Congratulations, MissKick - you’ve played a blinder!

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