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Give the gift of choice with the Love2shop Gift Card - now available on Collctiv!

Do you have the responsibility of organising the end-of-year teacher gift this year? Maybe a colleague is moving on and yet again it’s on your plate to find a gift that shows how valued this person is.

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift on behalf of a group, especially when the clock’s ticking. If you’re feeling this pressure, then we’ve got some exciting news to share with you….

Collctiv have officially partnered with Love2shop, the UK's #1 multi-store gift card brand, for the gifting match made in heaven!

With both physical and digital cards available, and over 125 retailers to spend with including John Lewis, M&S, Ticketmaster and many more, you can give someone the freedom to choose anything their heart desires.

One card, endless gifting possibilities - straight from your Collctiv pot!

Love2Shop Gift Card

What makes the Love2shop gift card a great present?

Love2shop e-Gift cards open up a world of opportunities when it comes to gift-buying. In the past you may have stressed over blowing the money you’ve collected on 100 bottles of wine (do they even drink alcohol?!) or enough mugs to fill their kitchen cupboards twice over. Say goodbye to these worries.

From fashion finds to foodie delights, the Love2shop e-Gift gift card lets this special someone explore their favourite stores and treat themselves to exactly what they want, when they want! They can choose from e-Gift cards or a physical Love2shop gift card. 

Here’s a couple of the reasons why Love2shop make the perfect gift:

Over 125 brands to spend with

Gift-buying can be tough, especially when it’s on behalf of a group. You ask everyone for recommendations and get a mixture of responses, from John Lewis to Argos and everything in between.

Here’s where Love2shop steps in and takes that weight off your shoulders.

With over 125 brands available, why not ditch the guesswork and let the person you’re buying for make that decision themself?

Even more - your lucky recipient can split the amount on their Love2shop gift card and buy from a mixture of retailers. Whether they’re looking for homeware from John Lewis for their new place, or if they’ve recently taken up a new sport and want to browse Sports Direct, they can spend with multiple retailers from just one Love2shop card.

No more limiting people to a single retailer. This is the ultimate shopping experience for that special someone to enjoy!

Physical and digital gift cards available

Not every gift presentation is the same and Love2shop covers this with the option to choose from a digital card, delivered straight to yours or your recipient's email, or a physical card that you can hand over in person.

If you’re running a little last minute and need an easy, efficient option (or maybe the person you’re buying for lives on the other side of the country - hello remote working!), the digital gift card is a seamless way to deliver your present and show your appreciation within a few hours.

However, we’ve also seen all of your messages over the last year, and we know how important a physical gift card is to so many of you. That’s why we’re so excited to bring Love2shop onboard along with their option to redeem for a physical gift card!

Right in time for the end-of-year teacher gifting period, you can choose a physical card from Love2Shop at no extra cost (with free shipping too!) - perfect to wrap up and hand over in person for a memorable moment!

How do I buy a Love2shop gift card from my Collctiv pot?

We’re glad you asked! Just like collecting the money, buying a Love2shop gift card from your pot is simple and easy.

Here’s some quick steps to have a gift card ordered in less than one minute:

‍To purchase a Love2shop e-gift card:

  1. Head to the ‘Pots’ screen in your Collctiv app and choose the pot that you’d like to buy from
  2. Tap the ‘Send Money’ button
  3. From this menu, select ‘Give an e-gift card’
  4. Select ‘Love2shop’ from our range of options
  5. Enter the amount that you’d like to add to the card from your pot balance
  6. Choose whether to email it to yourself, or send it straight to the recipient's inbox

‍To purchase a Love2shop physical gift card:‍

If you would prefer a physical gift card, simply follow the above steps, but on the final step, ensure that you send the email to yourself.‍

Once you’ve received the email, simply redeem the gift card using your unique code and from the list of options, choose the ‘Physical Gift Card’.

You can deliver the gift card to the address of your choice (whether it’s your own home address or your recipient’s), and even include a personalised message.

Oh.. and shipping is completely free too!

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