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How Is St Patrick's Day Celebrated?

A Simple Step By Step Guide For Organising Your Best St Patrick's Day!

An Irish Bar
Photo by Samuel Svec on Unsplash

Since the 1970s, St Patrick's day has quietly built momentum here in the UK. 

Now infamous for being the festival of Guinness, friends and everything Irish. We wanted to compose a guide on how to Organise the best St Patrick's day yet! 

For a fair bit of background, St Patrick's day shenanigans began in America by the Irish community that migrated there in the 16,000s. Back in their homeland - Paddy's day was a strict religious celebration commemorating St Patrick - the man attributed to bringing Ireland Christianity, using the now iconic three-leafed clover to symbolise the holy trinity. 

But now, March the 17th is all about bringing friends together to celebrate culture and have a drink - often decked out in everything green - symbolising Ireland and its rich culture. 

Why do we celebrate St Patrick's Day? 

Observing the death of St Patrick, the Irish patron saint - Paddy's day is ultimately a celebration of all Irish culture. There are parades, dancing, special feasts and drinking all day long. 

Familiar symbols of Irish culture make frequent appearances: the Shamrock, Leprechaun depictions and Guinness all pop up throughout the day!

We've put together this quick guide on how to organise your best St Patrick's day yet.

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How To Organise Your Best St Patrick's Day Yet? (A Step-By-Step Guide)

A Man Holding An Irish Flag Walking Through The Streets
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  1. Decide who you're inviting

For any celebration - the first step will be listing all the people you want to spend the day with anyway. The best thing about Paddy's day is that it's inclusive, so you get to decide between Friends & family? Children or no children? Grandparents? Colleagues? or maybe all of the above! 

  1. Research Events In Your Area 

Before committing to hosting, explore some local events occurring in your city. Often these require booking in advance, so be sure to take a thorough look at any celebrations that are going on. There's even potential to travel should any events take your fancy further afield!  

Here is a list of a few of the events in Manchester on March the 17th!'s-day/

  1. Send out your invitations

You know who you're inviting. You know what & where you will be doing. Now it is time to alert the people you have earmarked to spend the day alongside!

Here is a text message/email template to do just that.

Hey! (Insert Name) 

Would you fancy coming to spend paddy's day with us this year? We're thinking of doing (Insert activity) at this place (insert place). 

Let me know if you're around, it would be great to see you! 

  1. Sort out any logistical issues. 

In this stage, you will iron out any creases that remain. Should you have decided to host, this may come in the form of: 

  • Budget 
  • Drinks (& Alcohol)
  • Food 
  • Entertainment 
  • Decorations 
  • Costumes
  • Sick buckets?

Okay, maybe not sick buckets. Never plan for failure! 

  1. Bring people together! 

Should everything have been ironed out step-by-step, all that is left is for you to bask in all your great organisational work and enjoy the day that you have lovingly created for everyone to enjoy. 

Here at Collctiv, we're keen to underline the role Organisers play in bringing friends, family, and comrades together, with a well thought out St Paddy's day a fantastic example of how Organisers are the glue that sticks us all together. 

So celebrate and don your best ginger beard and leprechaun hat. 

You've earned yourself a Guinness... or two... or three... or four...

Who's counting anyway?

A Group Of Friends Share A Drink
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Organisers bring people together. 

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