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How to Collect Money for Teacher Gifts

It's time to honour our incredible teachers as the school term comes to an end.

Collecting money from fellow parents and caregivers can be a real hassle, but fret not! We're here to save the day.

Bid farewell to logistical challenges and embrace the easiest and most convenient way to collect money for teacher gifts. Get ready to breeze through this term's gift collection with Collctiv's top five tips:

Add a photo to your Collctiv profile so everyone paying into the pot knows it's you.

If you’re like us, your contact list includes names like “Jake’s Mum.” Chances are Jake’s mum doesn’t know your name either! By having a photo associated with your Collctiv account, you’re eliminating the “I wasn’t sure it was you” excuse. This hack is quick and easy, and guarantees to get you paid faster.

Create separate pots for each teacher and keep track of who’s paid - right in the app.‍

Whether you are collecting for an individual teacher or the entire staff - Collctiv makes it easy to collect money for multiple things and keeps everything organised. Delete that six-tab spreadsheet and create custom pots for each teacher you are collecting for. You can add notes to each pot too, so parents know exactly what they are contributing to.

Write a personal message and share your custom payment link with parents.

Not sure how to ask strangers for money? Drop our template into WhatsApp and watch the funds roll in!

Hi Parents,

Hope all is well! It’s hard to believe that this term ends [date].  I’m organising a class gift for [teacher name]. If you’d like to be a part of it, please tap the Collctiv link below to contribute by [due date] (no bank details or app download required!). I am collecting [$amount] per child, but feel free to give whatever you’d like. Be sure to add any gift ideas you might have in the app, too!

Share your custom pot’s QR code.

Want to include as many parents on the class gift as possible, but don’t have everyone’s number? Don’t sweat! Simply share the QR code that is associated with your pot and parents can scan it to pay. To maximise visibility of your collection, post your personalised QR code to your social channels.

If teacher gifts are a regular part of your PTA meeting, save even more time by printing the QR code on a sign or flyer. Parents can conveniently scan and pay at their leisure. Check out Etsy for some inspiration.

Buy an e-gift card straight from the app.

What’s more convenient than a one-stop shop? Once your pot is full, choose from over 20 popular retailers like John Lewis, M&S, and AirBnb and buy an e-gift card directly from the app. Start your teacher collection now!

Organisers bring people together

Collctiv has helped over one million people from over 140 countries come together for the moments and experiences that matter by making it easy to collect and spend group money. Download Collctiv and start collecting money today.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash
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