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Helping You to Help Others During the COVID-19 Crisis

We've been humbled and amazed to see so many of our Collctiv users using the app to help others during this unsettling and unnerving time. Where you used to organise community sports, you're now organising community shopping trips. You're still collecting money for gifts, but they are for our frontline heroes. Rather than booking holidays with your friends, you're arranging online gaming tournaments, to keep on socialising, even from a distance. And instead of collecting money for takeaways and nights out, you're collecting donations for local foodbanks and other charity initiatives.

We love that we can help you to help others at this time. And today we've released two updates to the app that will hopefully help that bit more.

Introducing two new features: Target Amounts and Comments

Target Amounts

Gifts for NHS frontline staff. Foodbank donations to provide food parcels to vulnerable families. If you're trying to raise a set amount, you now can! Simply select 'Yes' in answer to the question 'Are you looking to raise a specific amount' when creating a new pot.

The target amount - and how close you are to reaching the target - is show in app within your pot. Once you share the payment link with your friends & family, everyone will also then be able to see the target on the payment page:


One of the most repeated requests we get from our lovely users is to be able to leave a comment on a payment, so that the organiser can see the message. Well, good news! You can now leave a comment when making a payment!

The comments are shown both in app against the transaction, and on the payment page. You can even make this an anonymous comment, if you don't want everyone to be able to see that it was you who left the message.

We'd love to get your feedback on these news features, and any stories of how you're using Collctiv to help people during this time.

Stay safe,

Amy & the Collctiv team x

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash
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