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How to run a Fantasy Football league 

What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is an online game where football fans can become ‘managers’ and manage their own team of professional football players. It is widely recognised across the world, and therefore managers can compete with every other manager across the globe to earn some prizes that money cannot buy. Managers can also create their own leagues where they can compete against their friends and family, which is often turned into a sweepstake where each manager contributes money and whoever ends the season with the highest amount of points takes it all!

How does Fantasy Football work?

Each manager is given the same budget to buy a squad of real-life players. Prices are different for each individual player so the highest achieving players are extremely expensive which therefore prevents a manager from having a squad of high quality players, having to compromise and bring in some ‘budget’ players alongside some big hitters. This is why Fantasy Football can be so complex as managers try to score the highest amount of points possible.

Points can be scored from what a player achieves in a real-life match, including goals, assists, clean sheets and so much more! However, points can be deducted for players who have a negative effect on the match, including yellow and red cards, goals conceded, penalties missed and more! 

Once a manager has created their initial squad, they can enjoy the real-life matches and cheer on the players that they have in their squad. This causes many managers to watch and enjoy matches that they would not have usually watched and possibly support teams they never thought they would. This can also become very competitive when watching a match with other managers, as it is unlikely that managers will have the exact same squad as each other.

Managers can also earn more points through their captain. Everybody knows that a captain is meant to lead, and that’s exactly what they do in Fantasy Football. A manager’s captain earns double the amount of points that they earn in the match.

However, Fantasy Football is not always enjoyable for managers, as their squad may begin to not score those much needed points. It would be very easy for managers to give up hope and forfeit the game when their team is performing poorly, but managers can transfer players to improve their squad. However, the managers must act fast when making transfers as the price of players changes depending on their performance and managers cannot exceed their budget.

What can I win from Fantasy Football?

Many Fantasy Football websites offer prizes, some offer money and others offer prizes that money can’t buy. Sky Sports Fantasy Football offers prizes of up to £50,000 but if you are a new manager then it will be almost impossible to win these prizes, so what can you win instead?

Many managers prefer to create smaller leagues where they can compete amongst friends and family. Each manager then pays a certain amount to participate and whoever ends the season with the most points, takes home all of the money. However, it can be very annoying for the person who is creating the league to chase managers for the money that they owe (which creates the prize fund), it’s tricky to see who has paid how much when it’s all in your bank account mingled in to your Netflix binge buys and grocery shopping, and hard to show everyone how much has been raised when that means showing everyone your bank statement or an excel spreadsheet that you’ve created. 

At the end of the season, the money can be withdrawn by the organiser or sent to the winning manager for them to withdraw. 

Fantasy Football Tips 2022/23

It’s the taking part that counts, isn’t it? Definitely not! We all love to win, but how can you build the best Fantasy Football team and win your league?

It is extremely important for a manager to budget when initially creating their squad. There are many cheap players that are available to managers and usually play for the clubs that are not performing as well. These players often go unnoticed and are classed as ‘differentials’ which can help managers to gain an advantage on other managers.

However, there are some premium players who just can’t be ignored! Erling Haaland is looking like one of the best players to ever be available on Fantasy Football and it is almost impossible to win your league without having him leading your frontline. Sometimes it is worth splashing the cash and gain those much needed points!

There are many teams in football that are extremely difficult to beat and usually players do not score many points on Fantasy Football against these teams. This is why it is extremely important for managers to check and change their squad around every week to make their team suitable for the upcoming gameweeks. Managers must judge their players on their current form and upcoming fixtures.

Managers also have access to many different chips which can help them to gain more points throughout the season. These include Free Hit, which allows a manager to make unlimited transfers for one week but then their squad changes back to their original squad after that gameweek, Triple Captain, which triples the amount of points that their captain earns rather than double, and Bench Boost, which adds the points of players on their bench boost to their total points.

Why don’t you make this season more interesting by not just rewarding the greatest manager but offering prizes for the worst manager, a monthly prize or the highest weekly score? 

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