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How to plan a Bachelor Party

There’s arguably no bigger occasion than a wedding. Friends, family, happiness, dancing. The occasion brings together two people for a day that they’ll forever cherish, surrounded by the people that love them most.

Before that happens though, there’s another special occasion to plan. The bachelor party.

Traditionally the groom’s best man is the person to put in place the arrangements to bring together the brother from California, the college friend from Austin, the favorite work colleague from Boston (you get the gist), for a fun-filled weekend in one place.

We know how difficult it can be to plan and whether you have a blank page to fill or if you’re just looking for the final touches, we’ve put together a simple guide of how to make sure you throw a bachelor party to remember (without being left to foot the entire bill solo!).

Let’s get started.

Bachelor party games

First things first, you need to make sure that people look back on this day/weekend/week (depending on how much you want to party!) and remember how fun it was. Bachelor parties often bring together a group of people who have never had a chance to meet before, and some pre-planned games are a quick way to break the ice and make sure that everyone has an awesome time.

Here’s a couple of our favorite bachelor party games that can be played any time:

Beer Pong

Let’s head straight into one of the most iconic bachelor party games of them all - beer pong. All you need here is a table, cups, ping pong balls and a drink of choice. Split the group into two teams and at each end of the table you’ll need to arrange the cups in the shape of a pyramid.

Fill the cups with your chosen beverage and you’re all set to go. Each team takes it in turns and has an attempt to throw a ball towards the opposing teams cups, with the aim of landing inside one of them. If Team A is successful then a member of Team B has to drink the entirety of the cup. The team with no cups left on the table loses the game - simple.

Mr and Mrs

This classic game puts the Bride and Groom to the test to find out how well they know each other. I know what you’re thinking…. ‘The bride isn’t going to be here?’. True. So this game puts the Groom in the hot seat in front of his family, her family and all of your friends.

Depending on how kind (or mean) you want to be, you can choose how difficult the questions should be and watch the groom either squirm, or show how much he knows about his soon-to-be wife. Here are a few questions to get you going:

What is her favorite movie?
Name the first concert she ever went to?
What was your first date?
If she could only eat one food for the rest of her life, what would it be?
What was the name of her first cat/dog/fish (choose as necessary!)

Bachelor party gifts

Whilst it’s commonplace for people to bring wedding gifts for the bride and groom on their big day, it isn’t always the case for the bachelor party. When people do present bachelor party gifts, they’re often personalized, or even a little bit more humorous - extra points are awarded for embarrassing the groom!
Here are some ideas for this:

Bachelor party shirts: Nothing says friendship quite like gifting the groom with an awful shirt and making him wear it in public for the entirety of a day/night. Want to prove the strength of your friendship even more? Make the whole bachelor party wear the same shirt (or ones equally awful!). Many places, locally and online, offer services to print personalized bachelor party shirts, so get creative with this and make it a night to remember.

Bachelor party hats: If you’re looking for something personalized (which isn’t a t-shirt covered in embarrassing photos of the groom) that can be kept and treasured, why not look into bachelor party hats. Usually these hats are in the form of a baseball cap and are personalized with the name or date of the bachelor party. They offer a great memento to take home (if they make it home after a long day!) and it’s a perfect gift for not only the groom but the whole group.

Bachelor Party Supplies

You’ve got the games planned, the gifts are wrapped, the last thing is to make sure the supplies are purchased so that no one goes hungry or thirsty (and the decorations scream bachelor party to everyone who comes through the door!).

For the bachelor party decorations - balloons, tableware and photos are always a great place to start to bring the party to life. The more photos of the groom, the better!

Who pays for the bachelor party?

Here is where it gets tricky though - who pays for the bachelor party? A best man you will have probably footed more than your fair share of the bill already, whether that’s on travel, accommodation or simply making sure everyone that comes has a great time. As well as the actual financial cost of the bachelor party, you’ve also given up a huge amount of time in planning, ensuring that people from far and wide can come together in one place for this huge celebration.

Most people accept it should be a joint effort to pick up the cost as a group (minus the groom of course), so why suck up the fees all by yourself? Your group will be appreciative of the time and effort you’ve put into this, and they’ll be happy to cough up some dollars towards this.

How to pool money from a group

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There’s also transparency. Your family and friends trust you no doubt, but being able to show everyone how much you’ve collected is important to lots of people. Put a target on the pot, use the pot description to explain what you’re using the collected money for and watch the dollars roll in, ready for you to put this money to use for the best bachelor party yet!

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