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Meet Canopey - An Actual Sustainable Company!

It’s one of the biggest buzzwords of our current times - but Canopey are ACTUALLY the epitome of sustainable. Let us explain how…..

Sustainable gifting 

Gifts that don’t cost the earth’...we’ve all heard it before. Companies believe sticking the word ‘sustainable’ on their homepages and some oft manufactured data to show how they are offsetting their impact makes them credible to buy from. And indeed that buying from them is actually beneficial, having a positive impact on the world we are systematically consuming to finality. It’s become noise. We’ve become desensitised to it in many instances, and moreover the untrained eye (like mine!) cannot cut through what is actual sustainability and what is just lip service or media spin. Enter Canopey, who fight through the minefield of ‘green’ to help you buy better. Canopey brings verified, sustainable products together under one roof - saving you having to read hundreds of blogs, going to ten different websites and being unable to see the results of these efforts post-purchase.

How do I buy gifts in a sustainable way?

When you shop on Canopey, you know that you can trust that what you are buying has been checked by them - and by check, I mean more than just belt and braces, dotted i’s and crossed t’s - no no, their checks are the full monty; leaving no stone unturned and no amount of smoke and mirrors can stop the Canopey team from being able to determine true sustainability.

Better still, the Canopey calculator makes it easy to track your shopping impact by showing how products stack up against the mainstream options.

Want some stats to back up the words? Oh go on then…..

2,306kg of carbon saved (the equivalent of 3,248 miles of driving)
1,116kg of plastic saved (equivalent to 7,200 Barbie dolls) 
322,506 litres of water saved (same as 1,792 bathtubs) 
14,751 trees planted (4.6 football pitches worth!)

So what product accreditations does Canopey award to each product on the site to highlight what that product is strong at. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

  • B corp certified 
  • Cruelty free
  • Fair Trade
  • Home compostable 
  • Industrially compostable 
  • Made in the UK 
  • Organic
  • Palm-oil free
  • Plastic-free
  • Recyclable 
  • Recycled materials 
  • Reduced plastic 
  • Reuse & Refill 
  • Sustainable timber 
  • Upcycled 
  • Vegan 

Then there’s the brand accreditations, highlighting what that particular company is doing to have a positive impact on the planet. Here they are:

  • Charitable
  • Carbon offsets
  • Green Delivery 
  • LGBTQI+ Led Businesses
  • Living Wage Employer ]
  • Minority Ethnic-Led Business 
  • Tree Planting 
  • Waste Management Schemes 
  • Woman-led business

They literally have done all the hard work so you don’t have to! Simply navigate your conscientious self to and know that everything you buy from the site is having a positive impact on our planet in lots of different ways. Better still is Canopey’s approach to helping every brand and every person to exist more sustainably wherever they are on their sustainability journey. Education and support is key to what Canopey are trying to achieve - whether you are consumer or merchant. They aren’t looking only for the finished articles to feature, they are looking to help everyone to better themselves and their impact, whether creating or consuming.

Give the gift of sustainability 

Looking for a gift that takes the guilt out of the usual festive gifting and re-gifting? Canopey has you covered (pardon the pun!)

'Simply choose a Canopey gift card from the gift card selection screen on your app once your collection is done and get one more person involved in the revolution!'

Guilt-free gifting for all involved - what’s not to love?!

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