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How To Plan A Cherished NYE Party: Our Checklist For The NYE Host

A Collctiv Guide On How To Organise A NYE You And Your Guests Can Cherish!

We’re back again with another guide to organising a party, following on from our previous entry covering Christmas (which can be found here), this time around, NYE steps to the fore. A historical season synonymous with reflection and optimism. We’ve decided to share our framework for how you can Organise your most cherished NYE party yet! 
Planning a party can be stressful - especially at this point of the year when Christmas brings its own challenges and we’re all subject to feeling a little ‘snowed under’ if you can excuse the pun. By urging you to download Collctiv (which can be found here) I present a newer solution to collecting group payments and fees in whatever capacity you may wish to do this season. 
Swiftly moving on…

1. Decide On A Theme

Previously I had urged everyone to begin by setting an intention for whatever party they wanted to host. I argued that without intention you’re left exposed to the abyss, just wandering around hoping you stumble upon something fun that guests may or may not enjoy. 
It’s messy, incoherent and frankly, makes me sick.

But this isn’t the case here, for you already have your intention. 

Your intention is to host a bloody amicable New Years Knee’s up, preferably one that is merry and one where your guests come away thinking “Damn, that so and so really knows how to throw an impeccable party, I had such a memorable time” 

So we have an intention for the party, the nuances of this interaction come in the form of themes for the party. NYE bashes can exist against a plethora of different shades

For example… 

1. Masquerade NYE Party

2. Cheese & Win NYE Party

3. Roaring 20’s NYE party

I even went to a Peaky Blinders themed one once. 

My point is, even though you know what the intention is, why not double down on a thing and really take the time to craft a theme that will be fun & memorable for those you’re inviting. 

How about Contributors and Organisers?

2. Make A Guestlist

You must decide who will swagger through the door on January 30th. It’s reckless and un-advised to just invite any Tom, Dick and Harry. Whoever you elect to telegram will be the people you spend welcoming the New Year in with. 

That’s not something that can be done lightly, man. 

Perhaps you’re co-hosting with a partner? Or maybe you’ve decided to streamline the guestlist into something a little more personal and intimate? 

Perhaps you’ve decided to enjoy the freedoms of no lockdown whilst you have it and will now try and cram as many people as you can into a house a-la open facebook invite style that may or may not ‘get out of hand’ …

3. Create a Budget

Because there are things that will have to be purchased... 

Have you ever thought about anything thus far? Plan you maniac! Plan! 

Are you hosting at a venue or doing it yourself? (More on that later) 

How about food and drinks? And how much will you allow for both? 

Decorations? Entertainment? The list is endless, it’s your party at the end of the day. 

Settle down, put on some Christmas jams and really think about how much money is available to you and how would be the best way to spend it; ensure your party is an unequivocal success with a thoroughly decent time had by all! 

Here is a list of the most common things to budget for!

  • Food
  • Venue
  • Decorations
  • Alcohol
  • Accommodation

I would shamelessly like to add at this point, Should you wish to make a collection from guests, this could be: Venue hire, Alcohol, food etc… Now would be the time to make your Collctiv pot and start sending the links around! 

Pro tip: Send the link alongside the invitation, you can save yourself a job later!

4. Decide On A Venue (Or Do It Yourself!)

Because I don’t make empty promises… 

You know how many people will attend (pending invitation acceptance) you know how much you’ve segregated for the budget. Now you must decide whether or not you wish to outsource your venue or go at it alone and host yourself!

Let’s take a look at a few of the pro’s and con’s of both 

Self Hosting 


  • You Control Everything!
  • Cheaper Than Outsourcing A Venue 
  • Can Be More Fun & More Flexible!


  • You may not have as much space as a real venue
  • You will be in charge of the clean-up!
  • You may not be able to relax as much!

Outsource Hosting


  • You will likely have more space (can fit more people in)
  • You won’t have to worry about hosting
  • You won’t have to worry about the clean-up!


  • Is the more expensive option
  • You may be limited by how you can customise your space

5. Shop And Prepare

By this point, you should be clear on your vision. It’s tangible, it’s exciting and it’s crystal clear!

You’ve laid out plans for venues, themes, budgets and the people you wish to spend your time with. Now, loaded with all of this knowledge and a suitable budget, you can go into the wild wild world of consumer fancy and start making everything a reality!

Go crazy, you’ve planned for this! 

Food, decorations, outfits? Armed with currency; suitably defined. The world has now become your oyster and therefore a cherished NYE party is something you can literally taste. It’s just around the corner. 

6. It’s Party Time!

Congratulations you legend. 

I hate that I said that. The point still stands up though… 

Needless to say, it’s December 30th, you’ve beaten Christmas chaos and you’ve now successfully Organised your very own NYE party that you and your friends will cherish forever! 

Time to relax knowing everything is planned for. You did it, well done! 

By taking a moment to organise NYE we can begin to heal anxiety and become excited about hosting. Hopefully, you can find some value in our framework designed to help you do just that! 

Everybody at Collctiv would like to wish you a very happy new year. We would also urge you to read our blog on New Year’s resolutions and how we hope you can embrace the benefits of being more organised heading into 2022!

Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

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