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How to Host a Eurovision Party

If you’re like us, we use any excuse to throw a party. And what better excuse than Eurovision 2024? The Eurovision Song Contest is a time-honored tradition that brings people from all over the world together to celebrate music and culture. With the 2024 contest on the horizon (7-11th May!), now is the perfect time to start planning your Eurovision party. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Make it a Pot Luck

Friends always asking you what they can bring? Once your guest list confirmed, ask your pals to bring a dish that represents their favourite Eurovision country. Not only is this is a great way to get in the spirit of the contest and experience different cultures, it helps save you time in the kitchen.

Add a Beverage Pairing

What do gin, champagne, and Carlsberg all have in common (besides being delicious)? They each pair wonderfully with their respected local cuisines. Course out your friend’s creations with the complemented beverage of their choice to get the full cultural experience of each participating country. 

Run a Sweepstake

With dozens of countries vying for the top spot, watching the Eurovision Song Contest is always a little competitive. So why not add an extra level of friendly competition with your friends by using our easy-to-use sweepstake generator? Here’s how it works: everyone chips in some cash and gets assigned a country at random. All you need to do is enter the names and emails of your watch party into the generator and you’re all set - there’s no limit to the number of people who can join in on the fun.

Make it a Game Night

The contest's finale can go on for hours, which means there might be a lull or two throughout the night. Here are some ideas to keep the party going:
Eurovision Game Bundle: This digital download includes scoring cards, trivia, bingo and more.

Scoring Paddles: Because why should the judge’s have all the fun?

Eurovision Bingo: Celebrate every Eurovision cliche and trope by crossing off each as they appear on the song contest.

Karaoke: Whether this word makes you cringe or fills you with excitement, Eurovision is the perfect occasion to dust off those vocal cords, grab the mic, and have some laughs.

Emoji Quiz: Guess the European country from challenging and fun emoji clues. Perfect for entertaining your guest’s between acts!

So get those invites out, start your Eurovision party pot, and let the festivities begin! Need help planning your Eurovision Party? Email the Collctiv Concierge for more ideas.

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