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How is Collctiv Different than Venmo?

With the recent shutdowns of PayPal Money Pool, Venmo Groups, and Braid App, you might be looking for a reliable and safe money pool solution to collect and manage your group funds. While popular options like Venmo, CashApp, and Zelle are great for personal payments, there's only one app that’s tailor-made for groups that helps organizers pool money quickly, safely, and easily - and that’s Collctiv. Here’s how we’re different:

Friends Pay With a Single Tap

Unlike other platforms where everyone needs to download the app, create an account and share bank details to send money, Collctiv simplifies the process. The group organizer downloads the app and sends a custom payment link to friends, who can then pay using a credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay - allowing the organizer to get paid in seconds.

Set a Deadline

Whether you're collecting funds for festival tickets that go on sale next week or pooling money for next summer’s family reunion, Collctiv lets you set a due date so friends and family know when they need to send you money by.  

Track Payments

Collctiv allows you to manage multiple pools at once, so there’s no getting confused who has paid you, and what they’ve paid for. Friends can leave notes, too, making it super easy to identify their contributions.

Keep Pooled Money Safe and Separate

We proudly partner with Stripe, a globally-trusted and FCA-regulated payment processor. Until you are ready to withdraw your funds, Stripe securely stores and safeguards your money - allowing you to keep your pooled money safe and separate from your personal bank account.

No Hefty Transaction Fees

Friends live abroad and want to chip in? They can pay into your pool using their digital wallets or credit card, just like us in the States. (To date we’ve collected payments from 148 countries!) No matter where in the world your contributors live, they can send you money. For free.

We (Really) Listen to Our Customers

Our customers are the heart of our business, and their feedback is invaluable to us. Here at Collctiv, our goal is to make collecting and spending group money easy. Each day, our team engages with our customers, attentively listening to their concerns, preferences, and ideas. Their valuable feedback fuels our commitment to continuously enhance our app and deliver an exceptional user experience. We encourage you to share your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions with us via email. Let’s make magic happen!

How much does Collctiv cost?

Collctiv is free to download, allowing you to manage your pools quickly, safely, and easily. When it comes to fees, there are no mandatory costs for contributors paying into your pool - we don’t want to get in the way of your collection! 

On withdrawal, there is a 6% fee if you choose to withdraw the money straight to a bank account (unfortunately it does cost us to move this money to your bank), but you do have the option to purchase an e-gift card with no additional fees, straight from your Collctiv pool, from one of many options across retail, beauty, events and more!

Organizers bring people together

Collctiv has helped over half a million people from over 100 countries come together for the moments and experiences that matter by making it easy to collect and spend group money. Download Collctiv and start collecting money today.

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