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How To Get Your Mates To Chip Into A Money Pool?

Forget modernity and all that it represents. 

Do you like doing fun stuff? Do you have useless friends that become a barrier to doing the fun stuff? 

Does everyone understand what I mean by fun stuff?

It’s the stuff that’s not, not fun stuff. Remember this. 

In social settings up and down the country, we have different archetypes that make up our friendship circles (or triangles, or squares). 

Within those, some of us have the gift of initiative; others are consistently letting down the team, excusing it by describing themselves as laid back and going with the flow. Disguising unreliability as a personality trait does not make you more fun to be around. In the same way that being organised does not make you a killjoy. 

So let’s say you want to organise a thing. To do that thing you must collect money to grant access to the stuff.  

It’s a trip to watch the football. That’s what it is. 

It’s yourself (Organiser).

Your brother Stanley (Contributor).

Your sister Janice (Contributor).

And your best friend Robert (The mother of all Contributors). 

To complete the trip, you must receive payments of exactly £60 from each of them. This is to facilitate petrol and match day tickets (Because you’re going to Brighton).

So in anticipation of incompetence, you go ahead and download Collctiv from the app store and proceed to create a Money Pool. This is designed to make your life easier, giving you a financial hub for all financial collecting needs.

Only the Organiser must download the app to create the pot, simply sharing the payment link for others to pay into.

Simple right? 

Elsewhere in a world without Collctiv, the same scenario would pan out a lot differently. 

I’m no wizard but I predict a journey seasoned with misery. Awkward glances exchanged; passive-aggressiveness to be in the fullest of swings. A full hundred and eighty degree spin of pure passiveness. And your football team would probably lose and all. That’s divine punishment; I don’t make the rules. 

Why can’t I just use PayPal Money Pools? 

No, you can't, you maniac! 

PayPal Money Pots? Money Pools? whatever. They are long gone, they sucked anyway. Collctiv is a free Money Pools alternative, and it doesn’t require everyone to have an account. Much easier! 

So what are you waiting for? Download the Collctiv app just here; begin to simplify your life!

I forgot to mention. 

Having downloaded Collctiv, The Organiser, Janice, Stanley and Robert all skipped away into the sunset. Successfully simplifying their lives, their football team won, the journey was full of merriment; a good time was had by all. Great success!

Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash

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