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How do I pay my fees?

What is the best way to pay Organiser fees?

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What is is a super convenient website tool, gifted to us back in 2005. 

What it does is allow strangers to come together to do stuff. 

The stuff can be unrelenting, and definitely never ending.

If you can think of the thing, and you need people for the thing, you can guarantee that you can find the people on

These things range from sports, book clubs, hiking groups, language learning - everything!

So where does Collctiv fall in? And why are our users concerned about fees on

To explain that, we must reacquaint you with the concept of the ‘organiser.’ 

Who are the ‘organisers?’, to put it quaintly, organisers are that small group of society that specialise in getting things done. 

And in doing so are perpetually taken advantage of for their organisational prowess. 

As a company that specialises in managing group fees and helping organisers, the Collctiv x meetup combination appears to be a match made in heaven…

Here are some of the burning questions that surround payments on Meetup, and how Collctiv are striving to calm those worries. 

Do you pay for Meetup?

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Yes, you do. 

It’s a bit of a strange system though, so bear with me. 

Meetup charges a monthly fee for organisers.

That payment gives the organiser the pleasure of using the platform. After that however; it’s up to the group to decide how that fee is going to be collected amongst each other. Split between the group? Or just letting the organiser pay the lot? 

That’s before taking into consideration specific fees for whatever the thing is in the first place. 

Venue hire, equipment etc… it all adds up! 

How much is Meetup per year?

How much are these fees, the organiser fees? 

Well, it’s split up and a bit silly. 

I will demonstrate this silliness now - they currently stand at an equivalent of £7.72 per month for the six month plan (that's £46.32 in total!), and then £11.12 for the month by month subscription (that's £68 for 6 months in comparison!)

They also have the ‘ Pro’ which is a separate premium subscription, giving users access to higher group promotion, a leadership team to manage the group and helps to set membership costs and fees as part of the group. 

This is priced at $35 (£25) on a month to month basis!

How to manage group payments on collctiv? 

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We have already created a simple five step method for managing payments on Meetup using Collctiv. 

I will re-acquaint you here with that very concept.

Our 5 Step Method For Using Collctiv With!

  1. The group organiser should download the Collctiv app. It’s free, and it’s here. 
  2. The organiser should then create an account in the Collctiv app (super simple) 
  3. By tapping the pot you have now created, you should be able to copy the link provided when tapping the button ‘invite to pay’
  4. Open you’re event in the app
  5. Paste the link into the group details section and then watch the pennies roll in!

Simple right? 


I’ll leave you with a quote from the founder of

“If you can connect people, you can create the future” - Scott Heiferman founder of 

It’s how was founded, on those principles. 

It’s something we hold dear at Collctiv, we recognise that the value of organisers lies in bringing people together; we live to serve those organisers. 

It’s their superpower.

Collctiv is the number one money pools app in the world!

Are you tired of being left out of pocket? You can download our free app here!

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